Hi Hat Cupcakes

I did it. I finally made them. Hi Hat Cupcakes have consumed my cupcake thoughts since I first saw their tall chocolate dipped tops online after I started blogging. But, I have to tell you, I’ve been nervous to make them. They scare me. I knew for sure I would screw them up and end up with a melted mess.

But this weekend, I tried them. Mainly because I tasted my very first one a couple of weeks ago. Seeing them in person fueled my fascination.

So I decided to use the only recipe I remembered seeing. It’s from Martha and it did not disappoint.

> Update: I just realized this recipe is also from the book, Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivas – Confused it with Martha’s Cupcake book in her online description. Why I don’t have this one already, I don’t know. <


Chopped chocolate. A perfect way to start. I really liked this cupcake recipe. It’s great topless, too.


But even better with the frosting. I used a disposable pastry bag with an Ateco #807 tip. Basically one with a huge round opening.


If I had paid attention to the directions beforehand I don’t know if I would have been as eager to get started.

12 minutes later and a candy thermometer in check to make sure the frosting formed stiff peaks at the right temperature. Yikes.

Actually, it never made it to just the right temp, but after 12 minutes… I was over holding the hand mixer.

So I took a leap of faith it would work and piped it on the cupcakes… as tall as I could get it.


The cupcakes went in the freezer while I prepared for the scary part. The dipping. You’d think this part would be smooth sailing. But I was skeptical. I mean look at all that thick white frosting. It’s definitely going to melt when I cover it in chocolate. Melted heavy chocolate. Right?!


One bag of semi-sweet chocolate. I used the mini chips.


And melted them in the microwave with three tablespoons of vegetable oil.


Melt them on medium-low in 30 second intervals and stir in between until melted and smooth.

Then wait a few minutes to make sure the chocolate isn’t hot.

Now, take a deep breath and grab one of the cupcakes from the freezer.

Turn it upside down and slowly submerge the entire top in melted chocolate.

Okay, here goes…



A little more……




Keep going…

I’m closing my eyes.

Now… take a deep breath and lift it out.


Holy cupcakes… it worked.


It totally completely worked.

And it’s beautiful.


Use a toothpick to touch up any spots at the base of the cupcake that may not have been covered… controlling your excitement…


And then go again.


And again…


And again.


We’re having fun now.

If you use a small, deep bowl, it will make the dipping easier. The one I used was a cup leftover from Easter egg decorating.


Mini hi hats anyone?


Aside from the obvious first impression *wink wink*… these are amazing.

Place the dipped cupcakes in the freezer for a few minutes to let the chocolate harden and then refrigerate until ready to eat.

You want to see inside don’t you.


I did too.

Oh my.


I’m still amazed.


Don’t be afraid to make some.

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  1. that is sooo amazing… i think i’m going to try that…..make it for my party i bet they are all going to love them!!!!!

  2. meu deus, sem ao menos entender a receita fiquei louca por estes cupcakes… vou ver se consigo que traduzam esta página!!

  3. BTW, your Hi-Hat cupcakes looks adorable and very cute!

  4. I tried a similar recipe once but the frosting didn’t turn out to be very good in the consistence so they basically just went flat… :( But it tasted very good!!

  5. I tried them today the batter turned out LOVELY but my frosting just stayed mushy I couldnt get it to get frosty peaks HELP.

  6. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!! Love um

  7. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!! Love u

  8. These look just like ice cream! You could even roll them in peanut pieces right after you dipped them and they would be like my favorite ice cream cone – the Nutty Dip!

  9. those cupcakes look amazingly great… i <3 them, i hope i get them well done for my friends b-day

  10. you should try double dipped cake balls….two different colors of coating… half pink, another purple….yeah!

