Pop Star: Alicia


“I wanted to send these pictures your way. I was playing around with the cake pops, an absolute favorite, and made these Snowman Cake Pops! I used a chocolate cake, and covered it with a almond bark that I flavored with Peppermint Oil. So they were a chocolate mint, delicious! I didn’t have a food pen, so I used chocolate bark to draw the face and buttons. They still turned out cute, but I think with the pen they will be really cute! :) I also used pull apart licorice for the scarf. I think using pretzel sticks for arms would be super cute too, but we had to travel with them and I knew that they wouldn’t survive. This was my first time making them but I was so excited that I wanted to share them with you!!! I will have to play with them a little more, but I hope you like them!!! (My daughter HAD to have the first bite of the snowman, she loved it!)” – Alicia

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