Homemade Graham Crackers


I ventured into crackers this weekend. Golden brown graham crackers.

Small ones of course. These are only about 2 inches square.


Combine flour, dark brown sugar, baking soda and salt and you’re on your way. Then, cut in the butter. Add honey, milk and vanilla and mix on low just until dough starts to come together. Chill.

Okay that was the overview version. Visit Smitten Kitchen for the full Graham Cracker recipe. When I first saw her post back in 2009, I was mesmerized by the cuteness of her crackers and color of the dough. I knew I would make them one day and I’m glad I finally did.

It’s fun to make homemade versions of things I would typically only think of buying. Like the gumdrops I made the other day. Or marshmallows. I need to try to make those soon. Or pop-tarts maybe? Nutter Butters… hmmmm.


After the dough was chilled and rolled, I roughly measured out 2-inch square cracker shapes, leaving a space between each square.


You’ll want to remove the extra dough (and reuse the scraps) to make sure the crackers don’t bake into each other.

That would be ugly.


You can use a wooden skewer to press along the center of each cracker and also to poke decorative holes.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, too before baking.


Then, when baked and cooled, you can snap them in half just like the larger version you’re used to.


Too cute.

But, I took these a step farther.


Yeah, I broke out the fondant.

Weird, right?

I mean fondant doesn’t go with graham crackers at all. But, I threw reasoning out the window and got a little silly.

Or a lot silly. Silly is good … and good for you.


Anyone see where I’m going yet?


What about now?

If you use Twitter regularly, you’ve probably guessed already.



Better yet, Instagrahams!

Instagram is a fun, free photo sharing app for your iPhone. I’ve recently become fascinated.


It lets you use filters with your photos and share them with your friends. It lets you see what they see. In an instant.

Try it.


Camera Crackers.


Graham crackers.

Homemade fun.

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186 comments on “Homemade Graham Crackers”

  1. The Instagrahams are totally cute!

  2. Graham-tastic and so cute!

  3. THATS AWESOME! im eating grahams right now:)

  4. I love this! You should do an entire app series! AppCrackers! So cute!
    I love the idea of making graham crackers too, they are so delish.

  5. Those are sooo cute. I’ve got to beg my mom to let me make them!

  6. CUTE!!!



  7. Those look delicious! I had a recipe for graham cracker’s years ago I lost and I remember just how delicious they were! Plus your decorating skills are incrediable! Happy Baking

  8. Love your insta”gram” crackers!!

  9. Love these! What a great idea! There is no rule saying that Fondant can’t be used with Graham crackers. Fondant is part of the marshmellow family :)

  10. Love them! You’re so creative with your goodies and with your words!

  11. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to make these!! My 12 month old is crazy for graham crackers.

  12. brandy – I like the way you think.

  13. Now if only I had an iphone!! Oh well, these crackers are still super adorable!! Do they taste anything like store bought graham crackers?

  14. I HAVE to try these, the recipe I have has wheat germ in it and they come out a little grainy. i want a smooth cookie…if that makes sense. Gotta try these tomorrow!!!!!!!! I love how you scored them by the way. yumm

  15. Wow!!! I must try these gluten free ASAP!

  16. That is so cool, I want to see how well they turns out for crumb crusts!!!

  17. Ooh I’m completely addicted to IG what’s your username?

  18. Amazing! I’m in love!

  19. I’m so honored to even indirectly affect your baking. The cameras are adorable. I’m addicted to Instagram. Every time you post these days, I smile because we’re so lucky to have you back!

  20. Oh my these are too cute!!!

  21. Deb – thank you so much.

  22. You are so dang clever.

  23. These looks yummy and cute (and probably much healthier than the store-bought versions)! I can’t wait to try them!
    Oh, and homemade pop-tarts and marshmallows are very easy to make (and fun with little ‘helpers’ too)! I’ve made both:

  24. Lol! This is so clever and so cute!

  25. Definitely try marshmallows! I love to make marshmallows. I’ve made little tiny animal shapes, let them dry a day or two, then dehydrated them. Those are great for my dad’s camping trips. They spent the whole trip trying to guess what animals they had floating in their cocoa. :) Sometimes a horse falls on the marshmallows, but if they are dehydrated they are still good in the cocoa, even as crumbs — if not dehydrated, they stick too much to the plastic bag and won’t come out.

