Not cake, but ice.

Two weekends ago when I spent the afternoon judging for Hands On Atlanta, we all had a special treat. During the event, the King of Pops was on site selling his handcrafted popsicles. Usually he’s pushing his cute cart around the streets of Atlanta, but instead he was kicking it inside with us for the event. I was super-excited because I had already heard his story a few weeks before when a friend ran into him at the local farmer’s market. He was buying gobs of strawberries. So many, it prompted her to ask what the heck he was going to do with all of them. Then he handed her his card in the shape of a popsicle. Turns out he’s the King of Pops.

When she told me about meeting him, I decided I was going to track down his cart one day to try some of his icey pops. Luckily, that Saturday, all I had to do was turn around and there he was.


Say Hi. This is Steven. The King of Pops.


Follow him on Twitter if you’re in Atlanta and you can keep up with his flavors and where he’ll be next. He was also featured just yesterday on CNN. Check him out here.


I had the Blackberry Mojito – YUM – but I’m still hitting myself for not trying the Chocolate Sea Salt, too.


You know, I think the only kind I’ve ever made myself are the ones you buy at the grocery store. You know the flavored water kind in those long plastic tubes.

Yeah, those.

So, I decided I wanted to make my own handcrafted popsicles with real fruit.


I just used some paper candy cups I had on hand and wooden popsicle sticks to play with.


It’s really easy to make your own.

Pick a fruit. 2 cups strawberries in this case. Hull and half them.

Throw them in a food processor with 1 Tablespoon super fine sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Then blend it all together until completely smooth.

Pour and freeze.


These were layered with yogurt in between the strawberry. They were pretty tasty and the perfect size for me.


The recipe came from the book, Ice Pops which has tons more treats like these.


And because Steven can’t show up to everyone’s house with his cart filled with handcrafted popsicles, here’s a chance to win your own Quick Popsicle Maker for fast freezing fun…

…along with the book, too.


Enter for a chance to win:
Zoku Quick Popsicle Maker and Ice Pops book

Just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite fruit flavor.

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, July, 6th at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner Announced Below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

P.S. Giveaway purchased and sponsored by me, but you can find the book and Zoku pop maker at Williams-Sonoma.

Good luck and stay cool!

And the winner is… #4035. Congrats Marta. You get the Ice Pops book and Zoku Pop Maker. Now you can make your own Raspberry Lime Pops.


Next… I had a treat in my inbox today. Statistician Don… you know Pioneer Woman’s Statistician Don? The numbers guy?

Well, his wife told him about the giveaway I was having and he took time out to pull together these numbers for me. Then I made a little bar chart for you guys from all his hard work. Check out your favorite fruits.

Thanks Don! You’re the sweetest.


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6,591 comments on “Pops”

  1. I absolutely love mango!

  2. Blackberry!!! YUM!!!
    You’ve inspired me to get in the kitchen with my kids and make some YUMMY memories!!!

  3. Those look so yummy and refreshing! Strawberry is definitely my go-to choice for fruit flavors. Yummmm!

  4. Yum…dark sweet bing cherry!

  5. I my favorite fruit flavor combo is strawberry, banana, and coconut. Yum! :)

  6. Now these pops I like! Such sophisticated flavors! Unique foods like that (and cake pops, of course!) are what make food fun! I wish everyone got this excited about food! :)

  7. I LOVE banana flavoured anything.

  8. the last couple of years i’ve been in love with passion fruit. The sweet/tart is great and would be perfect in an ice pop.

  9. Strawberry-Rhubarb with a little mint

  10. it’s a toss up between strawberry and pineapple…or maybe just put them together! :)

  11. Does ‘blackberry mojito’ count as a fruit flavor? ‘Cuz that sounds amazing. :-D

  12. Strawberry… followed closely by creamsicle!

  13. strawberry, yum

  14. I’d love to see a Taro Popsicle. I love Taro flavor things.

  15. Hmm… to pick one flavor is tough. Maybe strawberry or watermelon? Ooh maybe both!

  16. probably strawberry…

  17. Yum! I tend to go for watermelon, peach and raspberry. But there isn’t a fruit I don’t like! My kids would so LOVE this! How fun!

  18. I love, love, love passionfruit! Throw in a little pineapple and mango and you’ve got one dangerously good popsicle!

  19. ooo I would love to make some yummy popsicles.

