Pop Star: Cristine in Texas


“I am a huge fan of yours Bakerella! Every Monday, your website is the first thing I look up when I get to the computer just so I could see what amazing idea you came up with next! The first cake pops I made were for a wedding shower and boy did they turn out ugly! It was hot outside and well, you get the picture. But I kept practicing and I try to be creative and try new things. My friend asked me to make her some Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops and they turned out super cute! I now get more requests for Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops than any other cake pops I’ve made. Hope you like ’em!” – Cristine

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28 comments on “Pop Star: Cristine in Texas”

  1. these look FAB! I’m just about to make something similar – what did u use as glue? are the little bits and pieces fondant?

  2. i have couion who loves it.

  3. Oh wow these are amazing.. Good job :)

  4. very cute

  5. Thanks Nary! How’s Aberdeen?

    Priscila – the display is styrofoam.

  6. Hi Cristine, Did you wrap Styrofoam blocks for the display or did you use something else.

  7. you’re amazing! i think it’s time to set up shop somewhere and quit your day job….haha

  8. Omg I Loveee these pops.Do you sell them? I can use these for m,y son’s 1st birthday.

  9. Thanks Mark and Craig!

  10. Cris! Congrats and can’t wait to see what you make for the wedding! Bring cards!

  11. great job…where do we invest?

  12. Thanks everyone! I appreciate everyone’s kind words!

  13. LOL Trisha! Haha

    Man those smiles and eyes look awesome!

  14. Yay! I’m so proud! Congrats Cristine!

  15. Congrats Cristine! These look so yummy and adorable!! :D

  16. Congratulations! I tried them for the first time at a birthday party. They were adorable and delicious!

  17. My dear Cristine – what a great joy to see you as the Pop Star in Texas. I am so delighted to hear the good news and share your talent with family & friends. It shows what continuous rolling, as your Dad used to tell us, makes things happen. Love ya, Tita Cionnie

  18. Pam – Thank you! I won’t forget! haha

    Joliekha – HAHA at Jolie Neighbor! Thanks! See you next weekend! =)

    Korone – Thanks! LA?

    Trisha – puahahaha! Thanks! See you in Austin =)

  19. Congratulations Cris! Yo gabba gabba my attention! haha =)

  20. Impressive. Celeb status yet? Lol

  21. Great job! Can’t wait to get my HEWWO KITTY ones next week!! Congrats on making it on Bakerella babe!

  22. Great job, Cris!!

  23. Thanks to Jennifer, for taking these pictures!

  24. Thanks guys!

    I couldn’t have done it without Maribel, who rolls out cake balls, glues on small pieces and pipes on those smiles =)

    Hi Marites, Karen and Lian!!

  25. i’ve been waiting for you to make it as a pop star here! awesome cake pops cristine!

  26. Very cute!!!

  27. Wow those look sooooo yummy!

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