Pop Star: Sabrina in New York


I made some pops in the shape of mugs for a family Oktoberfest and they were such a big hit… They were red velvet inside and I mixed chocolate & vanilla candy melts plus a few yellow for the coating. And after many attempts to make handles from the candy I gave up and tried it with fondant which was much easier and they came out great! (should’ve done it from the start!)” – Sabrina

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Sabrina in New York”

  1. Adorable! Can you share the instructions-I would love to try to make them:)

  2. can you send me full details on your mugs? I want to make them for our library’s Octoberfest. thanks

  3. Curious if you mixed the white, brown and yellow to get color of mugs?

  4. Did you cook the red velvet cake? I see u hand rolled and flatten the bottom and top. How did you do that? Im interested. Tks.

  5. I used a decorator bottle and squeezed out a large amount on top of the pop and used a mini spatula to spread it around and it just rolled off the sides to give the look of dripping foam

  6. Sabrina, they were gorgeous! how did u put the top white coating neatly? I’m gonna make it for my friend’s birthday.

  7. please send me the instruction making cake pops is my new job smile!

  8. Well done! Very cute!

  9. Great job I love your pops.

  10. Thanks ladies!

    Teri, I hand rolled them and flattened the top/bottom on a table surface.

  11. adorable- great job

  12. Great job and very original….

  13. Sabrina, the mugs are awesome, can you tell me how you made them. My husband would love these .

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