Pop Star: Alpha in Mexico


“Belle! For the girl in all of us.” – Alpha

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85 comments on “Pop Star: Alpha in Mexico”


  2. Hi love what you are doing and that you are genorouse and sharing with us! keep on the crativity!

  3. I was wondering if you are willing to share bells body topper? My email is please i will be very grateful

  4. Hola alpha

    Cosmo Estes

    I also live in Mexico in Baja. Could you please send me the picture as belle. I would be forever great fun
    Much as gracias y gran Transjo en septal lidos de la torta

  5. Hi, where can I get this pattern?

  6. Can you please email me the Bella and Rapunzel image my granddaughter is having Princess party these are her favorite. Thank you in advance

  7. Hello,

    Can you please send me the Disney template you have. I am in need of Belle for this weekend coming up. My email is Thanks

  8. Can you please send me bella, rapunzel and any other Disney princess templates that you have… My email is….thnx

  9. I love it! Nice pic! Can i ask for a template also…love it. Thanks. My email is

  10. GOTTA HAVE IT. Could I please have the template as well! And anything else you might find helpful!!!

  11. I love it! Nice pic! Can i ask for a template also…love love it. Thanks. My email is

  12. Hi Alpha did you ever get the Ariel template if so can you please email it to me .

    Thanks Stella

  13. I would love the repanzel/ bell & other Disney templates for cake pops, thank you so much

  14. Hi guys, it´s been long since I checked all your comments in this entry.
    Thank you for all your wonderful words. I´ll gladly share the templates I have with everyone.
    You can email me to and I will reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks again.
    Best regards.

  15. Can you Email me the pattern please

  16. Can you please send me the belle template thank you so much! This is very clever

  17. Hello!!! I absolutely love you belle cake pops!!! If you can email me the belle template i would very much appreciate it!!!!.
    Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  18. Hi Alpha would you happen to have Ariel template if so could you please sent it to me fro my grand daughter 5th birthday party .
    Thanks Stella

  19. Hello Alpha by any chance do you have Princess Sofia Template?
    My computer just broke down and I have An order for Princess Sofia Cake Pops Ill be more than happy if you can please help me out. Thank tou

  20. These are beautiful!! I’m doing a princess party for my granddaughter and she would love these, Could you please send me any princess templates that you have.

  21. Would anyone be able to send me any of the Disney Princess Templates as my daughter would love these for her birthday. Thanks Katie

  22. Can you send me the Rapunzel template? thank you!!

  23. Can someone that got the belle template send it to me please, greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  24. Can someone that got them from her please forward me the Belle template and any other disney princess characters template too? Thanks!

  25. Hi ALpha,

    Can you please send me the bella or any disney princess template? Thanks and love your design. yOu are so creative! My email is



  26. waouw just waouw! great idea!!!

  27. Hola que belleza de cake pops ojala y dieras un paso a paso felicidades y saludos


  29. Could you be so kind as to send me the template too please – thanks

  30. This amazing!! Could you send me the cake pop topper pattern for Belle as well! Thanks!!


  32. My daughter is turning 3 in October 2012 and it is a Rapunzel party. I came cross this sight and was blown away…. So adorable!!!! Can you send me info on how to do a Rapunzel cake pop. Thanks Tiffany Edwards

  33. you are sooooo talented.. can you please send me the belle and any other princess template you have… plllllleeeeasssseeee… and thank you! Diana

  34. Love these pops and I just sent you an email requesting a template if you do not mind. Thanks!

  35. Can you add one more to your many list of emails for any disney templates. Thank you!

  36. Hello have you came up with any other templates besides Rapunzel and belle

  37. Do you have Ariel?Would love to do ariel cake pops foe my granddaughters 2nd birthday. thank you

  38. Can you also send me the templates and other disney princesses that you might also have. Gracias

  39. Absoulutely Gorgeous!!! OHHHHHHHH….. I LOVE THIS!!!

  40. I have also e-mailed Alpha with no response. Can someone that got them from her forward me the Belle template? Thanks! :)

  41. Could you please send me your Belle and any other princess templates you have.

    Thanks so much!


  42. @Lisa I just sent you an e-mail
    @Anonymous What is your e-mail address?
    Any one else feel free to contact me at:

  43. I have tried e-mailing Alpha but not getting a reply so hoping someone else here that may have gotten them from her could forward them to me as well.
    Thanks in advance.

  44. Can someone please send me the Belle template? and any other princess templates? PLEASE? :)

  45. Oh wow!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas! My good friend has a princess party coming up soon, is there any way you could email me the cake pop princess toppers in as many of the princess you have I’m gonna make these and I know the girls are gonna love them!!!!!! I can’t wait to see your future ideas!!!!!

