Pop Star: Deborah in Ohio


“I had so much fun making these snowmen! I used fruit rollups for the scarves, some had mouths, some had earmuffs. I found tiny candy carrots for the nose, and used the edible marker for the eyes. I’ve been hooked on cake pops ever since you posted the Easter pops last year and I made the chick ones. They were a huge hit and now I can’t go to any family function without bringing some cake pop variation!” – Deborah

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6 comments on “Pop Star: Deborah in Ohio”

  1. sooooooooooo cute! the ear muffs are to die for! keep baking :)

  2. LOVE THE FACES!!!! Sooo cute!

  3. Wow these are so adorable, i really would feel cruel eating them hehe!

  4. Ya just wanna HUG ’em! These are really, really cute and well made….and a lot of work stacking the double balls. Luv the muffs! Those tiny carrots are perfect…I went nutz looking for something similar for my snowmen and wound up using dried apricot bits that I had to trim – ugh. I hope you’ll check out my viking pops in this same link and add a comment, fellow Pop Star.

  5. These are super cute Deborah! Love the mouth on the snowman front and center. And the ear muffs are adorable.

  6. ear muffs are a hoot and love love love the eyes varations > < and . . and the smiles with a dimple your passion has shown thru so fun to look carfully cuz I find your nuggets of cleverness lol thanks for sharin and well done

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