Patriotic Pops

Here are my basic cupcake pops sprinkled with a little red, white, and blue. Oh yeah, they’re red inside, too!

4th of July Pops

Red jimmies, White non-pareils and blue m&m’s.

Red, White & Blue Sprinkles

And, I noticed after I took this picture, if you turn it upside down, it looks like a French flag. See…


Unexpected, but okay. They did give us Lady Liberty you know.

4th of July Pops

Anyway, hope you all have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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71 comments on “Patriotic Pops”

  1. what is the recipe

  2. I have searched every store possible to find “red jimmies” for these pops. I cannot find them anywhere so today I bought some red sugar & I have the white pareils & the blue m & m’s. I am a little discouraged that I can’t find the “red jimmies”. Any idea’s… Thanks, Judy

  3. I have searched every store possible to find “red jimmies” for these pops. I cannot find them anywhere so today I bought some red sugar & I have the white pareils & the blue m & m’s. I am a little discouraged that I can’t find the “red jimmies”. Any idea’s… Thanks, Judy

  4. I want to try red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! Happy 4th!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!!!!

  5. These are SO cute and they look VERY yummy!!!

  6. Yummy. They are great. I am teppeted to eat more!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing!! Everything always looks amazing! I plan to attempt the recipe this weekend and share it on my facebook page!

  8. Oh I love these so simple yet so original!

  9. Thank you! My daughter has a Citizenship class and these are perfect to make for her presidential election! thanks:)

  10. It’s just a stryofoam block. You can also use a dish filled with sugar to prop them in.

  11. What do you put the sticks into? I have my 8 year olds bday in a few days and I am very excited to make the pops, the pink cupcake like ones. So awesome!

  12. Merci!

  13. I am actually a french reader of your blog and I think your recipes are just amazing !!! :D

  14. jayme – YAY!

  15. awww! 4th of July!! That’s my birthday and these little pops are the cutest I think. ;) I’m going to be making these little pops alot I think. ;)

  16. natalie – The safest thing would be to keep them inside until ready to serve next time. I haven’t used the Wilton, so I can’t offer a comparison.

    Also, make sure the chocolate sets around the base of the lollipop stick. That helps.

    frijoles – merci.

  17. Ouahhhh j’adore!!! C’est beau!!!

  18. I made these pops for the Fourth and they were GREAT! Only one thing… they melted way too fast! They started falling of the sticks. I live in AZ and it’s been HOT! Any suggestions for the chocolate? I didn’t know if there was one that sets up more solid than “Wilton” brand choc. melts.

  19. Alisha E. – thanks Alisha!

    Jeanette – Actually, that may be my most asked question. It’s a canon rebel xti with a 50 mm fixed lens. I’m glad you like the pics.

  20. I don’t know if anyone has asked you before, but how do you take such amazing pictures of your creations? What kind of camera do you have? I’m always impressed with your creativity and professional quality of your photos.

  21. I found you off one of my bride's blog. OMGOSH these are SOO cute. Gonna have to try this out. You are way talented. I'm going to my blog & make a post about you!!!!!

  22. Good luck Ninia!

  23. Are so cute!!!
    For July 20 (Friends Day), in Argentina, I’m going to do its for my friends.
    Also, my nick is Cupcake Girl, so all coincide.

    Excuse me for my bad bad English!!!!

    (You are in my cupcake girl’s friends blogs)

    Warm regards!!!! :)

  24. obergs – you can color white chocolate, but you need a certain kind of coloring:

    Also, you can find colored candy melts in craft stores or online:

  25. I’m new at baking and wondered if I can add food coloring to the white chocolate bark? This may be a totally stupid question but I have no idea. I would love to make purple “iced” cupcake pops.

  26. Kapu – the molds are quicker, but if you want them on sticks, go for the cookie cutter. Also, I usually get 45-50 from a batch. Good luck with the wedding and send pics if you think about it.

    Marfa – yeah, it makes me smile.

    This Mama’s Hood – first off, are you using the candy melts or chocolate bark? and what brand?

    Secondly, are you heating it in 30 sec intervals in the microwave like recommended?

    If so, you can get the bottoms to look smoother by swirling your hand around after you dip the bottoms. The motion causes the chocolate to work its way down (actually up) the sides. Then for the tops, let your melts sit for a few minutes to thicken. That way, they will not drip to far down the sides.

    If you are still having problems with the thickness, you can buy something called paramount crystals to add to your chocolate to thin it some. Here’s a link:

  27. I have a question for you, do you have any tips on how to cover the pop in chocolate so that it goes on thinly and evenly? I want to make these for my daughter’s 1st birthday and have done a few practice tries and I can’t seem to get the chocolate to work properly at all. Help!!

