Competitive much?

Here’s some cool cake and baking related stuff you might be interested in. Whether you’re competitive with cake, still learning, like baking at home or even just watching others do it, here are a few fun links.



Threadcakes is an online cake competition by Chris Cardinal and where you can turn your favorite Threadless T-shirt design into cake. Go crazy and get creative. What’s Threadless you say? Just about the most awesome online t-shirt community where you can buy shirts or even submit your own design for evaluation. Threadless will also be giving sweet prizes (to be announced soon)!

Deadline to enter: August 16th
Get all the details: Threadcakes
See the submissions so far: Threadcakes Gallery



Have a superstar cupcake recipe you want to share? If so, Duncan Hines might just send you to L.A. to attend the 62nd PrimeTime Emmy Awards red carpet. Just submit your best cupcake recipe using a Duncan Hines product to be entered to win. The winner will have their cupcake creation sampled by the Emmy winners, celebrities and guests who attend this year’s Nominees Reception on August 27th. The winner will also receive a trip for two to Los Angeles, California and two tickets to Fans in the Stands for all the pre-Emmy, red carpet excitement.

Deadline to enter: July 21, 2010
Get all the details: The Duncan Hines Red Carpet Cupcake Challenge
See the submissions so far: View Recipes



The Cake Boss is starring in a new competition series on TLC! The series will follow 10 aspiring cake makers as they compete in a series of challenges to see if they have what it takes when it comes to cake. The winner will apprentice at Carlo’s Bakery, the setting of TLC’s Cake Boss. The series won’t debut until later this year, but TLC is casting NOW. No culinary experience required.

Apply Now

Get all the details: Cake Boss New Baking Competition




Have you caught Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Each week on Cupcake Wars, four cupcake bakers face off in elimination challenges until only one decorator is left standing. The winner gets $10,000 and the opportunity to showcase their cupcakes at the winning gig. Candace Nelson (owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes) and Florian Bellanger (chef and co-owner of online macaroon company MadMac) serve as permanent judges with a third rotating judge each week, and Justin Willman hosts.

Episode Guide


Not a competitor? Like the comfort of your own kitchen? I hear ya. Download the Betty Crocker Cookbook App for your Ipad, Iphone or smartphone and get fun recipes right at your fingertips?

Download the Betty Crocker Cookbook App



Duff – you know, the owner of Charm City Cakes and star of the Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” – well, he’s launched a line of cake baking and decorating supplies for home bakers of all skill levels. The line is called “Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios,” and is available at Michael’s Arts and Crafts stores. Spatulas, pans, fondant, cake tattoos, and tools. Cool!

Get all the details: Duff by Gartner Studios

That’s it. So are you competitive or content?

And If you were going to compete in one of these, which one would it be?

Fill me in. I’m curious.

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100 comments on “Competitive much?”

  1. Competitive is needed to achive something

  2. that sounds great if i bring my guitar over there, rock n roll

  3. Definitely Competitive. Hmmm…I think definitely Cake Boss. I LOVE fondant work- it really takes baking to a whole other level. Did anyone ever see that aquarium cake he made, with the sugar coral? I loved that cake.

  4. I love the ice cream cupcakes, they look so yummu! What a fun and creative idea for a summer party! We have been throwing some really cute parties as well. Check out our blog and our website to get a better look at our bug party and Mario Brother’s party. Both great ideas for a child’s birthday!

  5. I entered the Duncan Hines Red Carpet Cupcake Challenge. Vote for my Golden Champagne Bellini cupcake at:

  6. next time i fix one i will totally do rasberry

  7. I competed in the Threadcakes last year. I plan on doing it again if I ever get some free time!

  8. Hi-My 7 year old wanted a cheetah print cake for her birthday, so I decided to try Duff’s cake tattoos! It came out OK, but they were harder to use than I thought. They ripped very easily…I had also iced my cake with chocolate and didn’t realize there is a white border…so I had to trim the border. I think the trick was not letting them dry out. I had some patching to do, but over all it was cute. Thanks for the tip….

  9. Hi Bakerella fans!
    I have a cupcake entered at the Duncan Hines contest and I’d love YOUR VOTE!
    My cupcake is “Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Elegance” – Martha Laviolette

  10. It’s hard finding a way to contact you these days…I found these note cards and thought of you.

  11. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been thinking about researching competitions for awhile now…

    I actually entered the Duncan Hines contest, thanks to you!

    Vote for my Blue Suede Cupcakes at

    It’s a berry blue cupcake with a hint of cocoa powder with a cream cheese frosting!!!

    Thank you for nudging me to enter my first contest!

