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My publisher, Chronicle Books launched a fun Give Books campaign yesterday. They are partnering with authors, artists and blogs to encourage people to give books for the holidays and I’m helping them spread the word. Books are a perfect gift don’t you think. There’s one for everyone. For every age, for every interest. They are personal and the right one can really show the recipient how much you care. They feel good to hold and they make you feel good to give.

I know because I’m giving away 10 books courtesy of Chronicle Books.

I stuck with all cookbooks and I tried to find a good mix for keeping or gift giving. It’s up to you.

Want to see which ones I picked from their website?

Good… let’s check out some sweet reads! I think these would all come in pretty handy for holiday baking.


Now since I’m an equal opportunity eater,
here’s another set of 10 books you might want more.

These are less sweet and much more savory.


Want a chance to win one of these groups of ten?

You choose which one.

  • Just leave a comment on the blog and let me know which group of ten you’d like to win. Sweet or savory?
  • The deadline to enter is 6:00 pm ET on Thursday, November 15, 2012 SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening on this post.

Good luck guys!

P.S. Here’s a post on Chronicle’s blog if you’d like to try and win one of the other sets of ten books chosen by others.

And now through December 31, enjoy 30% off + free ground shipping on all holiday orders at! Just enter discount code GIVEBOOKS at checkout.

Give Books artwork created by the amazing Julia Rothman!


We have a winner!

Yay Redheadwriter! I think I might have picked savory, too. Those covers all look amazing. Enjoy!

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4,336 comments on “Give Books”

  1. Wow, amazing books! I usually think of myself as a sweet tooth, but I think I’d have to go with savory this time around.

  2. Sweet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Savory, please

  4. I just started drooling… Sweet for sure!!!

  5. sweet! my husband and i LOVE sweets :]

  6. So exciting, I love books!!!! Sweet please : )

  7. I’m all for sweet!

  8. Both sets look amazing but I have more of a sweet tooth so I’d have to pick the “Sweet Set”. :)

  9. I can’t pass up SWEET! Awesome opportunity!

  10. They all look amazing, but I would have to choose the sweets group!

  11. Savory would be my choice!

  12. savory please <3

  13. Has to be sweet!

  14. SWEET! SWEET!! SWEET!!! I can’t help it. As much as I love to find fantastic savory recipes for my family, I can’t pass up an opportunity to learn how to make all those gorgeous sweets.

    Snoopy :D

  15. Savory! Although it was a tough choice.

  16. I would love to have the SWEET group!!

  17. I would absolutely love a set of the sweet books. Although the savory look amazing as well.

  18. Savoury please

  19. Sweet! please! So much fun. :-)

  20. Definately sweet :)

  21. Sweets! Sweets! Sweets!!!!!!

  22. Sweet! No doubt about it!

  23. As much as I love sweets…I’d have to go for savory!

  24. Savory for sure!

  25. Sweet, please!

  26. Sweet! Definately Sweet!!!

  27. Would Love a set of Sweet Books :-)

  28. Sweet….There are at least 6 out of those that I know would make a perfect gift for certain people. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Definitely savory! I want to get better at cooking meals and would love to have new recipes to try!

  30. Gonna go for Sweet. Yum.

  31. definitely sweet!

  32. Savory, definitely!

  33. I”m usually more of a savory person but I LOVE the look of all those SWEETS!!! I”m gonna have to go with SWEET SWEET SWEET!!!!

  34. Sweet! I didn’t go to pastry school for nothing!

  35. Wow! Those are lovely! I’m going to have to go with sweet.

  36. Oh no! I would love either set! I guess I’ll go with savory though (since I have more baking books than recipe books, it might add more variety for me!)

  37. Usually savoury, but at Christmas I’m stuck on sweets and can’t wait to start baking sweet treats for those that I love.

  38. Sweet, sweet, sweet! :-) :-)

    You’re the greatest, Bakerella!

  39. Oh, those ALL look fantastic!!! I love the sweet… but for this contest I think I’ll go with SAVORY! Thanks so much!


  40. so hard to chose! But I would LOVE the Sweet group please!

