Pop Star: Wendy in California


“My twin daughters are very serious soccer players on their high school team. Their school mascot is the Viking. They recently had their end of season party and asked me to make a “fun” dessert. So I decided to attempt lady Viking cake-pops. The girls were delighted with the results; I must say, its the first time they have stopped to admire treats before devouring them! The horns were made with cashews, the braids were made with candy laces, cookies and creme sprinkles for the fur around the hats (which were double-dipped into chocolate) and the rest of the deco’s are well known to you. Hope you get a chuckle out of these photos! Thanks for helping me make memories, Bakerella!” – Wendy

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14 comments on “Pop Star: Wendy in California”

  1. That would be very cool for my oldest daughter school!

  2. Wow. Very creative! Love the braids!!!! And the different faces! Totally cool.

  3. you are quite welcome.. i am also just a facebooker.. i posted on the bakerella page and she emailed me asking if i’d be interested in being a pop star, but it was about a month ago, so i didnt expect to make the cut lol.

    yes i have been to Cake Art (it is amaaaazing) it seriously has everything.. the first thing i bought when i made my first order of cake pops was the 1000pc package of cake pop sticks.. i was so excited. the next was candy melts..

    if you want to check out my page the url is!/pages/Marietta-GA/kfaye-bakery-n-cupcakery/118116997679?ref=ts

  4. wendy, these are amazing!! you did an awesome job. I tip my little viking hat to you. this is creativity at its best!! congrats on also being a pop star!!

  5. So cute! I love seeing what creative ideas people come up with. Great job!!!

  6. Congrats on the title of “Pop Star” you do an Awesome job with your cake pops I think you should post the ones you made for Seibert because they were the bomb!!!

  7. Awesome job! They are so cute! I can’t wait to see graduation pops. You’ve made a great transition …….. “Computer Star” turns “Cake Pop Star”

  8. You have done a fabulous job on these, from your very first cake-pop (birthday ones?), to your Easter creations. Always love to see what you’re up to and looking forward to next set…xoxo

  9. GO IHS VIKINGS! Love the little warrier pops! Love ya Pop Star Wendy!

  10. Wendy, you have outdone yourself!! These are amazing, you are so creative!! I wish I had your talent :)

  11. Super cute! Great job and very creative. You are inspiring me to get in the kitchen. =)

  12. Wow, these look wonderful! I know these were A LOT of work…braided hair and everything. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Super cute! I love how each one is different. Very inventive!

  14. the cashew horns are over the top ….lol
    so glade you shared I bet your name got put on the BRING TREATS list !

    the braids re so cute and how you did each one wit its own personality

    congrats on a fantastic job

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