Pop Star: Jennifer in Minnesota


“We are huge Bakerella fans, you are an inspiration to so many! Attached is a photo collage of some special cupcake pops I created for you to bring to your book signing, thought you might find them fun to see!” – Jennifer

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4 comments on “Pop Star: Jennifer in Minnesota”

  1. I love the little girls. I’m new to making cakepops. My grandson wants some for his birthday. Would you please give me a hint on how to make the hair on the girls so smooth. i’m having difficulty with the hair on my characters. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you Bakerella for posting our cupcake pops! I use a paper punch to make my fondant daisy flowers, the cupcake pop to the front left is the state of Minnesota with the rivers running through it and Welcome to Minnesota (it is acutally the state logo), these were made to welcome Bakerella to a book sigining in Minnesota

  3. Love it <3

  4. Wow ,those are awesome! I LOVE the little flowers on the girls! How did you make them?

    What’s that one in front to the left? The white pop with red deco???

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