Not cake, but ice.

Two weekends ago when I spent the afternoon judging for Hands On Atlanta, we all had a special treat. During the event, the King of Pops was on site selling his handcrafted popsicles. Usually he’s pushing his cute cart around the streets of Atlanta, but instead he was kicking it inside with us for the event. I was super-excited because I had already heard his story a few weeks before when a friend ran into him at the local farmer’s market. He was buying gobs of strawberries. So many, it prompted her to ask what the heck he was going to do with all of them. Then he handed her his card in the shape of a popsicle. Turns out he’s the King of Pops.

When she told me about meeting him, I decided I was going to track down his cart one day to try some of his icey pops. Luckily, that Saturday, all I had to do was turn around and there he was.


Say Hi. This is Steven. The King of Pops.


Follow him on Twitter if you’re in Atlanta and you can keep up with his flavors and where he’ll be next. He was also featured just yesterday on CNN. Check him out here.


I had the Blackberry Mojito – YUM – but I’m still hitting myself for not trying the Chocolate Sea Salt, too.


You know, I think the only kind I’ve ever made myself are the ones you buy at the grocery store. You know the flavored water kind in those long plastic tubes.

Yeah, those.

So, I decided I wanted to make my own handcrafted popsicles with real fruit.


I just used some paper candy cups I had on hand and wooden popsicle sticks to play with.


It’s really easy to make your own.

Pick a fruit. 2 cups strawberries in this case. Hull and half them.

Throw them in a food processor with 1 Tablespoon super fine sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Then blend it all together until completely smooth.

Pour and freeze.


These were layered with yogurt in between the strawberry. They were pretty tasty and the perfect size for me.


The recipe came from the book, Ice Pops which has tons more treats like these.


And because Steven can’t show up to everyone’s house with his cart filled with handcrafted popsicles, here’s a chance to win your own Quick Popsicle Maker for fast freezing fun…

…along with the book, too.


Enter for a chance to win:
Zoku Quick Popsicle Maker and Ice Pops book

Just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite fruit flavor.

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, July, 6th at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner Announced Below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

P.S. Giveaway purchased and sponsored by me, but you can find the book and Zoku pop maker at Williams-Sonoma.

Good luck and stay cool!

And the winner is… #4035. Congrats Marta. You get the Ice Pops book and Zoku Pop Maker. Now you can make your own Raspberry Lime Pops.


Next… I had a treat in my inbox today. Statistician Don… you know Pioneer Woman’s Statistician Don? The numbers guy?

Well, his wife told him about the giveaway I was having and he took time out to pull together these numbers for me. Then I made a little bar chart for you guys from all his hard work. Check out your favorite fruits.

Thanks Don! You’re the sweetest.


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6,591 comments on “Pops”

  1. Strawberry is the fav at our house – thanks!

  2. I love coconut. When I was a child we were members at a local sports club. In the snack bar they had the best fruit pops with coconut being the best of them all! Such a summer time smell coconut and sun tan lotion……

  3. What a perfect giveaway for summertime. My favorite is strawberry. THANKS!

  4. My favorite is passionfruit. No contest.

  5. ooooh has to be a strawberry split, do you have those in the US? are they the same as creamsickles?

    Ice cream covered in Strawberry ice and they’re deeeeelicious.

    Either that or orange flavoured.


  6. Anything with stone fruit!

  7. It depends on the season. I just happen to have some blueberries & watermelon in my fridge right now… And some Greek yogurt… hmmmm….

  8. My favorite fruit is strawberry. Your popsicles are so cute! I’m going to have to make some with my kids soon.

  9. Love Cherry!!

  10. There is nothing better than a strawberry popsicle.
    But I’m still kinda partial to the Kool-Aid popsicles my mom would make back in the day. :)

  11. Pink lemonade is my all time favourite kind of popsicle!

  12. Oh my! My children will love these…can’t wait to try them.

  13. I gotta go with mango, pure and simple :) That chocolate sea salt flavor does sound intriguing

  14. all kinds of berries and cherries

  15. Hmmm, pops! We love cherry!

  16. definitely strawberry :o) but mango pineapple would take a close second :o)

  17. All fruits! Well, except for grapefruit. Okay, maybe grapefruit too with lotsa sugar and a cherry on top!

  18. This is awesome! I just happen to have a 4-yr-old popsicle addict at home. How cool would it be to make our own? Thanks for sharing the inspiration and the chance to win!