    I recommend the FamilyFun “merry marshmallows” recipe. Or the recipe in the book Chocolates and Confections at HOME with the something. Can’t remember the whole title… Wonderful book, though, with pictures and amounts of time until whatever you are making is supposed to do whatever it is doing. The FamilyFun recipe lends itself well to using honey instead of corn syrup. Then you can have honey vanilla marshmallows. Or honey orange. Or honey peanut butter (a big hit with the campers).

  26. These are SOOO cute! This past year and a half has been a much more creative time for me..thanks to YOU! I’ve made several of your cake pops. I’ve also tried new things that in the past I only would have wished i’d tried. Thanks for making a difference Bakerella!! Continuing in my prayers for your improving health :)

  27. Holy cuteness!!

  28. These are so cute! I bet these would be delicious with homemade marshmallows for s’mores!

  29. How cute! I’ve already conquered marshmallows, so I think the next step would be to make these! :-)

  30. There so cute! It looks like you had a great time making them.

  31. These look so cute! If you want to try a simple yet extremely tasty homemade marshmallow – check out our favorite marshmallow recipe on our blog! It is listed under joandsue.blogspot.com – The Great Marshmallow Debate. So much better than store bought :). Can’t wait to try these crackers.

  32. Honestly, Bakerella, you are hands-down the most creative person on the internet. I just adore your posts.

  33. Very beautiful and so deftly executed. Bookmarked for sure.

  34. (I forgot to add) — If my last son were a boy, I wanted to name him Graham, just so I could call him Graham Cracker. Alas, we got a girl and named her Jolene. :)

  35. Oh my goodness! I never thought of making those – but they are so cute it would be fun to try!

  36. Okay where were you when I was looking for GOOD tasting graham crackers??? These are awesome … can’t wait to try them. I used the little crackers on my cupcakes and the crumbs butter and sugar on my pops … but graham crackers do not taste like they used to. They are dry and un-sweet and crumbly. Thank you for this … you are the best and I love your site! PJM

  37. I really love graham crackers. My mom used to ice them with leftover icing (she baked a lot), and then she would put them in the freezer. We always had iced grahams and milk after school. Yummy!

  38. so cute! Thanks for sharing. I’m curious, what does ‘cut in the butter’ mean? How do you do this?

  39. I ove instagram and these look great! I’ve never seen graham crackers in Australia so they will be fun to try out

  40. So did I! Only mine are gluten free dairy free and were made out of necessity. Mine tasted soooooo yummy. But they were a pain in the patootie to make!!!! However, watching my 5 yr old with Celiac eat a Graham cracker with a marshmallow & chocolate did make it worthwhile.

  41. Too cute! I’ll put them on my to-bake list right away!

  42. What a perfectly wonderful idea! One could make any of the iPhone icons, even though they wouldn’t be as clever as instagrams. I love how your brain works, Angie! I want to try this too!

  43. awesome post! I just learned my lil one has a sever allergie to soy and have been looking for recipes for his fav treat,,,smores had everything but the recipe for the grahams! thank thank you

  44. I’ve been thinking of homemade graham crackers for weeks, ever since I made a S’more Cobbler and am thinking of making another completely from scratch. Graham crackers and marshmallows all from scratch as well.
    These look delicious!

  45. these are such a cute idea. You are so talented!

  46. What impeccable timing you have! I’ve been looking for a great recipe that doesn’t call for obscure ingredients that I can’t find—or that cost a small fortune!
    You will never want a store-bought marshmallow again after making your own. The fun part after the first batch is coming up with new flavors—the flavor possibilities are endless, as are the shapes!
    I’m so glad you’re “cooking” again! Thank you…

  47. I’m so excited that you’ve posted this – I’ve never been able to find any Graham Crackers in the UK, which has ruled out quite a few recipes, but now I can make my own! Hurrah!