  28. Thank you…I hope you had a lovely 4th, too!!! What a beautiful photo of the sprinkles…and great comment that the French gave us Lady Liberty!

  29. Thank you for all your help and answering my questions. I really appreciate it. I love this idea and it’s going to make me look like a like a genius at my brothers wedding in Hawaii. I’m making it as the favors for 350 quest. Wish me luck. Thank you again for your help. Maholo!!!!!!! Just one more thing, do you prefer making the pops with the flower cutter or with the mold. Oh i forgot one more ?. When you say a batch, do you mean 1lb of chocolate for 50 pops. Just trying to get an idea. Thanks again.

  30. Carol – I’m not Canadian, but I have dreams of visiting. And I want some red maple leaf sprinkles. Those sound too cute.

    maybe strawberry – thank you

    Mandy – very clever use of the treats. And you can eat the base, too! perfect.

    Andrea – cool.

    CAIT – thank you so much. Glad you stumbled in.

    sugarlens – to you, too!

    gingela5 – I bet it looks great.

    And these are the Day’s of the Trotters – That’s one of the sweetest things you could say. I’m glad you’re baking again.

    SweDaisy – thanks Lisa

    My Sweet & Saucy – I agree

    Kapu – the colored melts I use come in 1 lb. bags. I usually don’t go through an entire bag for one batch. And for the bottoms I usually use the bark. It come in a 1.5 lb package. And the same for that. I won’t use the whole package. So I just melt a little at a time as I go. And then whatever I don’t use, I Ziploc it and save for another day.

  31. would you be able to give an estimate of how many oz. or lbs. of chocolate you used for the pops? I don’t want to over or under purchase. I appreciate your help.

  32. Love these! Definitely the perfect treat for this day of the year!

  33. So cute! I love your cupcake pops. Take a look at my blog, I linked you.

    Take care,

  34. I sorta ran off your idea I made a basic yellow butter cake and died it red then mixed in a can of icing with sprinkles when I made the balls dipped them in white chocolate and drizzles them with blue chocolate lol so its red white and blue with suprise fireworks inside. I love you recipes and ideas you’ve made me fall in love with baking all over again

    Thanks Tara

    P.S Keep it coming please:)

  35. Happy Fourth! So cute! I wish my baking turned out half that cute!

  36. Awesome, as always!

    Happy 4th!

  37. Happy 4th of July to you too!

    I just stumbled upon your blog (it was on my Google Reader recommendation list), and I have spent the past half hour going through your posts and I’m just in awe! Everything is so beautiful and absolutely mouth-watering. I adore it!

  38. Happy 4th of July!
    And it´s not only the french flag, but if you put the red on top, it would be the Dutch flag!(red, white, blue)

  39. I tried my first cupcake pops today and they were so fun! They didn’t turn out as cute as yours but I’ll keep practicing! I did think of a good way to keep them in cups, though…I made Rice Krispy treats for the base of the cups and it kept them right in place. Yum!:)
    Here’s my finished pops, I’ll keep trying!!

  40. so patriotic!! i love them and all the different cupcake pops you have made!

  41. I’m an American living in Canada; I made the cakepops for Canada Day (July 1st) using devil’s food cake mixed with vanilla frosting and white chocolate candy melts for the dipping. I went to the Bulk Barn and bought multicolored nonpareils and tiny red maple leaf sprinkles to scatter over the pops. I bagged them individually in cellophabe pop bags and tied them with red and white ribbon. My highest compliment: “Are you sure you’re not Canadian?” Bakerella, you rock, eh ;)

  42. Amanda & David – I will. Good luck!

    Jamie – nice job!

    butterfly843 – I’m glad they are a hit!

    Kapu – Here is a link to the kinds of coloring you can use with chocolate. It does not have any water in it.

  43. Can I use the white melts and color them with food color to get an exact color? will a liquid food coloring that change the consistancy of the chocolate or should I use the powder or gel?

  44. Love those, I am making some of them since they were such a hit at the last family party.

  45. On Monday I made your cupcake pops for a twilight party I went to. I you haven’t read Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, you should. Anyway, the book has vampires in it so I made a red velvet cake, dipped the top in red, for blood, and the bottom in brown. They were such a hit. I started some patriotic ones today and came to your blog and saw that you did it to. This is the best idea. I think it helps to make them again because it was much easier today. I posted my pops on my blog. If you get a chance check it out.

  46. I just bought all my supplies to try these cute cupcakes for the fourth. I am baking my cake right now. Wish me luck!

  47. Reg – why thanks, Reg. I’m glad you think so. I enjoy the picture taking a lot.

    The Momster – sounds perfect.

    Sarah – you’re welcome!

