Pop Star: Ashley in North Dakota


“I just wanted to send some photos of the Oreo truffles I have made. My co-workers go absolutely bananas over these! I wish I could show you what 80 excited engineers look like, because it’s pretty amusing. Thank you for everything!” – Ashley

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27 comments on “Pop Star: Ashley in North Dakota”

  1. Um, cake balls are basically ground up cake mixed with frosting to create a batter-like texture. They are then dipped into candy melts or chocolate bark

  2. hi, just wanted to know the recipe for this. it looks so great i wanna try it. please email me the recipe asap

  3. Hello everyone! I live in Australia. I had an oreo pop at a child’s birthday recently and it was yummy. I have never even heard of a cake pop. What exactly is it? Sounds interesting :) I am fascinated :)

  4. wow these are so cute!!!! Im making my first batch for my sisters wedding shower next wkd…a little nervous! I was going to put them on sticks..but than i seen these…you put the whole ball in the melted chocolate and than take it out with a spoon? do you plop it into the wrappers right away? or do you keep them on sticks until they are firm and than put them in there?? Can you please email me would appreciate so much!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I used light blue chocolate melts and then added just a touch of blue candy color gel. For the fondant I used a sky blue gel food coloring. Hope that helps, and good luck with the wedding!

  6. Ashley –

    How did you get that beautiful baby blue color? I’m making some soon for a wedding and that color is perfect!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I did not see your comment until now – sorry! When I dip the truffles I plop them into the chocolate, make sure they’re covered and then pull them out with a small spoon. I think the trick is to do a lot of tapping to get the excess chocolate off (as Bakerella does when she makes cake pops). Hope that helps!

  8. How do you dip yours? When I make them, they do not come out looking quite so pretty. Do you use a special dipping tool or a fork?

  9. Hi Leneka,

    I use a large drop flower tip (Wilton 1B). Really easy and pretty! And thanks!

  10. Ohhh these are super pretty!

  11. These are so beautiful! I took a look at the link for your pictures and would be curious to know what tip do you use to frost your cupcakes because they are GORGEOUS! I wanna try!

  12. wow.. they are so cute.. how did u make them??

  13. Hi Jen,
    I’ll dip a few truffles and then sprinkle/decorate them. It actually goes faster than it sounds, and before you know it, you’re done!

  14. Just curious….if you want to add sprinkles or coconut or something to the top of them, do you do it right after dipping the ball nto the choc? If that is the case, would this mean you have to dip then decorate, dip then decorate, etc?

  15. I make oreo truffles too every year for christmas, but I can never get them to look that perfect. Great Job!

  16. omg, they’re so cute!
    How did you bake them?

  17. LydiaM: the oreo truffle recipe is on Bakerella’s site: and she also has a mint oreo truffle recipe:…these-rock/
    Hope this helps!

  18. Hi barbara,
    You can click my name and it will take you to my flickr site, but just in case, here is the address:

    LydiaM: You can find the Oreo truffle recipe here:
    They are delish!

  19. Ashley, love your Oreo truffles!!!!!! It’s the first time that I see this site and I’m really excited with all the beautiful things I found here. It will take me no time to be another fan of Bakerella. I just ordered her Cake Pops book and I’m just waiting to receive it to start doing those beautiful pops.

    Would like to know if someone can tell me in which Bakerella book I can find the Oreo truffle recipe. I think this recipe should be delicious.



  20. Ashley, now that Deborah mentioned your autumn cupcakes in Flickr, well how do you find them.
    there a hundreds of autumn cupcakes, how do I locate yours

  21. Ok, Ashley, I just went to your Flickr account and looked at your a-mazing cupcake creations. Wow. Just wow. The autumn cupcakes are so beautiful, they could be in the Martha Stewart magazine. So so beautiful! You are muy talented!

  22. Thank you for your kind comment, Deborah! I made the flowers out of marshmallow fondant and attached them before the chocolate dried. Pretty easy way to jazz up a truffle

  23. Oh my gosh. These are stunning! They are beautiful. What are those flowers made of? Fondant? Did you make those by hand? Great job with these. Bet they were a HUGE hit!

  24. lol……with your comment of 80 excited engineers !

    a ball of cake is a powerful thing !

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