  11. I just made 2 batches – the first one, the meringue frosting was just a little too soft and even after refrigerating and freezing, it slithered off the cupcake once I turned it right side up. Second batch of frosting turned out quite a bit stiffer and I had slightly better results but nothing as high as your high hats. Nonetheless, they are DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for giving me the courage to give them a try. (they are too good not to try again soon)

  12. I so wanted to try these. My frosting even though frozen fell to the side of each one. Practice makes perfect. I’ll continue. My kids loved them and loved the “marshmellow” in them

  13. Hi
    I’m in love with your site and your work!! Can I use royal icing to cover the cake pops or do I have to use candy coating? Would buttercream frosting work as well?! Also what frosting did you use for this one? Recipe please?!

  14. so i tried it today but i think the chocolate was to thick so it didnt come out right what should i do

  15. i loved it an i personally think you did it better than Martha Stewart did i really want to try it but i am a little worried so what kind of chocolate do you recommend

  16. Awesome, very beautifull, great work, THANKS!

  17. Of note, Martha Stewart’s video and webpage does indeed credit the book “Cupcakes.” She does not credit her own book.

  18. These were fun to make! I definitely learned what I’ll do different next time, but they turned out great!

  19. OH-MY-GOD, that is a total dream. This blog is just great and this cupcake makes me breathless. Superb !

  20. I can’t believe I’ve never seen these before!!! They’re amazing!!! Definitely trying these!

  21. Just made these..They are delightful and taste good.

  22. Those are SO STINKIN CUTE!

  23. Que delicia de pastelitos y sobre todo hermosisimos, mil gracias.

  24. These were my favorites cupcakes in the world as a kid! The bakery next to my school used to make them all the time.
    My favorite was around Halloween, they would use white chocolate dipping and make “ghost” cupcakes. Amazing!

  25. I am gonna love these!

  26. I am making these for my daughter’s class. Do you know if they hold up well out of refrigeration for a few hours?

  27. This is a fantastic recipe. I tried it over the weekend and it turned out perfectly – with any recipe like this though, I am always careful to make sure not to overcook. My oven is a bit on the older side and that can lead me to problems if I don’t keep an eye on things!

  28. I’ve wanted to try these since Martha did a segment on them. Like you, I’ve been nervous to try them. Maybe I’ll try some for the holidays. You’ve inspired to me.

  29. Finally made these luscious treats for a surprise birthday party for my mom and they were a HUGE hit! I experienced two negatives that almost made me throw in the towel…..Martha’s recipes were incomplete/wrong for both the cupcakes and the HHats! …..And I found one big positive – Bakerella’s recipe for the HHats, including the crucial use of the freezer in the process. My advice – use a dark chocolate cupcake recipe you trust and follow Bakerella’s recipe for dipping and freezing/refrigerating. Thanks, B; the High Hats are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  30. I have been reading your blog since summer, but stopped because of school. Then my birthday is coming up and I remembered this recipe! I have got to try this for my birthday!!! (Pretty sad that I have to make my own dessert for my birthday, but I’m not a fan of store bought)

  31. Omg, these look amazing. I would love to try these, but I would be so afraid. They are just beautiful though, they look so soft and fluffy and so crunchy on the outside. Perfect.

  32. yes! I did it!

  33. I finally made them! don’t have a hand mixer so I used a hand held wire whip (yes! manually!) to just mix the mixture in my stand mixer’s metal bowl while holding it on top of a saucepan with boiling water. Once it reached 160 F I transferred the bowl to the stand mixer and whipped till I got stiff peaks. worked like a charm.

  34. OMG! I think I’m going to try it this weekend! Wish me luck!!!

  35. these look like terds on top of cake

  36. OMG! Those are TOO freaking cute! Very awesome and yummy looking!

  37. WOW! My awesome friend steve stumbles upon this recipe and we made them this weekend and they were sensational! I was so impressed they turned out as awesome as they did!

  38. I think I found a new treat for my nanny kids!

  39. You. Are. My. Hero. : )

  40. that. is. beautiful.
    what frosting did you use? i tried baking a cupcake today and used betty crocker rich & creamy frosting but it was very runny and slide right off the cupcake when i piped it high on top the cupcake.

