Pop Star: Cody-Ann in Nevada


“Just thought I’d share my latest cake pop adventure I’m totally inspired by you, because you’re fabulous :o) Finding your blog inspired me to start my blog- only wish I would have discovered you sooner!! … so i guess what I’m really trying to say is, thank you.” – Cody-Ann

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Cody-Ann in Nevada”

  1. I Love The CRAB its so cute

  2. I need these for my sister’s baby shower! Are you set up for selling these?

  3. i apologize for the late response! check out my blog which has some steps as to how it was made. if not, email/comment me and I’ll answer any other questions you may have! you can find me: cody cakes fan page on Facebook

  4. crab.!
    Love it.

  5. Oh my goodness those are amazing! Love the puffer fish and the turtle and the jellyfish best!

  6. I want to do something similar for my daughter’s bday- can you give some pointers, please? These are fantastic!

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