Pop Star: Caroline in London


“This is Caroline, from Atlanta (we’re neighbors!). Well, I live in London but am from Atlanta and made these cake pops when I was home in the ATL this Christmas. They are your adorable reindeer pops, and I made them with my niece and nephew. We left them out for Santa on Christmas night, and according to the note he left us, they were a big hit with him and all the reindeer :) I’m not used to baking with kids, so you may be able to see the panic on my face in the attached picture as my niece Annie was flinging chocolate everywhere! Thanks for your amazing website – I absolutely love it and you have provided me with so much inspiration.” – lots of love, Caroline

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2 comments on “Pop Star: Caroline in London”

  1. Thanks! I just used mini white chocolate chips and stuck them in upside down (so flat side out) and then did a black dot with a tiny icing tip.

  2. hi, I was just wondering how you made the white eyes? Theyre really cute!

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