  12. First of all… Bakerella I LOVE YOU =) you inspired me so much, thank you!

    Second… I think Duff’s Stuff is absolutely overpriced, then he is using Satin Ice which you can clearly see in his show and not even his own stuff and all of his Cakes are overpriced too. He can just allow to be so expensive because he is known but I think his cakes are sloppy and not worth the money. I live not far from Baltimore and there are a ton of way better bakers than he is. I think it’s sad that someone gets pushed so much just because of a TV Show and thinks he can rip off people. But thats just my opinion.

    I will definitely compete in the Duncan Hines Competition if I come up with something fun.

    Thanks for all you do Bakerella. You are so inspiring for so many people.

  13. Cupcake wars sound intresting so does the money
    I might just be 11 but i have huge dreams and it feel so real when i am on
    thanks for this awsome site

  14. I think I am going to enter the Duncan Hines contest. Why not? Thanks for the info and, as always, the wonderful site. My sister and I have been having fun experimenting with everything.

  15. I would compete in the Duncan Hines Red Carpet Cupcake competition. It allows non-professionals to show their creativity using the Hines products.

    I love the Cake Boss, I have been buying cakes from Carlos Bakery since 1993.
    Love, love, love your site, you are a cupcake pop gift from God!!!

  16. Hmmm… Cake Boss… well, I am starting up my own cakes and desserts business, I have been looking for an established bakery where I can be an apprentice, AND I’m a wee bit competitive sometimes… Thanks for all the info!

  17. the new Cake Boss Series!!

  18. I entered the Cake Boss competition and got invited to send an audition video! I’m super excited!!

  19. you should do the cup cake one. we would all be cheering for you!

  20. I’m not a competitive person, and would be a nervous wreck doing something like this. I love watching these on TV though.

    Does anyone else think the commercial for the Cupcake Wars is kinda gross? I mean all those food particles floating around reminds me of…..well that’s better of left unsaid.

  21. I would definately enter the Cake Boss competition. But alas living in Australia puts a damper on that idea :( I love caking however there isn’t that greater interest over here. What a shame will have to be comtent just watching instead.

  22. Thanks so much for posting this Bakerella. The Duncan Hines is so me. I love to bake and cupcakes are my FAV! I’m a box mix girl and proud of it, I like to jazz it up a little though. I entered my mint chocolate cupcakes in Duncan Hines contest. Maybe I’ll win, haha. Who want’s to vote for me?

  23. I wish I had the courage and the time to compete, I think it would be fun!

  24. Cupcake Wars would be my style. I would love coming up with a recipe from fun ingredients!

  25. Cake Boss! I can’t believe I’ve applied, but I am totally encouraged by seeing you and others pursue their passions.

  26. I’ve been wanting to try Duff’s fondant and I’m glad to hear reports that it tastes good! I’m definitely a competitor and would love to try the threadcakes!

  27. I am working on cakes for the threadcakes contest and I am using Duff’s fondant. This is my first time using fondant and it has been great so far.

  28. Wow, you’re awesome!! I’m definitely considering Threadcakes! I would love, love, love to enter Cupcake Wars, but know I’m not nearly there… But YOU better be!! And I had no idea Duff had his own product line. Whoo hoo!!!

  29. I’ve actually already entered the Threadcakes. :) The Hey Mr. Blue Sky cake. And I’ll do at least one more entry, but ideally 2 or 3 more. Just depends on what time I have to do my own stuff :D

  30. CUPCAKES!!!!! There is just something whimsical about ANY cupcake!!

  31. I always thought I only competed against myself…now I know better ;)

  32. I love all these shows and watch religiously. I would love to be able to compete and win money for doing what I love. It’s a big dream of mine to someday open my own bakery! Kudos to all the pastry entrepreneurs making it happen already.

  33. this doesn’t really have anything to do with your post, but i had to tell you that i saw your beautiful bunny cake pops on this website –

    i saw a few of your other items on different pages too! doesn’t seem like they belong on that site – they are too cute to be considered bad for you :)

  34. Whoa. ADVERTISING CENTRAL!!!!! I like the idea of Cupcake Wars. You would be fit for the part.:)

  35. They all make me nervous to even think of!!!
    Now is there any way I could get a gig judging and eating cupcakes all day long??
    That would be my kinda competition. :)

  36. Content. Cakes are not my deal, but I love to eat them.

  37. My friend and I have been planning our Threadcakes submission for weeks! We’re very excited for it.

  38. I’m content. I would like to challenge you to do a post on whoopie pies. I can only imagine the creative results you would come up with!