  41. i cant believe you made a cupcake!!!! that is so brave! the bravest thing ive ever tasted! you can do anything truly greatwork

  42. OMG! I love it!! Can’t wait to place my order…. Keep up the good work…

  43. I tried them and they look great, bu the frosting is grainy. Any suggestions

  44. I made these and everyone loved them. The mellow filling can be used as icing too, I made all kinds of cupcakes with it. Very hard to resist eating it while baking though!

  45. These look fab! And the frame by frame shots of you dipping the first one was hilarious. Like chocolate porn!

  46. My cream frosting is gritty. I don’t know why, but it isn’t good. What am I doing wrong?

  47. I know I’m a little late to the party but oh my. Inspired my hi hats are in the freezer now before the bit I am dreading comes. The chocolate. It’s cooling as I type.

    I think I’m going through the same nerves, it makes that 15 minutes mixing (it took a couple of extra minutes I didn’t quite have the gas temp high enough at first to get the egg whites going) look like a literal cake walk.

    Although I’m quite happy with the recipe, it says 12. And my cupcakes are huge and I somehow have got 20 of the little buggers. Oh well wish me luck.

  48. WOWZERS they look amazing. I have to try making these….!

  49. Just looking at these makes me hungry! Now all I need is a cup of cinnamon cocoa to go with.

  50. Wow! Amazing! And SO scary!! Do you know any place to order great baked goods online? I’ve been getting my cookies at and they are great! Shipped fresh from the oven and baked to order AND right now they are having this awesome sale…everything is 15% off until Oct 31. Anyway, just wanted to share with any fellow baking-challenged readers and see if you had any further suggestions. Thanks! Great post!

  51. I’m allergic to nuts and the recipe for the frosting has almond oil in it. Do you know of anything that I could replace it with and the recipe still work?

  52. How do you get the candy melts and chocolate to come out perfectly smooth and not harden in the cup after melting so fast. I always ruin the chocolate and thus ruin my creations.

  53. Thanks for posting these. I’ve waiting for reason to make them and finally did last night for good friends birthday. They were a hit!

  54. O My God,

    These look delicious,
    I do gonna make these (:
    But I still got a problem whit other recipe’s Because I live in Holland,
    And some off the stuff they just don’t have in the Netherlands ): but this is something I can make :D

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    ?????????????? ?? ????????? ??????????
    ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ???????? ??????? ???????? ??

  56. I just finished making these! I found dipping them to be harder than expected, but other than that the hardest part was the 12 minutes with the electric mixer! I can’t wait to bring them to my party tomorrow, my friends will be so impressed!

  57. Oh my. It is 8:30 pm and I am going to make some tonight. THey look sooo goood. My 2 dd’s want some for their lunch tomorrow.

  58. Cupcakes is the BEST book. I’ve made a bunch from it, but never the hi-hats. What a success! Congratulations. :)

  59. I had never seen these before. And now I am totally consumed: must have!

  60. Oh My! Those are gorgeous!
    I just made cake balls for the first time last night, red velvet from scratch and the family loved them.

  61. hello from england! had a go at these today, still having a go!
    my coating is cooling right this second, im scared!
    got to admit it took me alot longer than 12 minutes to get my filling to make stiff peaks, it was more like half an hour. im going to have guns of steel! xx

  62. i really almost eat my monitor …. ^^ delicius … congratulations!!!

  63. My Granddaughter started Culinary School and has a special passion for baking. She is going to love these. Thank You.

  64. OK, don’t even think of making these on a rainy Sunday afternoon with grandaughters, lol. The frosting didn’t quite set up right and when I dipped, or rather tried to dip, them in the chocolate, the fluffy, lol, icing stuff fell in. So we’re now eating them with just the cupcake and white fluffy stuff on top. They’re still good, but I WILL NOT let this defeat me. Trust me, the next sunny day, I’ll be making them again, lol.