  20. My favorite fruit is pineapple!

  21. Strawberry banana. Yum! :)

  22. MMMMMMM Pineapple coconut, or mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Orange! or lemon… I like citrus anyway :)

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut from Whole Foods!

  25. This would be a fabulous thing to have for the summer (as well as any other season)!! I really do enjoy a straight up raspberry popsicle, though a creamsicle is always delicious too!

  26. Watermelon of course :)

  27. strawberry… and I wanna win! ;-)

  28. My favorite flavor is any type or combination of berry. Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry. Mmmm.

  29. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I’d love to make a fudge-icle-cheesecake version!!!

  30. Strawberry!!

  31. Strawberry is the very best!

  32. Peach is my fav.

  33. Love it! So many possibilities and this is something I can actually do!

  34. Mmm. My favorite is Passion Fruit! I’d probably pair it with Raspberry too :)

  35. Mango is one of my absolute favorites.

  36. Cherry

  37. Blueberry!

  38. Peaches are my favourite! Particularly Georgia Peaches when they’re in season. I’m from Toronto, Canada, but we drive through Georgia occasionally on the way to Florida… a roadside stand with fresh peaches is one of my absolute favourite things in life!

  39. I love lemon best.

  40. Watermelon!!!!
    OMG! these are awesome!
    Perfect treat for summer!

  41. dreamsicle!!!

  42. I love to combine strawberry and canteloupe, the two flavors really compliment each other well, and the color combination is also great!

  43. Finding a good banana & chocolate combo recipe would be ideal! Would look good too if it were layered! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Ohhh delicious!
    My faveorite fruit flavour is strawberry, hands down.

  45. I’m thinking strawberry is my favorite! These look so tasty!

  46. Strawberry and lime!!!

  47. I love strawberries and watermelon. I’ve been eyeing that Popsicle maker at William Sonoma.

  48. Strawberry…but I love them with orange, banana and pineapple. Sounds like a good ice pop to me!!!

  49. Oh my! I love this post!!! I have to say tangerine or orange is my fave but I can be swayed :)

  50. Raspberry is my favorite!

  51. Strawberry!! This ia an awesome idea thanks:).. gettin ready to do my 3yr old daughters bday party in few weeks just the right size for lil ones.. Besides she loves popsicles we could have fun makin all those different popsicles!!!! Thanks again:)

  52. Orange and cream. So yummy.

  53. Dreamsicle!

    Or plain old fresh lemon, gives the taste of frozen lemonade!

  54. I tend to stick to classics – STRAWBERRY!!! :o)

  55. wow, never heard of this book before, it looks amazing!

  56. Definitely creamsicle! Yumm! Wish I had some in the freezer right now.

  57. Cherry screams and taste just like summer! : )

  58. Either Strawberry, Blueberry, or Raspberry. YUM!!!

  59. Mmmm Lemon!!! So refreshing!

  60. Strawberry for sure!

  61. Strawberry Coconut all the way!! Maybe with some pineapple for a pina colada twist…

  62. Strawberry! I haven’t made my own popsicles in years!

  63. Strawberry Banana!

  64. oops forgot my email

  65. Peach! The Georgia peaches have been delicious this year.

  66. Blueberry

  67. Mango is always a favorite. Next to that is coconut red bean. YUM!

  68. Peach. Or raspberry. Or peachraspberry. I would love to make some popsicles with this! =]

  69. My faves are lime pops.

  70. What a fantastic idea!! My favorite fruit flavor is coconut!!!

  71. I really like root beer ice pops…

  72. orange! and those look delicious!!

  73. Nothing says summer to me like a lime floavoured popsicle. I like to make homemade posicles for my children using fruit juice and gelatin. They don’t freeze as hard; making them easier for little ones to eat!

  74. Raspberry!

  75. …Ooooo, Miss Bakerella you’ve really hit a sweet spot with me! I love popsicles and how cute is that King of Pops?! I love that! :o)

    …Mine would be Watermelon – yum!

    …Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings too… :o)

  76. Woops! I mean Strawberry! :)

  77. Strawberries and bananas are probably my favorite, though I can imagine all kinds of options for frozen fruit pops….peach, watermelon, even coconut and pineapple! Yum!

