Pop Star: Amanda in Pennsylvania


“I made these cake pops last spring for the school’s Spring Fling. Faced with a choice of green, yellow and white chocolate at the store… what to make that is “springy”. I came up with frogs, smiley faces and Hello Kitty. The markers I bought didn’t work on the chocolate so I made whiskers with jimmies and smiles with melted chocolate. I then went online and ordered the brand of markers you use for next time. Thanks for all of the inspiration.” – Amanda

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Amanda in Pennsylvania”

  1. What food markers do you use? How do you get the colored chocolate?

  2. i bake for fun, but my main question for miss bakerella is what food markers do you use to color on the cake pops, ect..i find that my wilton ones dont work, and they are brand new

  3. My son love the book Mr. Happy and wants to do his birthday theme around that character. These would be so perfect! I may add arms and legs.

  4. really cute. im a pennsy native too maybe we can exchange some ideas. keep me in mind feel free to email.

  5. These are really cute! I love the Kermit! Good job on these!

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