  41. Savory! So many options! I saved a bunch of these books to my amazon wishlist in hopes for some books under the Christmas tree.

  42. Ruhlman’s Twenty or Pasta of Italy

  43. Sweet for sure! Thanks :)

  44. no doubt about it, it the sweet set for sure

  45. Savory! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  46. Loooove *savoury* items for myself(, but I love to make sweets for friends and family.) :)

  47. YES! Savory.

  48. Definitely the sweet set! What a fun giveaway!

  49. I SHOULD say savory but I’m all about the sweets. :) Thanks for the chance!

  50. Definitely the SWEET!! I <3 to bake!! =)

  51. I would love the savory books! How awesome is that True Blood cookbook? I LOVE that show? Vampire Eric ic my Edward <3

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  52. Nice idea :) Tough choice between the sets though!! I guess there is a higher chance of me usung the sweet set, so I’ll have to go for that!

  53. I’m gonna have to go with savory.

  54. Sah-weet! I Love to bake and I Love cookbooks!

  55. Sweet for me, please!

  56. I definitely have a SWEET tooth.

    Fun giveaway. I hope I win!

  57. Most definitely sweet! I have a soft spot for baked goodies :)

  58. I would love to have those SWEET ones! Sweet Christmas for the sweet tooth :D Thanks Bakerella!

  59. Keys to the Kitchen or the Newly Wed one!

  60. I have some sweet books already so I guess …SAVORY it is! They all look so good though! You have such good taste in cook books!

  61. Savory for sure. I have a sweet tooth, but I’m always trying to find news ways to make meals an adventure.

  62. It’s sooo hard to choose. They both look delightful, but I have to say that I have been wanting a copy of “Flour” forever and of course would love to have a “Cake Pops” book too. Oh, is anyone listening? Pretty please with a chocolate chip on top, help me win! Happy Holidays all!

  63. If I won, I’d definitely request the set of sweet books! The savory True Blood book is tempting but I’d go with the Sweet books all the way. I’d keep a couple of the sweet books and gift the rest. I’ve got three bakers in mind already for some of those books.

  64. Either would be amazing, but SWEET!

  65. Definitely the sweet set! What a great giveaway!

  66. Savory for sure!

  67. Sugar n spice
    Make everything nice!!!!

  68. Tough to choose…. I’ll go with savory, please!

  69. Sweet for sure!

  70. Sweet all the way!

  71. The Savory…..I’ve already got most of the Sweet! <3

  72. I’d love both, but if I had to choose I’d go for sweet:)

  73. Sweet, definitely! These are some gorgeous books!

  74. How I wish I serie lucky enough to win that set of SWEETNESS!

  75. Sorry…guess that means that I would like “Sweet”!

  76. Sweet please!!!!!!!! Those all look FABULOUS!!!

  77. Wow – hard to choose. I like both sweet and savory, but I think I’d like the sweet ones better!

  78. Savory! I have most of the sweet ones, lol. The brittle one is amazing!!

  79. As someone who cannot cook to save my life, I should probably choose savory…but I’m a girl who loves her sweets! So sweet all the way!

  80. I think I would like the sweet books. I like to eat savory but I love to cook sweet!

  81. SWEET. Please. :)

  82. Ugh! S-W-E-E-T I love sweets! I’d love that! <3

  83. I really want the sweet books…but honestly I would not turn down either set…I really hope I win…fingers crossed!!!

  84. Selfishly, I’d love the sweet books! But practically, I’d love ‘the newlywed cookbook’ – we’ve been married a month tomorrow and my newly minted husband could benefit from some new meals already!

  85. Awww, SWEET!!!

    Really, that’s the set I’d go with! Savory looks great, but I would really love Sweet!

  86. I was going to say savory, but… I would choose sweet based on those selections!

  87. So many books! So little time! Sweets all the way for me! Would love to know the secret behind those great cakes!

  88. The Sweet set, for sure…

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