Pop Star: Pamela in Washington


“I made snowball cake pops thanks to you.” – Pamela

And check out Pamela’s cute cupcake jewelry.

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Pamela in Washington”

  1. Hi Loretta–yes, that is course sugar. I bought it at Michael’s in the baking aisle. To get them to stick, make sure you sprinkle them as soon as you’re done dipping the cake pops! Otherwise it’ll harden too quickly and prevent the sprinkles from sticking. :)

  2. How cute! Is that course sugar you used? How did you get it to stick to the pop? I had some trouble getting sprinkles to stick.

  3. Sweetness! Pamela has many talents… I’m a proud owner of one of her gorgeous cupcake necklaces :) I totally want to make these snowball pops next winter. Great job, Pamela!

  4. Woohoo Pamela! She always is concocting something amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her jewelry!

  5. Aww, thank you Charlie and Miss Jonie! No, I didn’t serve them cold but that is a great idea!

  6. wow it looks like real snow BRRRRR! did you serve them cold !
    can just imagine a cold glass of milk with them love the snow flake label as well wonderful wonderful job…..and for the first comment dont wait till next winter for a excuse how fun to have a snow ball in the heat of the summer …that would be brillant !

  7. Super cute! I love these. I can’t wait for next winter so I can have an excuse to make these. Love it!

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