Pop Star: Jessica in New Jersey


“This is such a crazy thing because I never bake but I baked and decorated a table for our Mother Daughter Banquet called Once Upon an Apron we had at my church for Mother’s Day this year! Perfect timing because as we came into the banquet we all received raffle tickets! And my 15-year-old daughter won your book and a cute apron! She could care less about either but when I saw the book I read the whole thing! I HAD NEVER EVEN SEEN A CAKE POP BEFORE THAT DAY! She didn’t care too much about the book, but can’t stop eating the pops! My son even made his own last night! What a blessing… your instructions and pictures were perfect and I thank you sooooo much for all the detail in the book and on your site! For the past two months, people are asking me all the time to make them for them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it never would have happened if not for your book and God’s perfect timing…Again, thank you so much for writing your book…I have discovered something I absolutely LOVE! I was asked to make two peas in a pod for a twin baby girls shower.” – Jessica

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