  39. I think the Duncan Hines Cupcake Contest is for me – because I am more about taste than fabulous decorating. I love cupcakes and they always look nice, but not too fancy. They do, however, always taste really good!

  40. Duncan Hines Red Carpet contest is for me! I might do the threadcakes for fun though… I don’t know! Thanks!

  41. I am seriously competitive (as my husband and friends can attest to). I don’t think I would want my own tv show or to be a professional cake artist at this point in time. If I had a good cupcake recipe, I would do the Duncan Hines Red Carpet contest. But the Threadcakes competition looks really cool, too. I might have fun being creative with it, and I think I might give it a try. Thanks for the info!

  42. Hola Bakerella!

    I wanted to enter the Threadcakes competition last year but was deathly terrified of fondant. Now that I’ve gotten more familiar with the stuff, I’ll be entering the contest.

    I also happen to dig Threadless t-shirts so it’s a win-win situation. Unless I lose then it’s a lose-win.

  43. Well, I have absolutely ZERO desire to be on TV in any way, much less in a way where I could be criticized and pressured! but if I was going to choose one, totally Cake Boss. I’d love to apprentice there if I could learn some awesome skills.

  44. I’m totally OBSESSED with Cake Boss, so I would definitely apply for the Cake Boss thing if I was better. Maybe another season….

  45. If I was experienced in fondant cakes I would definitely enter the Threadless cakes….but maybe now that Duff is selling fondant at michaels I’ll have to give it a try……

    The threadless competition is also very neat!

  46. Wow I want to do them all! :)
    Probably Cake Boss though…I used to be an actor and now I’m a home decorator. I would love to mesh the two.


  47. I only really get competitive to leave a comment on your site when you have prizes! However, our county fair in San Diego, I’ve decided I’m going to enter a cake next year for competition! Just to see how I do. Should be fun!

    Duff’s tattoos were fun to use on butter cream, I love the cupcakes wars from SeaWorld, mostly because that combines my two favorite things!

  48. I would love to be on the red carpet cupcake challenge! AND anything involving Buddy V. would be awesome! Looking forward to watching the new series.

  49. I am perfectly content not competing, but I LOVE watching.

    I was just at Michael’s a couple days ago and saw Duff’s new line. I almost had a heart attack. Can’t wait to try some out.

  50. I’d try for the Red Carpet Cupcake Challenge!

    And I’m really excited to hear about Duff’s line of cake tools at Michael’s! Thanks!

  51. I’m competitive for sure, but I’ll also be having a baby in a few weeks, so… If the timing were different I’d say Cake Boss has the most to offer, but since threadless has the whole “work from home” factor (and I love their shirts anyway) I suppose I’d have to go threadless this time around.

  52. I would love to be on Cupcake Wars. Cupcakes have recently become my newest obsession. I am actually going to sign up for the Cake Boss thing though. I’m doubtful, but man would that be awesome!

  53. I think it’s also worth mentioning Top Chef: Just Desserts that will be airing this fall on Bravo after the conclusion of Top Chef D.C., now THAT sounds like a heavy hitting dessert competition

  54. I absolutely love Cake Boss. Working there would be such a dream. :)

  55. Just downloaded the betty crocker app for my iphone. Thanks for the tip! When I try to search for something the app quits though… is anyone else having that problem?

  56. If I was ever good enough to do any of these I would do the threadcakes competition. I love threadless! I have one of their shirts and so many more I would love to have.

  57. I have been toying with the Duncan Hines contest. At least I have a few more weeks to get the courage up to try!

  58. I think Cake Boss sounds like a lot of fun!

  59. I love to bake at home for famiy and friends but I’m just an observer of the competitions! Cupcake Wars is really fun to watch although it makes me nervous wondering how in the world they’re going to get 1,000 cupcakes finished in 2 hours!!! :)

  60. I personally would try the Duncan Hines, since I’m a beginner and the nerves would get the best of of me. But I would LOOOOOOOVE to be able to do cupcake wars. Its really intense and you really have to get creative on the spot and thats so challenging.

  61. I just want people to like the taste of the things I bake, I think it’s nice if they look good too, but it’s not the most important thing :) love your blog by the way!

  62. Def. cupcake challenge & duncan hines!! How fun! Your own special cake recipe!

  63. I love the Threadcakes competition! Every time there are ridiculously creative cakes, and it helps that the shirts they’re inspired by are really unique. I love looking through the gallery, and it’s awesome when I recognize what shirt a cake was based off of.

