Pop Star: Abi in Georgia


I tried my hand at the elmo ones for my nephew’s first birthday. Thanks for being so inspiring!” – Abi

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Abi in Georgia”

  1. My son is having his 2nd birthday party and i would love to make them for his birthday. Could you tell me how you made them there adorable. He will love them he would think i was the coolest mom ever if i could make them. Also making the bunny and chicks for easter so cute.

  2. WOW those are AMAZING!!!!! I know I am in middle school but I still LOVE ELMO! you can never become to old for that fuzzy, lovable little red guy! =)

  3. The eye’s have it! What great expressions. Well done.

  4. Abi- Such a cute design! Could you please tell me how you made them specifically? My neighbor is having her son’s 2nd birthday party and Elmo is his favorite character. I would love to make these for them. Please let me know how you did it! :)

  5. elmooooooo……….hes so furry you did a wonderful job his adorable eyes you nailed the whole thing congrats and thanks for showing them off !

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