  78. Banana is my favorite flavor and have only ever made chocolate covered bananas as a frozen fruit dessert.

  79. WOW! Fave flave is definitely raspberry! Oh how fun these would be to make!

  80. Kiwi :)
    If you are ever in Nashville, you have to check out Las Paletas (… by far some of the best (and most unique..they have flavors like rose petals and chocolate w/ hot peppers) popsicles I have ever had.

  81. My absolute favorite is pineapple, with strawberry coming in 2nd. And I mean real strawberry, not strawberry flavor (artificial strawberry flavor is just gross).

  82. Dragonfruit and blackberry!

  83. My fave would have to be strawberry or root beer!

  84. Strawberry!! Though peach is a close second!!

  85. Yummm! Those pops look amazing. I have a hard time picking a favorite fruit, but right now I’m eating blueberries like crazy.

  86. Lemon. Ever since I can remember I’ve craved lemony things. Even eating lemon slices!

  87. Strawberry….

  88. My favourite is anything berry! Rasberry tops it all though! Great giveaway…

  89. My favorite would be chocolate followed close\ly by raspberry and strawberry.

  90. Strawberry!

    This is such a fun giveaway!

  91. I love Vanilla and Watermelon…it’s just the write temperature for some in California, I might have to try and make some now!

  92. Stawberry!

  93. I love BERRIES!

  94. Yum!!! Mixed berry is my all time favorite. But lemon is mighty fine too!

    kelly heet at aol dot com

  95. I think that a pomegranate peach would be oh so yummy! Thank u bakerella for the giveaway!

  96. I think it’s a tie between blueberry and watermelon for me!

  97. My favorite flavor is strawberry.

  98. Blue berry. They sound so healthy.

  99. Doesn’t get any better than strawberry!!

  100. My favorite is always the orange flavored pops!!!

  101. My favorite flavor? Peach

  102. Man, it’s hard to pick just one favorite fruit, but I think cherry nudges out all the others.

  103. watermelon!

  104. My favorite fruit flavor is either just plain ol’ raspberry, blueberry and lemon, or orange and ginger… I can’t decide!

  105. Raspberry! Yum!

  106. Totally Mango Raspberry!!!

  107. Watermelon!!!! My daughter and I are allll about watermelon in the summer. How refreshing would *that* be?? YUM!!!

  108. My favourite fruit has to be strawberry mango…or maybe that’s considered 2 fruits!

  109. Oh my how cute are these! My favorite flavor would have to be mango, no wait…strawberry, mmmm together is good! hehe

  110. Haven’t met a fruit I don’t like, but my favorite is probably mango…yum!

  111. I love strawberry! I’ve been saving my yogurt cups for the last few weeks to use for making popsicles.

  112. COCONUT! Wait, does that count?

  113. Always loved pineapple!

  114. Blackberry!!!!! Mmmmm….that Blackberry pop sure looked good!

  115. What a wonderful summer giveaway. My favorite would have to be watermelon. Yummy…

  116. I love pineapple anything :) That or REAL lemon…yum!

  117. I love pineapple flavored pops!!!

  118. love any ice that tastes like COCKTAILS…! :) pina colada, frozen marguarita… jummie!!!

  119. Coconut! Can’t beat a taste of the tropics when you want to cool down and relax!

  120. GRAPE :D hmm or strawberry? or cherry? chocolate? OR JUST EVERYTHING :D

  121. Oooh, my favorite is probably banana with a bit of coconut milk added in!

  122. looks like a fun thing to make with the Grands!!

  123. Sooo great!

    My fav is also a mix berry … especialy black mulberry and blackberry team is my favourite this summer.

    I really love your giveaways. Your taste is great!

  124. I always go for strawberry flavors but i have been on a lemon kick lately. oohh… strawberry lemonade pops yum…

  125. Strawberry or coconut :)

  126. Raspberry popsicles are the best!!

  127. mango! or creamsicle. or blackberry. or raspberry. also lime. and strawberry. ok – i guess i like them all!

  128. Strawberry lemonade!

  129. mango!

  130. My favourite fruit flavor is a tie between orange and strawberry. I would love to try crazier combinations, though. I feel like I’m missing out what with all the mango, plum and blueberry I’m hearing about now!

