Pop Star: Kelly in Michigan


“Here are a couple pictures of some owl cake pops I made for my daughters third birthday. Hope you enjoy them!! I’m so excited for your book to come out! I was inspired by your cover sneak peek. :) She also has an owl from Build-a-Bear (that she very cleverly named “Owlie”) whom she sleeps with that is white speckled so that’s why I went the white chocolate route instead of milk chocolate. I used jumbo heart sprinkles cut in half for the wings, let me tell you…that was a pain cutting those in half!” – Kelly

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26 comments on “Pop Star: Kelly in Michigan”

  1. I’m in love with the owl cake pops! You are amazing!! I’m not a good baker but you have inspired me. I will try making them this week. Can you please suggest where I can find the eyes nose and feet? I have been looking and can’t find it. Thank you

  2. These are adorable. My sister is having her baby shower soon and her theme is owls. I would love to make these for her. Can you tell me how you made them. Too Cute!!

  3. I adore these owl pops! Thank you for including the instructions! I’m planning an Owl-themed baby shower for a dear friend (and fellow Michigan alum) in August. I think I have to make these….

  4. Kelly- Wonderful Job! I love the fact that you switched it up and did them in white! By the way I’ve actually used a pill cutter sometimes to cut sprinkles including the Heart ones so try that it may save you some aggravation! It works great!

  5. I’m totes making these for our Faculty Fiesta, but in red and yellow!
    Chi O love and mine <3

  6. Does anyone know what size off pre-made eyes to buy? I am making these for my sisters baby shower and would love some tips!! These are adorable!!

  7. These are sooo cute !!
    I have a birthday tomorrow from one of my friends and she like’s to bake to! and loveee’s such cute things.
    So i wanted to make them for her but how did you do the eyes ? and get the chocolate so smooth ?
    Kisses !

  8. We did similar “Hedwig” owls for my son’s Harry Potter birthday party. They were very popular!

  9. I just graduated in 2010 and I am a Chi O! I wish I knew about these before I graduated

  10. These are so so cute! Definitely have to make these.

  11. these pops are really way too cute to eat….!!!!!!!!!

  12. I was a chi o and that’s why i decided to go with an owl theme for my daughters 1st bday party!! these are tooo adorable!

  13. Wow, my high school mascot is an owl and these are just the most adorable things EVERRR!!! I will have to try making these for my best friend who happens to be a band nerd and super school spirity! (:
    Thank you so much for sharing!(:

  14. OMG I’m a Chi O too!!!! I am def. going to make some of these when our babies get initiated in January!!!

  15. Deborah B – my daughter is a Chi O also (my mother, sister, and I were Chi O’s as well so we are a big Chi O family)… I was thinking the same thing about these owl cake pops and thought it would be cute to make some yellow and red ones as well.

  16. I’ve never tried cake pops but I ran across this website and I’m totally hooked. I can’t wait to try this for my daughters school next week. Can you tell me, how do you put the ears on and then dip it in chocolate?? Wouldn’t they fall off while dipping?

  17. Gonna do these for our baby shower!! Going with an owl theme for the nursery and these are PERFECT!!

  18. These are just adorable! I want to make some now.

  19. Oh my goodness! My daughter’s cheer squad’s mascot is an owl! AND I am the spirit mom this year. I will definitley be making these! Thanks for the great idea!

  20. These are adorable! But how did you get them so smooth? My chocolate always cracks :(

  21. So cute! Owls have special meaning for me – will have to try these!!

  22. I love them! I am definitely making these pronto!

  23. Love these owl pops, so gorgeous

  24. Ashley – make the pops in round shapes, add white chocolate chips (like Bakerella uses in her Hello Kittys) for the ears, and dip in white chocolate. I used premade eyes (bought at the bakery supply) and glued them on with milk chocolate. The mouth is a yellow rainbow chip, and use yellow flower sprinkles for the feet. For the wings cut white jumbo hearts in half and glue on with white chocolate. You can do it!!

  25. Oh my gosh these are adorable!!! My daughter’s sorority’s mascot is an owl. I might make these for one of their functions. So cute. I love these.

  26. What a Hoot! They are adorable! Could you possibly make a tutorial? I really want to make these now!

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