  48. This wouldn’t work in the UK; here, “graham” and “-gram” don’t rhyme AT ALL. :-)

  49. I love grahams! Did you use just plain flour or actual graham flour for these?

  50. There are no graham crackers in Australia – until next weekend when I make these. Thank you so much!!

  51. Oh wow, these are so cute! I love them!

  52. mmmm looks good to try

  53. Fantastic! We dont have grahams crakers here in UK but loads of recipes online require them! Thank you, you are a star xx

  54. Love those Instagrahams! Cute! You should def. Make marshmallows. Very easy and better than store bought. I like Alton Brown’s recipe. I have to make these grahams for my kids…..

  55. These are adorable! I’m going to check out the full recipe now. I can’t get Grahams in the UK and they are so essential for smores!!!

  56. You are so creative! Your homemade graham crackers look fantastic, but your little Instagrams are amazing!

  57. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these! Must try soon!

  58. Ahhhh love these! Instagram is the best, isn’t it?! Such a cute post today :)

  59. Wow! They even look store-bought!

  60. LOVE me some Instagram… but your Instagrahams look even better :)
    Supa cute, Bakerella!!

  61. You are oh so clever. I haven’t seen you on FB lately. Today was the first time in awhile. Happy to check out your blog again. I just love your ideas. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  62. I totally did NOT see where that was going. I love it Bakerella! :)

  63. You should make all the icons

  64. Aren’t these fun! How did they taste?

  65. Ridiculously cute… you seriously are the MOST creative person! So glad to have you back and baking again. :)

  66. Awesome! So creative. I love the way your mind works.

  67. Wow–your instagrams are amazing!

  68. they are tooooooo cute………..and i have that app………fun fun fun

  69. fabulous as always! Hope you are well

  70. Bakerella,

    You always come up with awesome ideas…but what’s more awesome is that you are doing what you love and are making other people smile….i know I do when I see another email in my inbox. :D -Homemade goods always taste better.

  71. Yum! I have never made my own graham crackers, but would love to try

  72. I don’t cook or bake. (I’m an artist that enjoys using food in my paintings) But I love opening my email and finding your newest blog !!!!!!!!! Your posts just fascinate me.

  73. I agree with the others who are urging you to try making marshmallows. A really cute hostess gift is the homemade graham crackers, homemade marshmallows, and a bar of chocolate for the Best S’Mores Ever.

  74. Bakerella- Where’s the “instagram” pic of the “instragrahms!” Now, THAT would be cute!

  75. These are so fun! I love how you combine your love of food and art! :)

  76. I am anticipating have the best smores for all upcoming fall cook-outs. I just need a good marshmellow recipe. Because does it really get any better than hand made graham crackers, hand made marshmellows and really yummuy quality chocolate.

  77. I was loving the cracker recipe alone, then you whipped out the fondant and these turned into the coolest little bikkies everrr! :)

  78. awesome & yummieee <3

  79. too cute! i am going to make graham crackers tonight! thank you for the idea.
    just made pineapple brownies and they were so good!
    I have the receipe for pop tarts, but havent made them yet.

  80. I love instagram, too, this is SO cute!!!

  81. Wow bakerella, you are awesome!! When I read your posts I get so inpired I want to run to my kitchen and start baking! Thanks as always, for sharing such fun ideas!

  82. I really want to make these! I’m into that right now too, making things I usually buy, I can’t wait to try these pumpkin poptarts by Joy the Baker http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2010/10/pumpkin-pie-pop-tarts-with-maple-glaze/

  83. aaah love it! and I love instagram

  84. The instagrahams are so so cute! I saw your tweet and couldn’t wait for the post. Love your creativity Bakerella!!

  85. Wow that’s genius. They don’t sell graham crackers in my country, and I keep wanting to eat/make things with them. And you manage to take something amazingly tasty and cute, and make it cuter! Where do you get all this inspiration???

  86. luved it
    Y i cannot subscribe to recieve updates by e mail

  87. I would never think to make graham crackers! And of course, I love that you had to add your own little touch to them..too cute!

  88. thats so cool I love it!

  89. Absolutely brilliant! Very cute, Bakerella! I never fail to be impressed by your creativity.

  90. Oh my goodness! Those are so stinking adorable!

  91. These are too cute. I like the idea of homemade pop tarts- I have definitely seen a lot of those on tastespotting recently. Also, smitten kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs. I’m planning on making the simple pasta sauce this weekend.

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