Pop Star: Lisa in New Hampshire


“I made these Turkey Pops after seeing your Turkey Pops. I had to use melted chocolate for the tails, but I thought they came out great. They were a HUGE hit with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day in 2008 and I was asked to make them again this past year! I love the way they turned out – such fun!” – Lisa

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4 comments on “Pop Star: Lisa in New Hampshire”

  1. very very cute i love how you used the chocolate melts for the tails and freeformed them .very clever and its very individual great job!

  2. Great work Mrs.Magoo, that is wonderful.

  3. Woo-hoo!! Thanks Bakerella I’m honored! :)

  4. I so enjoy this section of pop stars on her blog here at Bakerella because I get to see all the cuteness and cleverness of bakers out there and I for one am gratefull you share your passion in photos…your turkeys are adorable and I am sure they are more popular then pumpkin pie !

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