Have your roses, and eat them, too!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I decided I would give myself roses. (The best kind … edible.) So I made these rose covered cupcakes. I initially wanted to make realistic looking fondant roses, but I didn’t have the time to figure out this art, so I made this version. Okay… maybe I’ll just call them flowers.

Rose Covered Cupcakes

Anyway, If you’ve worked with fondant before, these are pretty easy and great for a beginner like me. I colored the fondant, rolled it flat and then cut some uneven strips. Then, I just started at one end and rolled them up. This was even easy enough for my six-year-old niece to pull off. Take a look:

I used:
Wilton Rolled Fondant
Wilton Icing Colors I used red and a little purple to make them a deeper color. These products can be found at most craft stores.

Here’s an even prettier ribbon rose method by CakeJournal.