  65. I beyond LOVE LOVE these! I Have to make them. I just have to!

  66. These are amazing! I just got the cutest new cake pedestal from my friends website and I made these for a party on top of my new pedestal and WOW! It looked fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!

  67. these are awesome!! but how do you eat them? cut the tops up or something? or just shove the whole thing in your mouth? haha

  68. that looks amazing. wonderin g if you could share the frosting recepie? please. Also i have a lactoce intolerance kid do you have a good frosting recepi having a hard time getting anything decent. and i feel bad for him, but between the soy milk and margerine things never work out.

  69. Oh my gosh, I have wanted to make thse for so long. Like when I was an itty bitty kid! LIke 13 hahaha, I totally forgot what they were called and it really slipped my mind. That’s for reminding me and while my husband is away I’m going to make these for him and surprise him with some yum yums when he gets back. Thanks for posting doll!

  70. This is just absolutely perfection…. I love it….

  71. Ive made these too and one tip: ALWAYS wait for the chocolate to cool a little! You’ll end up with a gloppy MESS! (Still tasty though!)

  72. Cannot wait to try these out….BTW your’s are WAY cuter than Martha’s….I’m just saying!

  73. You got me at hi… lol, these look and can tel will taste amazing. Great job! Thanks for sharing. Had to bookmark to literally run away with the prize at the next contest… I will tell there where I got it of course!

  74. Ok, you’ve got me drooling here. I’ve GOT to make these. They’re on my list but they may have just gotten bumped up a few notches.

  75. These look amazing!

  76. Fabuloso!!!!! gracias por compartir esta dulce-experiencia!!!
    Eres la mejor!!!

  77. Oh my goodness! I just read this after using StumbleUpon for hours to find the perfect dessert for a party that I am attending tonight and I absolutely had to try it. I was running out of time to get something made, so when I saw these I rushed to the store to buy all the things I needed! I finished, and of course using your tips (I used an egg dying cup as well, and the mini chips are so much easier to melt!) they turned out perfect! I love love love it!

  78. Love love LOVE!! I adore the inside photo. Love it. :)

  79. I have no words, except now I’m craving a dipped cone from Dairy Queen. I just might have to try these!

  80. These don’t look anything like a hi-hat. You need two cymbal shapes stacked vertically, facing opposite directions. We all make mistakes though, so don’t feel bad. Better luck next time!

    Your pal,

  81. I am so happy I discovered your site… the cheesecake bars got me at first… but then this ! I will so make some for my kids, they will love it ! I have yet to try the pop cakes. So many things to do !! :)))

  82. I tried making these this weekend. Yeah, it was a no go. I over beat the cake mix, and it ended-up too light and fluffy (tasted fantastic though). BUT, my major problem was the frosting. I followed the directions to the letter, but it refused to set-up, and it was really grainy. YUCK!! I’m not sure what I did wrong. Needless to say, I made the best of it and whipped up some cream cheese frosting slapped some on the suckers and called it good! :) Not sure I’ll try these again. They may my “holy grail” of cupcakes. Just unachievable.

  83. I made these this weekend – and they were indeed HEAVENLY!!! OMG – I could only eat one (in a sitting…I ate like 4 or 5 over the weekend) but they were SO rich and SO delicious!!! We had a gathering on Sunday to watch Football – and everyone just LOVED them SO SO much!! Thanks for the delicious recipe!!!

  84. I made these cupcakes for a school fundraiser… I sold them for $1 after about 5 minutes the people aound me said i should raise it to $2 so i did i sold out in ten miutes even before the event had a chance to start… no small feet i made $100.00 for the school in ten minutes and it only cost me about $15 dollars… I made them again for a thank you to teachers and volunteers i added color to the frosting and used colored dip so that the cupcakes matched the school colors they where a huge hit…

  85. These are gorgeous! I’m too intimidated to even attempt, but I’d LOVE to taste one!

  86. Saw these yesterday, and told my daughter THIS was the cupcake we were making this weekend! We did it! They are wonderful and my son and husband think we are amazing. They turned out just right and I didn’t lose any icing in the chocolate! I can’t wait to share with all my team mates at work tomorrow!!!

