Pop Star: Monica


“I saw your book and had to have it. I made my first batch of cake pops Saturday night and fell in love! Thank you for this wonderful book! I wanted to share a pic of my second batch of cake pops…Boston Terriers! I had so much fun doing this. Everything besides the cake ball is marshmallow fondant. Thanks again! I have a new obsession:)” – Monica

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25 comments on “Pop Star: Monica”

  1. We had five Boston Terriers at one time. We only have two now. And a long hair chihuahua.

  2. Where did you get the mold?

  3. Love these so much! I posted on this picture like, 5 times ;)

  4. Soooooooo cute! Every time I see them, I think about my boston!!!!

  5. I have 3 Boston terriers love these!!!!!

  6. I will seriously order these!! Please contact me with a way that I can.

  7. OMG! I want to learn how to make these for our Boston Terrier Rescue Bake Sales and Auctions!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  8. 4th time looking! 2 CUTE!!!!!!!!

  9. Your boston terriers are so cute, its my 3rd time looking!

  10. Is there any way you would make 3 dozen of these for me? ane what woudl you charge? I would like to donate them to the Greater Atlanta boston terrier Specialty coming up next month.

  11. lookin, at your bostons again! just can’t get enough of them!!!

    SO COOL!!

  12. i’m going to try to make these for my friend who just adopted a boston for her birthday. Two questions, how did you attach the fondant snout to the chocolate and could i use regular fondant instead of making marshmallow fondant? Thanks!

  13. These little Boston Terriers are darling!

  14. I love those!!!!! I have a Boston too. I wish my mom could make them!! She says they are adorable

  15. My Boston Terriers made it as cake pops too! I looove the eyes on yours!!

  16. a good addition would be little cheek freckles for whiskers!

  17. LOVE these! We have two Bostons…i MUST make these sometime!!:D

  18. These are just wonderful!

  19. Thanks everyone! @ Aida- I painted the candy melt over the base of the fondant ears to blend them together. @Kristie – I don’t sell them. I’m just starting as an occasional hobby – but maybe someday! @ Ann Sage & Robyn: I dipped the entire cake ball in white candy melt. Then painted candy melt dyed black for the black fur. For the ears and snout/nose I used marshmallow fondant. The nose was just a ball I flattened out, then used a toothpick to create the mouth, and painted on a little black candy melt around the mouth. The ears were cone shapes that I just kind of flattened and folded onto itself. Hope that helps!

  20. OMG!LOVE these! I have two boston terriers and would LOVE to learn how you made these!

  21. That’s Your SECOND attempt?

  22. We LOVE our boston and I LOVE these, so do my kids. Any tips on making the nose, ears?

  23. I LOVE THESE!!!! YAY Boston Terriers :)

  24. Monica are you selling these? do you have an etsy site? they are awesome!

  25. Love these! How did you get the ears so perfect especially with the two colors?

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