Pop Star: Anju in Canada


“I am sending in my cake pops of characters from my favourite Miyazaki film – My Neighbour Totoro. I hope they cheer up your day. :)” – Anju

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18 comments on “Pop Star: Anju in Canada”

  1. Hi Anju! I just came across your blog and love these Totoro cake pops! They are amazing (I am also a huge fan). My question is the same as Jessica’s — do you sell these, and could I contact you about a custom order? Feel free to email me at the email address I’ve provided here. Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. These are amazing. I have a totoro tattoo!! Will definatly give these a go :)

  3. Thanks for the kinds words, everyone! I am a big Totoro fan. I used the chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the ears before dipping. I basically just drew the face and belly on with a toothpick/chopstick. And Jessica, you can leave me your contact info here and I will contact you. :)

  4. Anju, do you sell your cake pops? I’m in Edmonton and would love to buy some Totoro cake pops from you but I cannot find any contact info…

  5. TOTORO!!!! Is it hard to decorate I know how to make cake pops and such but how do you decorate it so it looks like Totoro?Its so cute! (:

  6. I love Totoro he is so cute!

  7. I love Totoro!! haha the soot ball one is adorable

  8. love love love <3 hope i can make these one day :D

  9. OMG I LLove totoro im the greatest fan!!!!!!!!!i love cat bus he’s so cute

  10. hello, the cakes and muffis are really beautiful and some of tham (hamburger cupcake) look realy authentic.
    How is Totoro made?? It is difficult to bake or to create??

  11. you have done so many amazing cake pops. let just do it and make a just bieber one!! i bet girls around the world who like or dislike the bieber would die to bite into him;)

  12. OMG!!! TOTORO CAKE POP~~~!!! My favourite anime character!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!…You are amazing! :)

  13. Best. Cake pops. Ever!

  14. All I can say is WOW!!! My son is going to love these :) Thanks for the idea!


  16. These are ichiban! Totoro-riffic, Anju!

  17. AH, you best me to it! Damn…!

    Still, these are SUPER cute! I LOVE how the eyes look!

  18. These are wonderful- My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourites too! Please share how you made these??

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