  87. omg those are absolutely mesmerizing. How did you cut them in half so perfectly for that last photo? I have to make these!

  88. Those look so good and cute. They remind me of chocolate dipped ice cream cones…. :)

  89. what is the frosting recipe?

  90. I love these! They remind me of frozen yogurt dipped in chocolate ( my ABSOLUTE favorite). You know what would be cool? If there was a color surprise in there or something. Rainbow frosting perhaps? That would be cool when you bite into it, not knowing what to expect :)

  91. Right – made them yesterday they sunk in the middle. So not to be beaten I made them again today they sunk again not so bad this time. I don’t know if its because I convert things from American measures to British or cause I am just not doing it right. But I made the frosting, coated them in chocolate and OMG they are just heaven – sunk in the middle or not. These little babies will be getting hidden in the back of the fridge. Have a happy baking weekend all. love Gail Scotland xxxx

  92. Oh my gosh! These look like my favourite chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream in a cone from Dairy Queen! I bet they taste just as good!

  93. I recently came across a recipe for these cupcakes in a book ‘decorating cakes & cookies’ by Annie Rigg and I thought they were a brilliant idea. Yours look wonderful- like something you would see at a fantasy land tea party! I have not yet made the cupcakes but I did try making the marshmallow topping and used it to make chocolate marshmallow teacakes ( instead- it was perfect!
    Definetely want to have a go at making these myself but I dought they will look as perfect as yours!

  94. Hello, Iam from France and i sell cupcakes, i felt in love with them many years ago, i quicked my job to live on my cupcake hobies
    what kind of Frosting is the one, italian meringue ?
    many thanks for your help
    Take care & enjoy your day wiht a cupcake :o-)

  95. They look so awesome!!!

    I’m from Germany and follow your blog since a year ago. Unfortunately never tried a receipe but it is planned!

  96. ces cupcakes sont magnifiques !! je les ai essayés tout de suite et ça marche !!!!!! les glaçage est délicieux et il ne tombe pas quand on le plonge dans le chocolat, c’est tout simplement magique !!!! bravo à vous ! votre blog est génial, les photos sont magnifiques !!!
    you’re wonderfull and your recipes delicious !! congratulations !

  97. Love youre photographic style!!

  98. i’m speechless >

  99. I was totally suprised that these worked too when I first made them!

  100. Encouraged by your success, I set aside my doubts and gave these cupcakes a shot last night. Unfortunately, they were an epic fail. The batter was the most luxurious cupcake mix I’d ever made but even after 35 min in the oven, it never set. The top of the cupcakes crusted over in a beautiful golden colour but as soon as I took them out they collapsed into a gooey mess.

    Any hints on what I might have done wrong? I’m willing to give these a second go – but would love some suggestions on trouble-shooting the cupcake recipe.

  101. OMG! These look so awesome!

  102. Such a cute idea for cupcakes, they look yummy too!

  103. Is the key to smooth candy coating the Vegetable Oil? I haven’t tried that yet, but always feel like my candy coating is too thick. Thanks for the great ideas! Keep em coming! :)

  104. Bakerella or anybody else that knows:

    How do you store these and for how long ?

  105. WOWIIIEEE! i would be afraid to try to but you made them look so beautiful might just have to do it!

  106. ohhhh my those look delicious!

