Have your roses, and eat them, too!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I decided I would give myself roses. (The best kind … edible.) So I made these rose covered cupcakes. I initially wanted to make realistic looking fondant roses, but I didn’t have the time to figure out this art, so I made this version. Okay… maybe I’ll just call them flowers.

Rose Covered Cupcakes

Anyway, If you’ve worked with fondant before, these are pretty easy and great for a beginner like me. I colored the fondant, rolled it flat and then cut some uneven strips. Then, I just started at one end and rolled them up. This was even easy enough for my six-year-old niece to pull off. Take a look:

I used:
Wilton Rolled Fondant
Wilton Icing Colors I used red and a little purple to make them a deeper color. These products can be found at most craft stores.

Here’s an even prettier ribbon rose method by CakeJournal.

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96 comments on “Have your roses, and eat them, too!”

  1. These are so pretty! Where did you find the cupcake liners.

  2. Those are VERY prety

  3. those look GORGEOUS.

  4. Oh I should mention she is the owner of the restaurant Gordon Ramsay couldn’t help the other night on Kitchen Nightmares. She’s been stealing images from all sorts of food bloggers but says food bloggers are the bullies.

  5. Owner of Amy’s Baking Company posting as her creation on Pinterst too.

  6. Sorry thats ment to be under the face name gourmet-cake- ect… Its in sale manchester

  7. This picture has been stolen by the website and is posted as thou it is hers.

  8. Brilliant idea I do this as well:)

  9. My baby’s 4th Birthday theme is “Nightmare Before Christmas” and Lord know’s she loves a cupcake. What if I did the roses in black and white, or even orange and white? I’m going to have to show you pictures, see how it turns out.

  10. its funny to read your comment , when someone mentioned that you would be seen on tv and mags…. I visited this post because I make roses on cone shaped cake pops w/ chocolate clay (made from wilton candy melts) I arrange them in painted flower pots and they are really pretty. Everyone loved them for mothers day. I thought how could you give mom a beautiful flower like the fondant flowers found on cakes…. but on a cake pop. Anyway you are super duper creative, and I like the sketches that you have shared in the past, i sketch too, I have little ones and I can’t always do my super dupper great idea when I think of it, plus I like the drawings, don’t you? nough said. thanks, for showing people that dreams really do come true bakerella ;) nikki from south florida.

  11. These are stunning! Almost too pretty to eat. I had to pin them and share on my CraftBliss Facebook page and link back to you. ~Dee

  12. I LOVE you! you are amazing and an inspiration!
    lol @ DIVA….haters going to hate! (sorry just had to)
    Stay awesome Bakerella! I love your creations just the way they are!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the inspiration. They are stunning!

  14. I love the look! Love the style!

  15. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  16. These are so pretty!! I am working on something similar and I figured I would look around for some inspiration…so glad I visited!!

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cupcakes ….. and my wedding is Aug 18th next year and Im SO making them and using them as our wedding cake ….. will be nothing less than awesome. I hope the fondant won’t be too heavy to eat or will taste bad ? And as someone else is writing …. where do you find these beautiful cups to put them in ? :) Im from Denmark and I simply can’t find something like that here …. so Im ready to order home from the US :)

  18. Amei os bolinhos aqui no Brasil não tem igual já peguei algumas ideias para fazer, tenho certeza que meus clientes vão adorar pena que não tenho um livro com passo a passo para fazer estas delicias!!!!!!!!!

  19. Amei os bolinhos aqui no Brasil não tem igual já peguei algumas ideias para fazer, tenho certeza que meus clientes vão adorar pena que não tenho um livro com passo a passo para fazer estas deicias!!!!!!!!!

  20. I had to give these lovely cupcakes a try! Check them out!

  21. These are heart-stoppingly gorgeous! Can you please tell me where you found the lovely jumbo cupcake liners… the off white with the lovely swirls? Can’t find any elegant jumbo size liners anywhere! Thank you so so much!

  22. Please could you tell me where you found your elegant cupcake papers for these lovely rose fondant cupcakes? Can’t find any oversized jumbo ones like this… simple with a lovely scroll pattern… would so appreciate the information… need them asap for a special occasion. Thank you so much… these are the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen!

    Thanks for posting this tutorial Bakerella! (:
    I tried the same thing but with sugar cookies :D
    Please check it out ^^

  24. Hi, I would be really happy if you could help me.. I googled hundreds of ideas for cupcakes and yours are one of the most beautiful ive seen. I am responsible for choosing them for my brothers wedding on 23.4.11 but unfortunately I have not been able to find the cupcake cases or ribbon simular.. I am now starting to panick as I have to supply the the lady making my cupakes very soon. Please can you tell me where I would get the cases and ribbon from? Also, I was intending to have a larger version of the cupake for the top tier. Do you think it would be suitable or would it be better to have a cake to co ordinate… any help would be greatly appreciated..
    many thanks
    Dawn aka novice!!!!!!