    If I won this, I’d have to try out all these new flavors and find out what my new favourite would be :D

  131. I think a lemon-berry (lemon & strawberry, raspberry) popsicle would be DEVINE! WOO HOO!

  132. Watermelon means summer to me!

  133. Watermelon! Or strawberry! Or cherry! Can’t pick one! My mom used to make us popsicles when I was a kid with Tupperware molds…yummm :)

  134. Mango. Some mango popsicles would make 90 degree days much more bearable!

  135. Peach!! I’m slightly obsessed…peach soda, peach sorbet, peach icecream, just peaches! The BEST flavor for summer!

  136. Strawberry is definitely my favorite flavor! Yumm!

  137. My favorite is tangerine. Followed closely by grapefruit.

  138. Oh my! With all the wonderful fresh fruits that are in season. Oh the possibilities are endless! Blue berry, strawberry, PEACH! Oh, oh, OH!

  139. raspberry lime sounds divine! I also love a good coconut Popsicle!

  140. What fun! Mine is cherry :)

  141. Passion fruit is my favorite – wouldn’t it be interesting to try a popsicle in that flavor? We don’t have air conditioning in the house right now because of a flood, so popsicles sound fantastic right about now!

  142. Don’t tell my Momma, because where I’m from in Indiana our raspberries are black (but not blackberries) – but i love, love, love red raspberries!

  143. Strawberry! Or raspberry, or kiwi. Too tough a call.

  144. Oh man, those popsicles look AMAZING. The strawberry lemonade sounds particularly delicious.

  145. Strawberry!

  146. Wow, those look amazing!! I think by far my favourite fruit flavour is the classic orange. So great on it’s own and amazing paired with othe fruits!

  147. I would have to go with Strawberry Kiwi!

  148. I love raspberry!!

  149. I’m sure I’d go bonkers for the Strawberry Cheesecake, but here at home I usually settle for lame ol’ grape!

  150. Strawberry of any variety… oh strawberry, how I love thee!

  151. My favorite is blackberry!!

  152. I love Kiwi!!!!

  153. My boys would love me more than do now, since there’s no school, cuz they’re on vacation! They love to help me out in the kitchen, especially if they get to eat the end result!

  154. Strawberry!!! But I would love to make any kind for the kids!! Sounds so yummy right now!!!

  155. I’m in in in!
    My favourite are all kinds of berries, yum!

  156. Raspberry Peach is my all time favourite fruit combination.

  157. Peach!

  158. strawberry definitely. this book looks so fun!

  159. Peach. Hands down. :)

  160. Those look delicious. I have tried to make my own before but have not perfected them. I may have to try again on this 100 degree day

  161. Gotta be mango!!!! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! This looks YUM!!!

  162. These look so fun! I love raspberry!

  163. No doubt whatsoever….raspberry!

  164. I am a pineapple nut. I would move to Hawai’i just for the pineapples. Yum.

  165. strawberry or raspberry, total toss up!

  166. Pineapple!

  167. Passion Fruit… Yummmy!

  168. Strawberry Cheesecake popsicles. What could better? Maybe an orange flavored one that my Mom made for me when I was a girl. Her molds were 100% metal and they were great!

  169. Watermelon all the way!

  170. my favorite fruit flavor is mango and banana.

  171. Oh I love strawberry and blueberry together! YUM! Id just love this!

  172. Since Root Beer isn’t a fruit…I’d have to say peach! Wait, watermelon. No, mango…oh dear!

  173. Strawberry!!

  174. GRAPE! Strawberry is good, too, but grape is my true love. <3

  175. I’d love to win this! It’s something I’d never buy for myself but would *love* to have.

  176. The strawberry-lemonade sound perfect for summer!

  177. Definitely strawberry for us but I love the look of the yogurt layerd ones.

  178. Strawberry!

  179. blackberry lime!! YUM!

  180. We’d love an orange, peach and mango pop!

  181. I love strawberry!! The ones you made look yummy!

  182. I was just looking at popsicle modes in the store and coveting them! Just ONE favorite flavor? Orange and cream or raspberry or blackberry or strawberry…I loved someone above’s idea of Chocolate covered strawberry! YUM! :)

  183. My all time favorite is strawberries and cream and shortly followed by mango and cream.

  184. YUM!

    I would love to try a pineapple!

    My current favorite is lemon.

    My kids would LOVE this set. They are addicted to Edy’s fruit pops and Mommy is sick of paying $3-5 for a box.

  185. Orange! Yum!

  186. if it has to be fruit flavored, strawberry…otherwise, CHOCOLATE!!! ;o)

  187. those look wonderful! Pomegranate!

  188. I love strawberry!

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