  107. They look amazing. Can’t figure out why they are called “Hi Hat” cupcakes though…

    If it were “High Hat”, I would understand because the chocolate sauce is a “hat” and it’s tall. But since “hi hat” is a name for a drumset component, I don’t get it…

  108. Totally cute…and would look great in a ice cream cones with sprinkles!!!

  109. It’s MAGIC!
    Beautiful pictures, well done!

  110. iv made these a couple of times and they are Fantastic, if you want a WOW and OMG reaction then these are to be made

  111. So so so cute! That might be (dare I say it) TOO much frosting for my tastes, but they are definitely adorable. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  112. I made these today and they came out looking beautiful however, the merigue is VERY grainy! I used the Martha Stewart recipe and followed it to a T with only one exception, I substitued superfine sugar instead of regular sugar. I assumed the superfine sugar would disolve better leaving the merigue smooth but that didn’t happen. I’m going to make the merigue again but will try confectioners sugar next time and see how they come out.

    Anyone else have this problem? How did you solve it?

  113. ooh my! this is food porn xD

    this cupcakes look amazing! really elegant. I want to make them! but I don’t have a candy thermometer =(

  114. I’ve started making mini cupcakes so this recipe couldn’t have come at a better time.

  115. Where do you get your cupcake liners!

  116. amazing!! this looks like an intimidating project but it turned out beautifully…well done!

  117. These are just amazing! Thank for all that you share on this site!

    Can anyone answer this…–Do you have to use THIS specific frosting recipe? I’d like to try it with regular buttercream that I make versus this meringue style frosting. I would so appreciate any thoughts on this!

  118. Wow these are beautiful. These cupcakes are the reason I bought both books; Cupcakes by Klivans and Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook. I saw her make it on TV and had to know how. BUT I have been too afraid of ruining it. These are amazing and I am going to give it a try! Thanks for posting!

  119. I have Elinor’s “Cupcakes!” and “Big Fat Cookies!” and I LOVE them both! All of the recipes bake beautifully, and most are very easy to customize to taste. My favorite cupcakes from her book are the lemon snowballs, but I’ve started baking the plain vanilla cupcake and stuffing/decorating it with tons of different things! I’ve made chocolate ganache fillings, raspberry creme frosting, you name it! Anyway, buy the books now!

  120. oh my goodness those look amazing! I linked you to my blog today as the queen of all things pretty!

  121. Dipping in the hot chocolate would have me scared as well, but if it worked for you… surely it would work for me too, right? I’m ready to take the plunge and try!

  122. SIMPLY AWESOME!!! … my jaw dropped every time!

  123. I love cupcakes as much as the next girl but it takes a very special kind of cupcake to make me sit here with my mouth gaping open, uttering “holy crap”s under my breath.

  124. So perfectly delivered and photographed, you can almost taste them… almost. No caloric intake… no gooey icing or chocolate mustache… no, not yet…
    Thanks for a treat-of-a-post. Will definitely give these a go.

  125. YIKES! I’d be SO scared to dip it.

  126. hi bakerella!! i LOVEEEEEEEEE THESE HI HAT ONES! but we call it differently here in my country..we call it hte beehive..sure looks like one too. il try my hand out on this one for my son’s 2nd birthday…we’re havin’ a small lunch with friends and family.

  127. Just tried making these and it did not fare well for my poor little cupcakes :( Not sure if the frosting wasn’t stiff enough or the chocolate was too hot or cold and heavy. But they are still delicious! I will just try, try again another day!

  128. They look phenomenal. What I would really like would be for someone to make me some.

  129. WOW! Just thinking about attempting these scares me! But you do such fantastic things anyway…I adore your cake pops! Just got your cookbook the other day…thanks!!

  130. I officially vowed to allow my oven just one evening of rest. Just as if it were it’s much needed 7th Day! I must now apologize to my overworked and underpaid oven! I have to try these tonight! I hope mine look like this!

  131. FINALLY ordered your book :o) Can’t wait for it to arrive, thank you so much for the fun work you do!!!

  132. Bakerella, these would be cute in a cake cup ice cream cone. They would look like the dipped cone from Dairy Queen. Hmmm..would that work?