  25. Thanks so much for this easy and cute idea!! I made them for my friends birthday and they turned out pretty cute. You should check them out at Thanks Again!! You’re amazing.

  26. Hey can you tell me the recipe, or is it a secret ? (:

  27. Thank you, Jenny, for your comnent, “They wouldn’t look like that if I got my hands on them.” I thought I was the only one who had that problem. I took a Wilton class and everyone else was able to make beautiful flowers the first time Everything I made looked like a mess. I was very discouraged but your comment gave me a big boost. I am definitely going to try again. I have a feeling this book will finally bring out the cake decorator in me.

  28. Perfection! Your tutorial has taken my hesitance away of working with fondant.
    How fun!!!
    Thank You!

  29. This is SO going to help me when I make a wedding cake this summer for my best friend!

  30. this is just perfect for a bachelorette party :)
    I love the idea :)

  31. I love the roses cupcake where o where did you get the cases from and how do you get the buttercream so white.
    They look amazing

  32. these are adorable. Just one question. Are the roses edible? I know that fondant is edible but wouldn’t these roses be hard as rocks?

  33. These are so beautiful! Little pieces of art. I am doing a ballet birthday party for my 3 year old, and I’m thinking I want the cupcakes and decor to be pretty and dainty instead of cutesy/cartoon-like. She’s still young enough to not have a say in the matter. ;-)

    I am saving these in my collection of ideas which I will narrow down after I take a couple of cake decorating classes. I’m starting to doubt my ability to create ballet shoes cupcake toppers that don’t look like a 2 year old did it. The teddy bear cupcakes are a backup idea if I can’t pull the sophisticated look off. I think light pink, ivory, and silver will be so pretty with ballerinas. But the colors you used are gorgeous for Valentine’s Day.

  34. Your cupcakes are gorgeous! What frosting did you use for these?

  35. how do u make em

  36. I think those roses are great. ANd the ribbon makes it look so pretty. The last time I saw a bow on a cupcake I told myself I would do it the next time I made cupcakes but I never did. I will write it down somewhere because it just looks so great!

  37. I missed these…I LOVE them! Wow! You make it look so easy, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  38. The best thing is your niece will have beautiful, loving memories with her aunt. I can’t wait to make these with my girls.



  39. Once again, These are up on my wall. I can’t beleive it, these are so cute!

  40. These are so sweet! Thank you for sharing! Do you sit down or stand? It looks like it would take time. I love them!

  41. These look awesome:) I have never worked with fondant, but am going to try:)

  42. These will be perfect for the bridal shower I’m hosting in April. I’ve been looking for something to top the cupcakes with and I have found it! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  43. So beautiful & festive…. Does this fondant taste good?? Is it hatrd to work with??

  44. I love these. I posted them on my blog with a back link to your. Hope that’s okay. They are really cute.

  45. Bakerella – I just found your website and have been busy looking through old posts all evening. I have to say that I am in awe of and completely jealous of your creativity and the beauty of your work. It’s beautiful!

    I’m looking forward to following your site!

  46. I really like your blog, and your cake pops and cupcakes and well all of the items you show are soooooooo cute. I get great ideas please keep it up.

  47. Hey , i really admire you .
    Im interested in baking cute cupcakes too . Anyway , your creative ! :)

  48. Thanks Luki and fatosun mutfag?ndan

  49. beatiful….very beatiful…

  50. beatiful….very beatiful…

  51. beatiful….very beatiful…

  52. beatiful….very beatiful…

  53. beatiful….very beatiful…

  54. beatiful….very beatiful…

  55. beatiful….very beatiful…

  56. beatiful….very beatiful…

  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute little cupcakes…. I am SO making some! Thanks !

  58. le tres chic boutique – thanks so much.

  59. I am no expert, but I LOVE the dark colors (especially in a monochromatic setting, like you have done). I saw these cupcakes, and I really fell in love. They are the cutest things I have ever seen and if I were getting married, I would want to hire you to make these as my wedding cake!

  60. bev – I don’t know about that, but thanks for the compliment.

    puglyfeet – thank you!

    Lori – I use a Canon Rebel Xti. I love it!!!

