Tow Mater

My name’s Mater. Tow Mater to be exact. I’m kind of a celebrity. You see, I was in this little movie about cars a few years ago. Yeah… that one.

You may have thought I was a little rusty around the edges. Not so. I’m as sweet as they come.

Especially now that I’m in cupcake form.


Sprinkled with cookie crumbs.


And adorned with candy.


And gum.

Hey that almost rhymes… kinda… maybe… sorta

Mater Cupcakes

Hi-tail it on over to Disney’s website for the instructions to make this cute tow truck cupcake. Get-R-done.


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144 comments on “Howdy!”

  1. Oh the idea with the gum for the teeth is so wonderfully easy. Nice.

  2. My nephew vroomed through his car phase last year but would still get a kick out of these! Tow Mater is just the perfect mix of cute and rustic.

  3. I LOVE this! I know what I’m making for next year’s Cars 2 party! ;)

  4. These are absolutely adorable! I love your work, it is so inspiring!

  5. I know someone that would love these. ME!

  6. This is perfect! My nephew loves Mater. His birthday is coming up too. I’ll have to attempt this.

  7. These are insanely cute!

  8. Love, love, love Mater! Adroable!

  9. Oh my, that’s great. You just made seven year olds all across America scream with joy! The similarities of the movie to the cake form are uncanny!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  10. Cute!!!

    I made cake pops for the first time the other day – they were so good!!!!

  11. omg so cute!!
    I just loveeee that movie… especially him :)
    gum to pretend they are teeth…clever.

  12. Wow… Love them… Maybe I will treat my kindergarten class to those at the end of June…amazing

  13. O-M-G this is soooo cute!!!

  14. love love love mater!! my 3 year old finally got to see cars a few months ago.

  15. You are killing me with cuteness!

  16. OMG! My Dad LOVES “Cars”… Especially Tow Mater. I so have to tr this. Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Oh my goodness! Truely amazing.

  18. Vroooom, Bakerella; you get the checkered flag! SO cute and very true to the character – both big and little kids will love Tow Mater-ella!

  19. You are a GENIUS! That guy’s my favourite character from Cars… well after the little car flies, at least. :D


  20. I should definitely try this for my son. He would die in laughter lol

  21. seriously?! way too cute!

  22. So cute!!! And so creative!

  23. oh my word! tooooo cute! I love Mater! : ))

  24. I just love it. You’ve done it again, and I am so hungry for one at six in the morning. Paulette

  25. The teeth are so cute! I just love it!

  26. I LOVE the movie Cars. These little cupcakes are so freaking cute!!

  27. Oh my, these are adorable! My son LOVES this movie, and will love these treats.

  28. Too. Much. Cute. About. To. EXPLODE! :)

  29. These have got to be the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen!

  30. Those are simply too cute to be eaten!! Adorable!

  31. Those are FAB! I am going to bookmark that for my son’s birthday!!!

  32. U are so imaginative!! Thank you for sharing.

  33. My son loved the picture and got excited. I think I’ll have to give these a try. :-)

  34. I wish I had this recipe four years ago when we had a HUGE Cars party for his fourth birthday!

    I’m going to have to request our theme before the next party in February when he’s 9!!

  35. so cute!! my son was looking over my sholder and thinks there yummy

  36. Any child would be thrilled to see these. They are so adorable.

  37. Oh my gosh!! So stinkin cute!! Great job!

  38. I hope you’re happy with yourself, I think I woke up the whole household squealing over your pictures.

    You do realize now I need to know how to make Lightning McQueen out of a cupcake.

  39. ok, that is just genius! love it!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  40. I am going to have to make these for my son! He loves cars! I will have him help me with them since he loves to help momy in the kitchen! Great idea!

