People like Mr. Sprinkles

Okay, the comments have been counted (all 928 of them) and you guys really like your sprinkles. On cupcakes, ice cream and toast even. I think some of you would even forget the cake for a spoonful. So, when it comes to color, let’s see how things shake out.
I think the “eithers” have the right idea. I mixed the two together and they look pretty awesome with the purple added.

Note: The remaining 15% commented without casting a vote.

Most of you feel like I do – that sprinkles should be colorful. And – good for you – isn’t what you’re thinking about when you’re cramming a cupcake in your mouth. But I have to admit, this comment makes me think twice.


I can definitely deal with a little lack of color so all kids can have sprinkles on their cupcakes.

And who knows, maybe Mr. Sprinkles will decide to make both kinds and make us all happy. (please. please. please.)

Now for the winning numbers as selected by



Congratulations… the clowns are coming. Each of you will receive a set of All-Natural Rainbow & Chocolate Mr. Sprinkles!

Oh, and one more thing. A lot of you commented that they’re called jimmies in your area. We call them that here too. But I still think I’ll call these sprinkles. Take a look at the side-by-side. The jimmies look jumbo compared to these sweet little sprinkles. You can see why I like them for the pops. The size is much more proportional and they have a more delicate crunch, too.
jimmies for more info.

Okay, enough about sprinkles already.

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35 comments on “People like Mr. Sprinkles”

  1. We call them sprinkles here but I think I’ll start calling them jimmies just for fun! =)

  2. I know I’m digging up an old post…I just found your blog and I LOVE it. But reading through I found this one and have to say–I grew up calling chocolate sprinkles jimmies, too, but do you know why they are called that? It comes from “Jim Crow laws,” because of their color. So, now I just call them sprinkles.

  3. see jimmies usually look like those but i thought jimmies were when they were more soft and not so crunchy then they are sprinkles

    i dont know what a conundrum! =]

  4. Ew! I don’t blame you.

  5. My invertibrate zoology professor (not a sprinkley kind of guy) told us that the droppings of sea crustaceans are called jimmies. I haven’t been able to get the chocolate ones ever since. :-x

  6. Toxic_Honey – sorry you are having trouble. What kind of chocolate are you using. If it’s not candy melts or chocolate bark/candy coating, that could be the problem. If it’s too thick, you can try to add a drop of oil to thin it out.

    Oh and hi there in Oman.

    Marfa – Happy Birthday!

    suze – it’s chocolate for me too!

    spearle – that is the cutest little story.

    Tryna – thanks, i’ve seen that pan before, but I still haven’t bought one.

    Jaina – yeah, me either. Mr. Sprinkles to the rescue.

  7. That’s interesting, that comment. I never would have thought of that. How neat that you were able to help that little boy.

  8. What a fun contest! I came across a cake-sized cupcake pan and couldn't help thinking of the fun things you could so with it. Here is the link to the pan.

  9. I just had to say: when I was four or five years old and decided to run away for the first time (I was at the time living with 12 foster siblings, if that explains anything), I wrapped a little jar of sprinkles in a handkercheif and tied it to the end of a stick. Then I toted my little package around until I felt better and decided to come home. I still love sprinkles that much!

  10. Ask for jimmies around here and they look at you like you have two heads or something. Chocolate are the BEST!!!

  11. You lucky ducks!!! Enjoy! I am really surpised so many voted differently…I strive for the natural things! No Cool Whip for me…I like real whipping cream or nothing.
    Today is my birthday! I’ve divulged in plenty of sweet things so far, started the day off with Dove chocolates…thanks to my sweet husband.

  12. hello girl

    am an Omani girl! which means i love ur blog and read it every time u update it from the other half of the world!

    i tried to make the cupcake pops and i dont know why when i tried to melt the chocolate it was kinda creamy and when i dip the cupcake pop it doesnt give me the shape i want and it goes to thick !

    what should i do :/ help!

  13. Paige – That’s awesome. I hoped you grabbed some.

    Andrekabu – That gives me hope. thanks.

    Jamie – chocolate is good in any size.

    Katrina – cute!

    Isa – That’s so sweet!

  14. Congratulations to the lucky winners! And Bakerella, you’re so cool! I mean, besides the yummy recipes and the great pictures, sprinkles for free? You’re so going to heaven! Hahaha.

  15. They’ll always be sprinkles to me, Jimmies’ my nephew! ;)
    Your site is great fun.

  16. I’m a fan of sprinkles but it looks like I prefer “jimmies” – chocolate “jimmies” on vanilla frozen yogurt…Mmmmmm! They’re kind of hard to find here, though, without paying a boatload. I’ll have to try looking online.