  46. Me too please…they look lovely!!! Perfect for any little or big girl!!!

  47. Can you please send me a copy of the template for the Belle cake pops? These are amazing and perfect for a princess party!


  48. I love these absolute fantastic.
    If you have belle, Cinderella and sleeping beauty would be awesome.

  49. I would love to have this belle pattern! I sent an email to but just in case, I’m also requesting it here. Thank you!!

  50. I mentioned above that i really liked what you made. You mentioned that you would send me the link to the template. I can’t seem to send you my email address. So here it is THANK you

  51. Belle cake pop patterns

    Alpha can you please send me the belle pattern as my daughter has already requested a belle birthday theme for her next birthday.

    Thanks in advance.

  52. Thanks again for your willingness to share your hard work with us! (I just sent you an email!)

    These look fabulous!

  53. Thank you for your requests and comments. It makes me humble I can inspire others. If you want/need the templates for rapunzel or belle, do send me an email to:
    with the subject : “rapunzel/belle template”.
    I´ll be happy to share
    Thank you.

  54. These are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do i get the Belle patterns? My granddaughter birthday is next month and she would LOVE these. I would really apprecate it . Thank you very much.

  55. I love these
    so much. You are so talented. Can you send me a template/patterns for belle , please. Thanks so much. My email address is

  56. Hi Alpha could you please send me your Rapunsel and Belle patterns, they are wonderful.

  57. Hi Alpha. I forgot to put my email address: Thank you.

  58. Hi Alpha. Can u also send me your rapunsel and belle template? What other characters do you have? Thank you!!

  59. Hi Alpha! fantastic work. Can you please send the belle and rapenzuel template to my email Excellent work…

  60. Hi! thank you, my email is

  61. Thank you!!!!! Alpha I already received the Belle and Rapunsel patterns. Thank you for been so kind and share your work with others, God Bless you. XOXO.

  62. Congratulations!!!! for your creativity, and your work, this cake pops are so beautiful.

  63. Hi guys, it´s me again.
    I sent you already the belle pattern.
    @Wendy if u sent me your email I´ll be happy to share the pattern with you.
    @Ray, I do not have Princess and the frog template, yet.
    @panspxie I have the rapunzel template. I´ll send it you you hoping I´m not to late.

    Thank you for your requests. It makes me humble I can inspire others. If you want/need the templates for rapunzel or belle, do send me an email to: with the subject “rapunzel/belle template”.
    Thank you.

  64. If possible do u have Princess in the frog template? they are beautiful

  65. My email is, Again, thank you for emailing the Belle cakepop topper.

  66. Please send me the Belle cakepop topper. Tank you so much!

  67. Oops here’s my e-mail: . Thank you!

  68. I would love to have the pattern too please ! Perfect for my daughters birthday !!!!

  69. My email is Thank youso much for the inspiration. I did Rapunzel’s tower for a friend birthday, but these would be easier!!

  70. These are wonderful. Inspiration for my daughters Tangled Birthday coming up. I think I could do Rapunzel using the same concept. Coudl you help me create a template?

  71. Belle cakepop pattern
    Hi Alpha, please can I have the pattern, my almost 3 year old is in loooove with Beauty and the beast. Thank you!
    Wendy (London, England)

  72. I would LOVE the pattern please! They are great!

  73. @Klaudia, I will gladly send the belle pattern :)

  74. hello I’m not sure how to send you an email! Can you please send me one with the belle character? my email is

  75. Oh my God. It´s me, Alpha. I just noticed that my Belle cakepops appeared on the pop star section. Thank you Bakerella! and thank you all for the wonderfull comments.
    And as Audrey described it, that was exactly the process.
    My niece requested “belle cakepops”, so I had to figure out a way to make them. I will gladly sent you the pattern I used for Belle. Sent me your e-mails with the subject “Belle cakepop pattern” :)

  76. On Google Images!

  77. I’m guessing she found them on google. I typed in Disney’s Belle and the same picture popped up. Just save them to your computer and print them out!

  78. These are also perfect for my daughter’s 2nd birthday with a princess theme. I would love to know where the Belles came from. I’m trying to google it, but not coming up with it….

  79. I know Wilton sells a package containing generic princess paper bodices to go on top of a cake pop “skirts”…so maybe they have come out with the Disney princess ones? That would be my first guess. If not, I would guess that it was a DIY thing where a computer savvy individual saved the Belle image, resized it to the correct proportion, printed it out with a high quality printer on card stock, and then seamlessly cut the figures out. I’m hoping that it is my first guess because if not, I’m envious of that DIY perfection! Great job regardless!

  80. OMG!! This is just what I need for my little girls birthday next month. Oh please please could you tell me where you got the belle body figure. Porfavor, Te lo agradeceria muchisimo!!!


  81. where did you find the bella pictures?

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