Pop Star: Tiffany in Canada


“I am a self taught amateur cake decorator living in Alberta Canada. My Aunt introduced me to your website and I fell in love with Cake pops. I have made a couple different ones now, but I thought this Christmas I would try and come up with my own design. So I made snowmen. I just noticed that you have added Snowmen now to your site, but I still wanted to share my take on the snowman cake pop! Enjoy!” – Tiffany

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8 comments on “Pop Star: Tiffany in Canada”

  1. I would love to have the directions to these cake pops. Very cute. I love snowmen of any kinds.


  2. I would love to have the directions to these cake pops. Very cute.

  3. Hey all…I don’t know for sure but it looks like the nose is an orange chocolate covered sunflower seed! Not sure about the hats but I would use a mini oreo (one side of course) with a mini marshmallow on top dipped in chocolate:-) Hope it helps!

  4. How adorable!!!MLM London,Ontario,Canada

  5. i really wanna know what you used fo the nose! :D SOOOOOOOO adorable!

  6. These are very cute!! What did you use for the nose?

  7. What did you use for the hats and nose? SO cute!

  8. the carrot nose is sooooooooo cute and your hats are wonderful I wouldnt be calling you a amateur if this is the result I am glade you shared cuz no one should ever stop making snow man !!!!

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