  17. We have all-natural sprinkles here in England, but we have more colors. Fear not, I’m sure Mr. Sprinkles will be more colorful in the near future.

  18. I wanted to mention that I have never seen these sprinkles sold in any of the stores here in our area. This weekend we went on a float trip in the northern part of Arkansas and we had stopped in for some snacks and sandwiches at a mom and pop grocery store and as I’m walking down the ice cream goodies aisle i see them. MR. SPRINKLES. The originals in alll their glory! Thanks for the random moment in my weekend. I loved it!

  19. S'mee – I thought so too.

    puglyfeet – great! glad to have ya.

    Koselig koselig – sorry to tempt you.

    Joann & Nick – hope you do.

    Clarissa Lopez – thanks for the tip. I'll check that out for sure.

    Sienna – I'm a mess in the kitchen too

    Anonymous – I feel for you.

    Elizabeth – thanks

    Robyn – you always say the nicest things. I really appreciate it.

    GothamGal – glad you thought so.

    Tucker, Jess, and Brian – Wow. I've gotta meet the person your talking about.

    cakegirl20 – you're welcome

    Jeni M. – get going.

    snarflemarfle – that's me. crafty.

    Sandy – oooh I hope you get the pretty ones.

    Andrea – that's really sweet of you. Thanks for acknowledging the four extra miles.

  20. I have to put my vote in for the best baking site I’ve found – I just came on board yesterday in search of something creative for my very demanding 13 year old’s birthday today! I went via Martha’s video of the cupcake pops. How awesome, but I tried to rush through them and made a huge mess, so she had to settle for cupcake brownies with the melted chocolate for frosting and sprinkles, which weren’t too bad. Anyway, I’m in total agreement with the rest of your #1 fans – great photography, graphics, and oh so clever the way you put it all together with your own special personality. Thanks for going the extra 5 miles to be the best and then sharing it all with the world!

  21. Fun contest! I ordered Mr. Sprinkles from Amazon, thanks to you! I am sure my family will enjoy them as I will disperse them to my daughters and daughter-in-law! Thanks a ton!

  22. What a fun contest!

    And might I add that it appears that you are as good at design/digital photos as you are at baking! Quite the crafty woman, you are.

  23. just happened upon your blog today and can’t wait to start baking! Thank you!

  24. Congratulations winner’s! Thank you so much for the contest Bakerella! It was ton’s of fun!

  25. I’m telling you … every post you make is better than the last!! Your creativity is neverending. You just seem like such a cool person … an amazing baker, so camera-savvy, and great with a computer, too. Wow!! Keep the great posts coming! I love getting the email saying that there is a new post on your blog. :)

  26. Congrats to the winners! This was a really cool contest!

  27. Dear Bakerella,

    Your site just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I can just picture you with number-shaped cookie cutters and all those sprinkles, taking your photos and smiling all the time! Your cleverness never ceases to amaze me. First your amazing baking talents, then your phenomenal camera skills, and now your computer and graphic abilities….I am thinking Martha is starting to get a bit nervous! :) My prediction…BIG THINGS are yet to come for our sweet Bakerella and her many fabulous skills!

  28. I just love the numbers of sprinkles! :) I hope I win next time. Love your blog!!

  29. I buy my sprinkles at an independent spice store where I live (the good looking ones). When my son started school and I contributed to the school bake sales, I made beautiful cupcakes from scratch and piped the frosting with a pastry bag. Martha would have been proud. However, my creations were being ignored in favor of the ugly cupcakes with day-glow icing and sprinkles. Go figure. It was a hard learned lesson- all cupcakes must have sprinkles!

  30. I missed this contest, but I can go find some somewhere. My mom will surely agree to it as long as I clean up the disastorous (sp?) mess I make every time I walk into this kitchen; normally I’m trying to invent recipes and so on.

    I kinda do prefer both of the sprinkles mixed together. The purple adds a nice touch as you said. =] Look forward to your posts. x3

  31. : ( I didn’t win, your cupcakes are too cute. Just wanted to pass some information regarding these sprinkles…they sell some just like these at Walmart they are made by CAKEMATE and they are BRIGHT and COLORFUL 2 LB small pail container easy for dipping : ) they are $2.39.

  32. Even though I didn’t win, this was a really cute contest!

    And, I HAVE to get some of those sprinkles!! :-)

  33. This is not a smart page to visit when you try to diet hard !*lol* ;) I love your page and your baked stuff. Saw you on Martha too, how fun :)

  34. I regret missing this contest. I just subscribed to your blog via RSS so that I won’t ever miss a thing.

  35. Even though I didn’t win, I have to say this was really fun. Thanks!

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