  41. Oh boy… my son just caught me looking at the how to page… now i HAVE to make them! ;)

  42. So cute!! I’m not even a major Cars fan and I’m loving it! Thanks!

  43. Wow, that is just amazing!!! He’s so cute, I couldn’t eat him. ha.

  44. Oh my gosh those are so stinkin’ adorable!!!!

  45. LOVE this! My kids will LOVE this!

  46. These are great! How about some gummies instead of the gum for the teeth :D

  47. That’s just too wonderful

  48. I am making these for my son’s second birthday for sure! My husband wants him to have a Cars party, since his nursery is decirated in Cars.This year he turns one, so I am hving him a Peter Rabbit party.

  49. You are so talented! I just love seeing what you come up with..thank you so much for sharing

  50. These are super cute! Love it!

  51. Too sweet!
    When I first hear about Cars, I was skeptical–I mean, talking anthropomorphic cars? But y’know, it was actually a pretty fun movie!

  52. Oh gee……these have got to be the cutest…love these..super job as usual……….have a great Monday all!

  53. These would be fantastic for a little boy’s birthday party. How cute!

  54. Adorable! Now, lets see Fillmore (the VW van) from cars!

  55. That is so darn adorable! My son is turning 2 in a few months and I have been thinking about doing a cars birthday. I will have to bookmark this one to try and make for him.

    They are so cute!


  56. oh how I wish I had a boy those are so cute!

  57. hehehehe he looks so goofy and delicious! :)

  58. A couple days too late. I had a Mater Party for my 5 yr old on saturday. But my brother made an amazing Mater pinata for him.

  59. You have an AWESOME blog, so I award you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

    I had to pick blogs that I recently discovered, and I just started reading this one of yours. I’m an artist, art teacher and this blog inspires me.

  60. OH MY! Mater is my Girlfriend’s favourite Disney character – I *MUST* show her these :D

  61. You amaze me!!! this is so cute!

  62. I love these! My son has we have a birthday coming up soon and these will be perfect.

  63. i’m so making these for my little brother ; he’ll DIE . plus i love the movie cars ..

  64. Loaded up on cake pop sticks this past weekend at the Wilton Tent Sale in Woodridge, Illinois in preparation for your book!

  65. ahhhh one of my favorite movies!!! so excited to try these!

  66. As soon as the image came up I cracked up laughing. How cute is he? I have two boys (ages 3 and 5) who will love these!

  67. OMG – so hilarious and cute – LOVE it! You always have the BEST ideas :)

  68. OMG !!!!!! speachless……………………they are so frikken cute !

  69. So cute… I don’t know how you come up with these incredible ideas. Love your site!

  70. Wow- You are so fabulous and creative!

  71. You are a freaking genius. Every week it’s something new. How does someone so talented exist?

  72. Cute! I have three boys who would absolutely love these for their birthdays.

  73. This is soo cute.
    My hubby loves mater, I too. Plan to make for his b-day.
    Also one that my mother had babysit enjoyed monkey cupcakes like this.
    Thanks for the idea.

  74. These are GREAT!! Excellent job!

  75. SO cute!! My son loves Cars, and would get a kick out of these. You have such creative ideas!

  76. TOO CUTE! Everyone loves Mater! Your very inspiring!

  77. AAAAHHHHH!!! I LOve these they are so cute… My hubby will love these for Father’s day…

  78. THESE ARE WONDERFUL! My 2 yr. old is in a “Cars” mood lately. I’m definitely making these :)

  79. Oh my goodness! My 3 yr old son would love these!! He has this pillow case with Tow Mater on one side and Lightning Mc Queen on the other, he always flips it to Tow Mater (and you know how not so pretty he is), lol.

  80. They are just perfect!!! amazingggggg


    please check out my baking blog too :)
    i put so much love into it haha, its got some great recipes particularly if you like french baking!!


    and cute cars bakerella !

  82. Oh. My. Goodness. Might have to try these when my nephews come to town over 4th of July…

  83. You are UNBELIEVEABLE! And…just made my day. :-)

  84. Adorable! I’m always surprised and smiling…

  85. Cute. cute. And…..CUTE!

  86. Oh my word!! Those are adorable. Another website to get hooked on I’d say!

  87. Bakerella what kind of camera do you have??

  88. OH. I <3 these little Maters!!!! How cute!!


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