Pop Star: Amanda in North Carolina


“My son and I made our first cake pops this weekend, inspired by our fave cartoon: Adventure Time. You can check out more photos and a little review on the Bake It Pretty blog where we did a book giveaway to pass along the Cake Pop love. Wishing you much success with your lovely, new book! I’m sure it’s already a smash hit :)” – Amanda

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Amanda in North Carolina”

  1. Hi I am having my son an adventure time birthday party and I would love to know how you made the lumpy space princess pops thank you so much

  2. i love andventure time its anwsome i love the way you made it you must be an artist.!!

  3. LSP LSP LSP that is so cool

  4. I love the detail of the arms & legs!!! fantastic job??

  5. how did u do that

  6. Oh my glob!! These are great! I am going to try this with my little adventure time fans now, thank you for the wonderful inspiration!!

  7. OMG LSP!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE BEST EVER!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

  8. Mathematical!
    Love these so much! LSP FTW!!!

  9. My daughter just came in and said, “Hey I see something I know … that’s from Adventure Time — it’s the Lumpy Princess!”
    Great job!!!

  10. OMG I LOVE LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS!! These look phenomenal!! Totally algebraic~~

  11. Looks just like LSP on the show! My kids went crazy when they saw this.

  12. Lumpy Space Princess! Wow! You did a great job. Love that show and your princess looks delish!

  13. congrats on the give away and your creativity … the yellow star !

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