People like Mr. Sprinkles

Okay, the comments have been counted (all 928 of them) and you guys really like your sprinkles. On cupcakes, ice cream and toast even. I think some of you would even forget the cake for a spoonful. So, when it comes to color, let’s see how things shake out.
I think the “eithers” have the right idea. I mixed the two together and they look pretty awesome with the purple added.

Note: The remaining 15% commented without casting a vote.

Most of you feel like I do – that sprinkles should be colorful. And – good for you – isn’t what you’re thinking about when you’re cramming a cupcake in your mouth. But I have to admit, this comment makes me think twice.


I can definitely deal with a little lack of color so all kids can have sprinkles on their cupcakes.

And who knows, maybe Mr. Sprinkles will decide to make both kinds and make us all happy. (please. please. please.)

Now for the winning numbers as selected by



Congratulations… the clowns are coming. Each of you will receive a set of All-Natural Rainbow & Chocolate Mr. Sprinkles!

Oh, and one more thing. A lot of you commented that they’re called jimmies in your area. We call them that here too. But I still think I’ll call these sprinkles. Take a look at the side-by-side. The jimmies look jumbo compared to these sweet little sprinkles. You can see why I like them for the pops. The size is much more proportional and they have a more delicate crunch, too.
jimmies for more info.

Okay, enough about sprinkles already.