  133. These look AMAZING! Wow. Man… I wish I had one of those right now.
    Can I skip work and make 100 of those CUTE cupcakes?

  134. amazing!!! i bet your heart stop beating for a while when you took the cupcake upside down for the dip….its a miracle the white cream won’t fall off!!! so gonna try this recipe one day :)

  135. I made these about a year ago. DH work loved them.

  136. I’ve never seen anything like these! Wonderful!

  137. amazing!!! they look sooo cute!!! i love it!! and they look so perfect cut in half!!!

  138. I see Holiday Trees in my future. I bet these would be fun in different colors of chocolate. Thanks for making such a scary recipe look easy.

  139. AMAZING! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures! My goodness they look delicious!!

  140. O.M.G. I love me some DQ dip cones and these appear to be equally delicious. Wow!

  141. I just bought this cookbook over the weekend and marked these to try. “Cupcakes!” by Elenor Klivans” has some great receipes. I do with there were more pictures but very excited about making many cupcakes with this cookbook :)

    Your Hi Hat Cupcakes look great!

  142. Hi from Singapore! I wanted to ask, something about the chocolate coatings. Is it true that one can use any type of chocolate (compound, couverture etc)before adding the vegetable oil? and the vegetable oil helps to improve the hardening of the chocolate coating? So… does it mean the more the better?

    thanks! OHOH! your cupcakes made me drool on my keyboards!! gonna make some soon!

  143. Made these yesterday and they were fabulous! They looked great and tasted so yummy! One big substitute I made was to use confection’s sugar in the frosting instead of granulated. This way you don’t have to put it over the stove. Just put it in your stand mixer and do everything else the same. The frosting came out fluffy and peaked beautifully! Also after frosting the cupcakes make sure to put them in the freezer for 15 minutes before dipping them in the chocolate. This will prevent the frosting from sliding off the cupcake while dipping. Have fun! These will be a favorite!!

  144. These are beautiful! They are on my list of things to try ASAP! If only I had someone to share them with, because I SURELY don’t need them all to myself!

  145. Those look absolutely divine! I will have to try them. Thanks for sharing.

  146. This idea is awesome! Looks yummy too! Definitely need to try it. Thanks! The step by step pictures are helpful!!!

  147. Amazing! That was frightening and breathtaking to watch from pic to pic!

  148. Ack! How perfect! My birthday’s in a week and I didn’t know what to make… but now I do :D

  149. I made these and they are very good. The first batch of icing I made came out perfectly, just like the pictures, but I ended up having to make 2 batches of icing and the second didn’t hold it’s shape as well as the first. I can’t figure out what I did wrong or differently. Also the cupcakes are very delicate. They are good, don’t get me wrong but not super easy to work with. I followed both recipes to a T.

  150. OMG these are awesome! Reminds me of a nostalgic dipped cone from DQ but 100 X more awesome and beautiful!

  151. These look amazing, I’ve been wanting to try these also, but didn’t know how. I will certainly try them soon. My only question is, Where are the Hi Hat Cupcake Pops?

  152. those are adorable. i need to make some. they remind me of my mom’s fav pinwheel cookies. they are like cake with marshmallow dipped in choc.

  153. These look SO COOL!!! Gahhh I can’t wait to try my hand at it!

    P.S. You are spoiling me rotten with all this recent blogging!!

  154. I made these today and they turned out great! Thanks for the amazing post! You Rock! :)

  155. I LOVE these, and want to make them now! Thanks for sharing your secret!

  156. Oh my! I need to make more cupcakes like I need a hole in the head but there is no way I can resist these. I can see a lot of time holding my breath in the future! Thank you SO much for your post and pictures. I would never have the nerve without you!

  157. I have made these both in big size and mini! I am excited because they were super complicated, and they turned out awesome! The recipe came off a deck of cupcake cards my sister got me for my birthday. They were amazing!

  158. Oooh you need to create Hi Hat Cupcake Pops now! =)

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