Pop Star: Ella in California


“Just wanted you to know you’ve been my inspiration. As a stay at home mom you make my days richer…you are so talented and i am so glad to have found you. Thanks.” – Ella

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25 comments on “Pop Star: Ella in California”

  1. Hey Ella. I also love these. They look great for any party. Thanks! :-)

  2. Your pops are so pretty. i cant get my white chocolate to cooperate with me no matter how i melt it… i need help..

  3. Ella, these look stunning! The detail is very well done and I believe I will make similar pops for an engagement I’m catering in Jan. Thank you for the inspiration! What flavor were these?

  4. @ teresa, it’s “lollicakes by ella” ;)

  5. Ella, what’s your fb page address?

  6. hello natalie, it’s called a zipper reclosable bags. i prefer the 2 mil 3×4 would do because the smaller the baggie the better since i don’t like to put too much chocolate so i have better control of them. and yes they are melted chocolates and when u cut a hole the start small so u can gauge the thickness if the piping. and oh btw it helps to thin out ur choco.

  7. Hi Ella, I’m in love with these! I’m making similar cake pops for my fiance’s engagement party in about a week. I went to paper and saw the bag section, but can you be a little more specific as to which bag you purchased so I can get a better idea of which one to buy similar to it for the piping?

    Also, you did pipe with chocolate and not frosting, correct?


  8. Oh, these look very elegant. Like they were for a high-class dinner party!

  9. These are beautiful. You are quite the artist!

  10. @ fili, i got them through it’s a small resealable bag but i’ve seen them at walmart at the bead section. thanks again for the compliment guys;)

  11. Beautiful design

  12. I love the purity of the white coating. It sets off the chocolate beautifully :)

  13. The designs are so elegant and fancy. Job well done!

  14. where can i find the small craft baggie you used to pipe? You really did an excellent job!!

  15. @ julie, i used a small craft baggie not a food prep baggie. it’s about 2×3 inches so u can control your melted chocolate more. and just piped away;)

  16. hey pam, thanks! i am surprised to see u here. check out fb i have a lot of new designs and characters.;)

  17. Great for weddings, amazing!

  18. How did you do the lines? They look so uniform? Great job!

  19. hi Ella,
    I’m really proud to see you here!!! You deserve it and all the yummy pops you’ve done for me through all the years…More power to you and thanks to Bakerella for recognizing great talents in her Pop Stars Section.

  20. thanks ladies, you can never go wrong with simple.

  21. Beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me.

  22. These are lovely! They would be perfect for a wedding or other special occasion.

  23. Amazing yet simple details! stunning.

  24. These are stunning!

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