  64. threadcakes!!! I ? ? ?!! if only i could make a cake like one of those shirts though lol

  65. I’m content! But if I were to compete, it would be Cupcake Wars! I love the Cake Boss but I’m more into cupcakes. Just this weekend I made Betty Crocker’s Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes, and Mint Mojito Cupcakes

  66. I would love to work with the cake boss. maybe I just might apply. I don’t know if I could handle leaving my kids for however long it would take. but if I got the job I would take it in a heart beat. I have a lot of respect for them. and would love to learn how to make his dads cake with the chocolate and cream puffs and stuff. p.s. I love this website too. thank you!

  67. I say that I’m not competitive, I just don’t like to lose. I’m new to decorating, but if I more experience, I would try Cake Boss!

  68. Duncan Hines for me, but that won’t happen… our daughter is having a baby in August… just a tad more important! ;)
    Love all the ideas though, thanks a ton!

  69. definitely threadcakes!

  70. Hi Bakerella!!
    I come from pw woman’s link.
    I was reading your blog for little while.
    This is first time I comment on your blog.
    I love your blog and I love making cake pops.
    thank you for share the cake pop idea.

    I just make cake pop with the duff fondant.
    and I love the taste!!!

  71. Competitions freak me out too, but I am still going to try the Threadcakes challenge and apply for the Cake Boss opportunity. Wish me luck :)

  72. Competition freaks me out…I am content with baking and sharing with family and friends and my readers. No competitions here…..thank you.

  73. I would definitely do the Duncan Hines competition….seems like less stress, fun making an original recipe, and a red carpet prize….yes, it would definitely be that one!

  74. Thinking Cake Boss would be fun! The show is a bit hard to watch, but he does AMAZING work.

  75. mmm… I am content, I think the threadcakes one might be fun, but other than that I would go with the betty crocker recipes or Duff’s stuff. I used to be competitive when I was a cake decorator/ pastry chef, but I am loving my content life these days with the career change I made to stay at home mommy :)

  76. I think I read on that duff’s fondant was fondarific fondant with his name…I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it is not satin ice.. I like the cupcake wars…but I could never ever do it!! I haven’t even found a cupcake recipe I actually like!!!

  77. I love the idea of making cakes….hee hee…..but mine are complete disasters. Not really, but they’re far from professional. That will all change soon when I take my first cake decorating class at Michael’s next month. I’m super excited!

  78. Love the Ace of Cakes Cupcakes Wars episode. Now they just need a Cake Pops War:) I bet I know who’d win!

  79. I am for sure going to be entering the cupcake contest!!!

  80. I would L-O-V-E to be on Cupcake Wars….really, what’s cuter than a sprinkled cupcake? Not much in my book!

  81. i think i caught cupcake wars a few days ago – it was a seaworld episode, really fun!

  82. comment #16?! i haven’t been able to comment before 122,343 in a year!

  83. I’m in love with the Food Network. I love food challenges so I can’t wait to watch cupcake challenges. I was hoping they’d start one soon! I’m so excited!

  84. Marla – I dunno. But I do like the Satin Ice.

  85. Is Duff’s fondant simply Satin Ice packaged with his name on it? I thought they used Satin Ice at Charm City cakes…

    I’d probably try the Threadcakes and the Duncan Hines competitions….if I wasn’t a procrastinator.

  86. Definitely Threadcakes. My skills aren’t really up to it, but I think it would be fun.

  87. Cake Boss – deep down I really want to be more than an ok at home Baker and I’d love to open a little bakery. What a opprotunity to better myself!

  88. Threadcakes!! I <3

  89. Wow! Duff tattooos! Now there’s a kind of ink that my mother would approve of!

  90. Hi i bought the duff tattooes..haven’t used them yet…since i’m always in cake ball hell :) Just did 4th of July ones for my bff to take with her to northern MI….and then i will do more this weeked for my sister…one day I will get to use the tattooes! :)

  91. @Jessica – you like *eating* others more?! :D jk

  92. I am using Duff’s fondant – it is the best!!! It tastes good and is very easy to roll and and cut with the Cricut Cake!

  93. Love this post… cupcakes wars was fun to watch!

  94. I have watched the cupcake wars twice now and LOVE it!! Some of the recipes are really weird but some of them sound so so good.

  95. Woah…me? Fighting WARS with a spatula? That is a sight you do not want to see, friends. ;) heh.

  96. I’d try the Threadcakes one. That’s more my style.

  97. Cupcake Wars! I love the idea of the show. Plus, I’m better at cupcakes than cake. :) I am competitive but not so much when it comes to baking or cooking. I am not that great at it, so I enjoy watching (and eating) others more!

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