  19. My favorite fruit is banana… anything banana and I’m game!

  20. YUMMY!!!!! Pick me pick ME!!!!!

  21. Peach is my favorite! Those look so good!

  22. mmmm….those look delish! my favorite fruit flavor is strawberry! it never gets old!!

  23. Oooh my fave flavour has to be raspberry and passion fruit!!

    I love the things yoy find us bakerella! Wish we had a cute popsicle man here in england!

  24. Oh, this brings back memories – my grandma used to make “pudding pops” for us, essentially frozen pudding – we LOVED going to grandma’s and having her mid-afternoon treats, especially pudding pops! I would love to try layered chocolate raspberry – my two favourite flavours!

  25. I love strawberry banana!

  26. Orange Cream Pops!!

  27. Has to be pineapple. Makes the best juice!

  28. Mmmm, Strawberries! I’ve been making my own yogurt lately and this will be a perfect use of it. Lots of summer fun!

  29. My 9 yr old would freak out and go crazy making new fun flavors if I won this….how about guava or muscadine…..

  30. Mango, definitely!

  31. Raspberries, yum!

  32. mmmmmmmango!

  33. MMMM! I’d love to enjoy a raspberry pop!

  34. Lemon – Lime – and I would have gone for the choco sea salt :)

  35. Peaches! No – raspberries. No – peaches…. ohhhh, don’t make me decide! Fresh mango is really delicious, too. And with Greek yoghurt (wiping off chin).

    Yum, I didn’ know there was such a thing as a popsicle maker.

  36. blueberry & strawberry

  37. Strawberry for sure!! It’s kind of a toss up between banana and strawberry, well… and bluberry and cherry and rasberry. But, in the end strawberry definity wins!!!!!


  39. I scream ICE CREAM for ice cream!! Thanks Bakerella. I needed some more fun summer ideas for my family. :D

  40. Pineapple is my absolute favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  41. Melon with lime zest and mint!

  42. It’s a tie between Rainier cherries and watermelon. Wait, there are nectarines too. Oh my, I can’t forget about strawberries. Ack and pineapple! It’s so hard to choose. Can I vote for fruit salad?

  43. Strawberry is my favorite, although that Pineapple Habenero sounds delicious!

  44. My favorite flavor….lime! This kit looks so fun!

  45. it has to be classic lemonade… so refreshing! x

  46. I absolutely love anything with mango. Mango makes my mouth taste like summer. <3

  47. Tangerine! Yum!

  48. Hm, raspberry. Especially raspberry + chocolate!

  49. I’m a huge fruit fan, so it’s hard to pick my favorite fruit flavor, but strawberry is always classic and delicious.

    I’ve really been wanting to try to make popsicles lately and these look great!

  50. Strawberry and Banana together is SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    I’d LOVE to learn to make my own Popsicles!!!!! I have 4 kids, and we’ve just tried yesterday to make some with jello, but they wouldn’t come out of the the container.. : (

  51. I want to try them all!!! Chocolate sea salt? You’re killing me here…

  52. passion fruit!

  53. I love pears.

  54. Strawberry :)

  55. Love strawberry or strawberry-banana. These are too cool!

  56. Yum on a stcik

  57. Oh I want this SOOO BAD! I was looking at this for my birthday…but I ended up getting an espresso machine instead. I am obsessed with lemon!!!!!!

  58. sign me up! that sounds amazing right about now! yuuuumm!

  59. Coconut! Coconut + Fruit is also a favorite :-)

  60. Hmmm. Strawberry! oh wait then theres Raspberry. ooo and pineapple. can’t forget about mango. and lemon, lime, watermelon, cherry………………………..

  61. mango…delicious!

  62. Watermelon, that’s my favorite!

  63. Have to try this! I love ALL things lemon!

  64. Cherry!

  65. Well, my favorite is Strawberry Rhubarb…it tastes just like jam…..yummy!!!!!

  66. Strawberry is my favorite….hands down.

  67. I want a Zoku soooo bad! First, I’d make something fruity, followed by some chocolate pudding pops :)

  68. Raspberry! Yum yum!

  69. Talk about delish! Lemon sounds really really good right now…and very summery!

  70. Blueberry is tops followed by a good pina colada!

  71. Strawberry!

  72. Oh My Goodless those look amazing!!!

    I love anything Pineapple!!