  61. just found your site. All of your treats look so wonderful and your photography is great too! May I ask what type of camera you are using? I’m looking into getting a new one and I’ve been asking people with great pictures what they’re using.


  62. Oh my! You’re amazing!

  63. Oh my, I am so sure we will be seeing you in mags and on tv. Thank you so much for sharing and giving through your blog, you are such an inspiration.

  64. Kim Vallee – thanks so much.

    DIVA – These were just for fun and family, but thanks for the suggestions.

    downtown boutique – you should try. It’s fun to play with.

  65. These are SO pretty! I have never worked with fondant before, but it is definitely something I would love to try.

  66. They are cute. Once again I would take care with my presentation. The “roses” look very heavy. They should be light and delicate. Imagine serving something that heavy to a wedding guest. Also watch your color combinations. Dark colors are never a good choice in the baking world.


  67. Your cupcakes and your site are inspirational. Lots of great ideas. In fact, I featured your cupcakes as a top treat this Valentine’s Day.

    I am sure to come back for more.

  68. Thanks Hearts and Crafts!
    Hillary – I know, I should. Thanks.
    Lady Jane – Hope I can keep up the cute.
    Melissa – thanks
    leta joy – I love that site. I was inpspired by her mini pies for one of my earlier posts.
    Laura – thanks!

  69. These are so beautiful! I found your site a few weeks ago and have been wanting to make the lollipop cakes ever since.

    I added a link to you on my blog. I hope you don’t mind.

  70. Just found your site via notmartha. Love all of your fun creations!!!!

  71. those are a cute idea, I may need to try that!!

  72. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog and look forward to more posts!

  73. Have more confidence – those cupcakes are gorgeous and DEFINITELY look like roses! Great job, thanks for sharing.

  74. Those are beautiful! I am going to need a TON of practice before I can make anything close to that!

  75. jenny – just try, I think you’ll surprise yourself.

    cakespy – yes, definitely.

    Morgana – thank you

    stickygooeycreamychewy – Thanks, someday I’ll work on a real rose.

    chelley325 & pumpkinpie – thanks

    brilynn – these are definitely doable and you can pile all that yummy frosting underneath.

    farah – I think I bought them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Look in the cake decorating sections.

    kat – I just started messing around with it last summer. It’s really pretty fun.

    Patricia Scarpin – thank you

    robyn@mixmingleglow – thank you. It is kinda like play dough.

    Karen – hope they turn out lovely.

    tara – thank you!

    Kitchen Trove – your neighbors will love it.

    Joy, Kristin, Nicole & sharyl – thanks so much!

    Hayden and Julia Wreyford – glad to help.

  76. Hey thanks for the tip, these are very pretty!

  77. as always, you rock!

  78. Those are beautiful. I only recently found your blog so I was stunned by your comment “a beginner like me.” Wish my novice skills were half as “beginner” as yours are. You do some amazing work!

  79. those are just beautiful!

  80. They’re so pretty! The flowers are perfect. :)

  81. I love these. They are so beautiful and I’ve wanting to experiment with fondant …now I have a good reason! Valentine’s Cupcakes for my neighbors.

  82. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. So pretty and feminine and perfect.

  83. Beautiful! I marvel at your great ideas…trying the cake balls tomorrow!

  84. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this site. I found you a week or two ago and every time I read a new post I am so blown away by you!
    These are super cute and so easy for a big wow factor! Just this weekend I was playing with my daughter and her play-dough and realizing how simple it is to make flowers this way…but did I think of doing it with fondant on a cupcake?! Of course not!! Only Miss Bakerella herself would!
    Oh, and PS….couldn;t agree more with evite about those little cake pops….the next big thing INDEED! I am recommending them to a bride and will totally be using them for some birthday parties in the future too! YOU RAWK!!!!

  85. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  86. I am in awe by your ideas and beautiful pictures from your blog! What a talent you have.

    I’ve never used fondant – – but I think you may have inspired me to give it a try for this valentine’s day.

  87. where do you get your lollipop sticks?

    awesome stuff, by the way.

  88. I made a couple cakes with fondant and haven’t touched the stuff since, but this seems much more doable! They look awesome!

  89. Your cupcakes are beautiful and inspiring!

  90. Beautiful!

  91. The cupcakes are beautiful! The roses look so lifelike. Great job!

  92. They’re lovely… just like little heaven flower pots ;-)

  93. As usual, I am floored by your talent. And they’re delicious too…doesn’t that make it even better!?

  94. Those cupcakes are so beautiful! I’d be afraid my fondant roses wouldn’t look like roses if I get my hands on them.

    Beautiful, I may just have to try and hope they look half as nice!

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