Pop Star: Audrey in Iowa


“I wanted to share some Cake Pops I’ve made. You truly inspire me! Since becoming a Cake Pop addict I’ve started a side venture selling sweet treats and it has been so rewarding. I’ve been opened up to this amazing community of online creators and it all started with you! So THANK-YOU a million times over!” – Audrey

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Audrey in Iowa”

  1. Audry, love your snowman! Making them for a bridal shower. What did you use for the earmuffs and nose? Thanks!

  2. I love the ideas on here, thank you for sharing.

  3. These are genius!! Such a cute arrangement! Great job! They are very inspiring…as I am just starting to make cake pops :)

  4. AH! i saw the cookie monster picture on tumblr and i DIED i LOVEEEEEEE these!

  5. For the eyes I use those pastel mints and pick out the white ones…and then add the black with my Americolor Pen (it writes well on the surface of the mints!) Hope that helps ;)

  6. How did you make Cookie Monster’s eyes? They are just so adorable!! Great work!

  7. The cookie monsters are genius! Love how you even put them in a jar of cookies!

  8. For the mouth I use a Black Candy Writer (from Williams Sonoma) to draw a line and then spread it out with a toothpick. I went through way too many Black Americolor Pens drawing them in so this was my solution – LOL! ;)

  9. AMAZING!! what did you use for cookie monsters mouth??? THanks! good job!

  10. Oh the cookie monster jars are so cute!

  11. Thank you! The mini cookies in Cookie Monster’s Mouth are Gripz…you can find them in single-serving packets in the snack aisle at most grocery stores. For the party displays, I filled the jars with Cookie Crisp Cereal (after the pops were arranged in styrofoam). Worked great ;)

  12. So Cute! Love the expression on the snowman. My faces always turn out so generic. Where did you find the mini cookies or did you make them?

  13. Thank YOU SO-SO much for including some of my Pops on your site…the site that started it all for me! I’m CRAZY EXCITED!

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