Pop Star: Faye in New Jersey


“I celebrated my 18th year with type 1 diabetes. When I saw bright orange candy melts at the store, I knew I HAD to make cake pops shaped like insulin bottles. I use NovoLog in my insulin pump, so what better way to celebrate my dia-versary than to eat cake shaped like the stuff that keeps me alive and kicking! Thanks so much for the inspiration. My officemates say you’re making them fat ;)” – Faye

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19 comments on “Pop Star: Faye in New Jersey”

  1. This is great! I just showed my son (17 and Type 1 since 6). His immediate reaction was “buy me one”. Love this.

  2. I love these, and since in a few weeks, I will be celebrating 20 years with Type 1, I am going to try to make these with Humalog (what I take) and some little pumps to match.

  3. My husband and my son are both type 1 diabetics. So you can image the amount of Novolog that we go through in this house. They love their sweets. I love these pops. They are the absolute best I’ve seen yet.

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw this! How unexpected! I celebrated my 30th diaversary this year. I love to bake and eat cake as well! The irony that there are so many of us TiD who found these cake pops! My insulin pump is primed and ready! Thanks for your creativity!

  5. I love these! I am also a T1D and think these are just fabulous. Good luck to you and the rest of us! :) Cheers

  6. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 13 and for the first few years on my dia-versary my mom would invite all my friends over to have some cake and celebrate another year of being stronger and being able to ‘have my cake and eat it too’. 8 years later, I haven’t had a party on my dia-versary in a long time, but it’s coming up next month so I MAY just have to try my hand at these. Pumping humalog, so hopefully I can get the colour right :) Maybe I’ll make Lantis versions so I can make pretty purple ones, lol.
    Love the spirit! Stay strong :)

  7. These are AWESOME! Our 8 year old just celebrated his 3 year dia-versary. We make cake pops but never anything this creative!

  8. I’ve just started making cake pops and I love your creativity! I have been a type 1 Diabetic for 25 years and also wear a pump and use Novolog. I wish I had your optimistic spirit about the disease!

  9. AMAZING!!! We’ll be trying these for my 4 year old’s 3 year dia-versary coming up.

  10. So cute! I’m not diabetic, but I absolutely applaud your creativity. Also I am impressed that you will bake cake pops. I am trying to watch my weight, and these would be gone in 5 minutes!

  11. Oh my goodness, these are amazing!!! And I love the term “dia-versary.” I just had my 10 year dia-versary this year. Oh, the irony that you need to take Novolog in order to eat these Novolog pops. I will get my pump ready!!!

  12. Love the Novolog!! I will be making these for my 12 year old daughter and her friends. It will be her one year dia-versary on Aug 27th. Thank you!!!!

  13. I love this! It’s my 20th dia-versary this year, I have to make these. I use Apidra in my pump so I’ll have to look out for dark blue melts. Thanks for the great idea!

  14. Omg the cutest! My 12 year uses humalog but such a cute idea.

  15. My little 5 year old T1D just said that these are the coolest things he’s ever seen! Had to stop him licking the screen…

  16. i work for JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation) and i think these are GREAT! I’ve just shared your creativity with our type 1 group here in Utah…I think they’ll get a kick out of it!

  17. These are awesome! My mom is diabetic and takes Novolog too. Great idea, and congrats on your dia-versary!!

  18. Being a type 1 diabetic “pumper” myself, I appreciate your cake pops more than any others I’ve ever seen. Great work!!!

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