  73. whoops, I forgot a flavor… my favorite would be like a mango-yogurt. I’ve never had it before, but I imagine I could make it! :)

  74. You are a domestic goddess…love the ideas!

  75. Lemon! These look great!

  76. I love cherry, but my favorite popsicle is orange creamsicle.

  77. I love Strawberry- I know my girls would love to make their own ice pops

  78. I saw this book at the mall – would love to try it out! I LOVE anything with berry or lime!

  79. I am addicted to peach/mango. Those look amazing!

  80. I’d love a strawberry lemonade popsicle right now!

  81. I must have this!!!!!!!!!!! I would make peach, and strawberry, and watermelon and………and……..a lot more.

  82. My favorite would be a strawberry banana mix.

  83. Strawberry is the best!

  84. How can we choose that?!?! :) I guess I’ll have to go with strawberry… for today.

  85. Definitely lemon, especially when it’s only barely sweet.

  86. I’d have to say my favorite fruit flavor for a popsicle is coconut. Some thing about that cool creamy yet still frozen pop taste.

  87. W A T E R M E L O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Cherry for sure! YUM!! Now I’m craving ice cream!

  89. My sister brought back ice pop molds for me from Switzerland, and so far I’ve made a ton of flavours: papaya smoothie, Yakult, beer, Diet coke, mung bean soup layered with brown sugar and milk, milk, and I think I need to think up some more. My favourite was the yakult, though. :D


  90. Coconut or mango! YUM!

  91. I’m a strawberry girl, all the way. Those look delish!

  92. Bing cherries

  93. Strawberry lemonade!

  94. Ooops, forgot to add my flavor…. definitely watermelon!!

  95. yum! Perfect today since it’s supposed to be about 100 degrees!

  96. OMG, those look so good! I’d love to win!

  97. My favourite is a mix berry..strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. Must say some of the flavours on the King of pops look very interesting.

  98. Watermelon!

  99. Lemon! Love it!

  100. peaches n cream or strawberries and cream yum!

  101. cherry, definitely cherry. throwing in some chocolate never hurts either!

  102. Strawberry kiwi is my favourite popsicle flavour, but that chocolate sea salt pop sounds divine!

  103. I’m a sucker for a good lemon popsicle. Pineapple is another huge fave!! :)

  104. mixed berry, yum!

  105. Definitely Orange Creamsicle/Dreamsicle whatever you call them…I’m so bummed the Ice Cream truck never comes to our neighborhood anymore :(

  106. Watermelon or root beer. Depends on my mood.

  107. strawberry. very cool giveaway!

  108. Is a toss up for me between lemon or raspberry, I really can’t choose between the two :P

  109. Ooh I love this. My favorite is probably raspberry. Thanks for the give away!

  110. Ooh! Everything cherry for me! This would be so much fun!

  111. Those look tasty. My favorite fruit flavor is probably raspberry. But I’m likely to change my mind tommorow.

  112. Mango, mango, mango!!!! Mmm, mango and yogurt flavor would be like a mango lasse (sp?). Yum.

  113. This looks great, I would say my fav is watermelon. :)

  114. My favorite fruit flavor is anything citrus–lemon, lime, or grapefruit. So refreshing!

    And boy, is that King of Pops a cutie!

  115. Orange! oh creamsicles :] they would be so much fun to make!

  116. I made plum & banana ones the other day – soooo good

  117. My husband loves fruit pops (ANY flavor!) and would be in heaven if I won this… of course I would then be spending all my time making him Pops LOL!

  118. I was just checking that popsicle maker out at WIlliams & Sonoma. Count me in!
    I am a big fan of lime popsicles, and rootbeer.

  119. Strawberry/Kiwi!!!

  120. This looks amazzzzing! Much love to Bakerella!

  121. Lemon! How fun!

  122. Just this weekend I made cantaloupe popsicles. I just pulverized cantaloupe and mixed with vanilla yogurt. Incredible yummy and a great texture.

  123. My favorite would be a toss up between Raspberries and Strawberries…combined they would be a very tasty treat! : )

  124. Blueberries! thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Mango! With lime! Yum!

  126. That Zoku machine is so cool! I love the striped popsicles! For my favorite, though, I’d have to say lemon.

  127. I’m going to have to go with orange!

  128. Mango, definitely.

  129. Strawberry!!!! But really any fruit sounds sooo yummy!! What an awesome prize!! LOVE it. Good luck to everyone

  130. strawberry, watermelon, peach. They all sound good.