    Mary Lu – try adding a little less frosting to start out. That should help.

    morgana – oh my goodness. I’m sorry, too! But I bet you’ll have a bunch of fun ideas to work on by the time October rolls around.

    raegan – they weren’t hard at all.
    Do you have a jelly roll pan? That’s what I used for the brownies. You just will want to be prepared to eat them right away in case they start to melt. But wait a minute, that’s not a problem. That’s a good thing.

    Sharlene – they’ll work for that, too!

    landa – thank you

    Jade – good luck.

    Anonymous Megret you can try amazon

    or onlike cake supply stores like:

    Delaina – I just sifted mine out of a regular bag of m&m’s but you can get a bag of one color at m&ms online or at a store called swoozies if you have one near you.

    Mary – your idea to use less icing is good. And for cake mixes, I always crumble by hand. The homemade cakes are the ones I usually need to pull out the food processor for. Just grab two chunks of baked cake at a time and rub together until crumbled and repeat. Make sure it’s completely cooled though or else it will get mushy before you even add your frosting.

    Christine – I’m glad you think so.

    The Gomes Family – Good and you’re welcome

    Susie – I’m glad they went over big.

    The Roper’s – good luck.

    ingegerd – thanks!

    LCM – tell your husband I’m flattered.

    Whatever Dee-Dee wants – they are cute :)

    Jaina – hope you do.

    Lindsey- I always keep mine on the counter. What kind of chocolate did you use? Or is it really hot where you are?

    rpelephant – you are welcome.

  48. Thank you for the great idea! They are so cute!

  49. I would make these..except for the last time I made them, they melted and made a huge mess.

    Any ideas on how to get them to stay cute and pretty outside of the fridge?

  50. I seriously need to try your pop recipes. These look super cute! Happy 4th of July!

  51. I am in love with these patriotic pops!

  52. Thanks for all of the recipes. My husband thinks you are a total genius, between the oreo truffles and the cake pops.

  53. i love it!!=)

  54. I knew you would do something fun for the 4th! I have been hunting for a red cake mix and finally found it! I am going to attempt to make these – we’ll see how they turn out! Happy 4th! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  55. I made your cupcake bites for my daughter’s graduation last weekend and they were a huge hit. You have a HUGE fan in me:-)

  56. I was waiting for this! Thanks!

  57. I love it, you have a great blog!

  58. OOOO Megret, I am also looking for that also.
    I did try the cake pops but I also think mine were too moist. I tried 1 DH choco cake mix to 1 can of CC icing, I think it was too much icing. I want to try another batch…. I am thinking that I should use 1/2 can of icing to start off with.
    What would you use to make the cake more crumbly if you don’t have a food processor? I can’t wait to try these.Thanks Bakerella!!!!

  59. I’m going to buy blue m&m’s RIGHT NOW!

  60. I love these!!

    I’m hoping to make your original pops recipe for my daughter’s upcoming “cupcake themed” 2nd birthday party. I’m excited!

    Tell me if you would like — where is the best place (online, I’m supposing) to buy large-ish quantities of sprinkles and jimmies? I have no clue where to start for the best selection and price.


  61. So fun! I JUST went to michaels last night to buy everything I needed to make 4th of july cupcake pops. In my mind, I pictured making them just like you just posted! Maybe i’m psychic ;) I’m very excited to make them!

  62. Very cute. Happy 4th!

  63. I may just have to make these for Bastille day on the 14th – good idea:)

  64. Hey, Bakerella! Happy July 4th to you too. I was lookin’ at Macy’s the other day and they had the icecream sandwich makers on sale. Just wondering how hard they were to implement. I might pop back there and get me a set to make Independence Day Star Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches.

  65. Happy 4th of july!!!

    I miss cake balls and cake pops, the weather here is too hot this summer and chocolate never gets hard. It’s a little bit frustrating so I’ll have to wait till october or so. :-((( Until then, I will enjoy your creations.

  66. I knew you’d come up with 4th of July fun. I tried for the first time today–went for the red cake too. However, mine do not look half as nice as yours–I learned a couple of really valuable lessons though. I have just started my second batch.
    I used a strawberry ckae mix, thinking I’d be half way to red!!! Anyway–mine were too moist–makes the process difficult–and the sticks have problems!!! If at first you don’t succeed….

  67. I love these!!!!

    I think my boys would love these!

    Thanks again for all of the great ideas!

  68. Oh this is a great idea – and I could finally use that Red Velvet cake mix up that keeps calling my name…. :) Thank you thank you!

  69. happy 4th of july! we don’t celebrate it over here (philippines) but thought i’d come out of lurking to greet you. i also wanted to say that your pictures are THE BEST; part of the appeal of your goodies is the amazing, high-quality shots you take of them. i love it! :)

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