Pop Star: Wendy in California

“You’ve inspired me again!  My twin daughters’ new soccer team is called “Blue Rampage”, so I made them some little blue she-devils and soccer balls for their first tournament. They loved the “Vikings” pops (their high school team) so much they gave me an award!  So thanks again for your great work that inspires me as a soccer mom and all your other Bakerella fans!” – Wendy

Great little video! – B

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Wendy in California”

  1. What did you use to make the tails and horns?! Super Cute!

  2. Too bad the music doesn’t play with this video…..”Devil with the Blue Dress On”. Apropos?

  3. Deborah – thanks for your kind words! Yes, I started with Wilton’s blue melts and added navy blue candy coloring. Good luck on your pops – and I hope to see them in Bakerella’s Pop Stars column!

    And thanks, Ms. June!

  4. Wendy – You should get “Super Star” status and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

  5. You rock Wendy! These are so great! Did you tint the coating for the faces or did you find blue melts this color? I have to make 150 (yes, 150) pops for this weekend, turquoise, lt. blue and brown. Oy. Wish me luck. But this are awesome!

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