  131. I know my daughter would go crazy over any popsicle that is in the shade of pink. ;D

  132. Sooo beautiful! Lemon, anyway! :)

  133. I love Strawberry Lemonade anything!

  134. I love raspberry and lemonade flavors swirled together. mmmmm

  135. I have been eyeing this at Williams and Sonoma since I walked by their store last month. I love watermelon popsicles. YUM!!!

  136. Mango is my all time fav and this looks like so much fun!

  137. I love mango!! But real mango, not syrup or extract or anything… I looove the real deal!!!

  138. Any berry combinations!

  139. blackberry – yum!

  140. LOVE all of the popsicle stores and carts popping up now! Loco Pops is popular in Raleigh/Durham and I just saw them featured in an article! We enjoyed Luna Pops in Wilmington this past weekend.

    I love ANY fruit flavor pretty much, i may be partial to peach or strawberry!

  141. Green apple, yum!

  142. Pineapple! Also, a tip I learned but haven’t tried yet… add some gelatin to your pop mix and it’ll make it slow melt. Great for super hot days and little kids!

  143. Chocolate pudding!

  144. These look awesome. Strawberry would be awesome. I wonder if banana would be delicious too …

  145. My girls and I love to make popsicles in the summer time. I even found molds that look like ring pops! Orange is my most favorite…so refreshing on those hot summer days!

  146. Oh! This is a prize I *really* want to win!

  147. Raspberry–the kind with a tang to it.

  148. Raspberrry/Lime!

  149. Lemon lime for the summer to cool off!!!!

  150. My fav is totally, completely, whole-heartedly GRAPE!!

  151. My favorite is raspberry, would love to win this my boys would love it for me to make them popsicles.

  152. Peaches and cream, or strawberry rhubarb. Yum.

  153. I love peaches! Wonder how they would taste as a popsicle…

  154. When I was little we had a lot of family and friend get togethers at my house. My mom would make pops for kids and pops for adults. Ours were made with orange juice, lemonade and sweet tea. Now that I am an adult I get to eat the adult ones, orange juice, lemonade, sweet tea and bourbon! There are perks to getting older!

  155. i would say.. lemonade. that’s a fruit flavor right?

  156. Strawberry. No question!
    And this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!

  157. I would have to say…Mango, but I like almost all of them!

  158. Pineapple is my favorite, but I love a good mix of flavors!

  159. Yea! What a fun giveaway. Strawberry is my favorite – it’s the flavor of summer!

  160. Favorite fruit flavor? WHY ARE WE SAYING THAT FRUIT IS THE ONLY POSSIBILITY? Um, HELLO, salted chocolate?!

    Alright, fine: chocolate-covered strawberry. :)

  161. Any fruit… how about berries?

  162. Strawberry

  163. Hands down…pineapple.

  164. Orange! no, wait… strawberry! It’s a tough choice.

  165. Strawberry-kiwi!

  166. Watermelon. Like the Jolly Ranchers. Mmmm.

  167. mmmmm…now I’m craving that strawberry pop!! Strawberry will almost top all flavors in any form!

  168. What a cutie! Bet he charms the ladies into buying more pops. They look delicious. My favorite for a hot day is lemon ginger w/ vanilla yogurt. So refreshing.

  169. Lemon! Or maybe grapefruit. Perhaps any citrus…

  170. hum…. I think my two favorite flavors are strawberry and watermelon.

    Thanks for sponsoring such a yummy give away. :)

  171. favorite? depends on the day, but I love raspberry :)

  172. Strawberry. . . or raspberry. . . or blackberry. . .

  173. i would make lemonade w/ chunks of fresh strawberries popsicles!

  174. Cherry! My kids see the Zoku popsicle maker in the Williams Sonoma catalogs and beg for it!

  175. oh my husband would cry tears of joy if i won.

  176. i LOVE popsicles! i’ve never thought of making my own though. but those raspberry lime ones sound divine! definitely something i want to try!

  177. OH yummY! My favorite would be real fruit strawberry. Sigh…

  178. You have no idea how long I havebeen longing at this set at the store!! I love lemon!

  179. Strawberry!

  180. oh , favorite flavor…Peach!

  181. My favourite flavour? Dark cherry, probably layered with greek yoghurt… or strawberry and rhubarb in layers, yum!

    Will be trying these this weekend… thank you for the inspiration!


  182. Strawberry!

  183. I was just looking at this machine at Williams Sonoma…so cool!

  184. Raspberry! yummy!

  185. Cantaloupe is my favorite by far – that would make an awesome popsicle!

  186. pineapple is totally my favorite!

  187. Strawberry! I have been dying to make my own popsicles for weeks now!

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