Pop Star: Jill in Illinois


“Ever since my husband got me your book for Christmas this last year I have gone crazy with the cake pops. I love making them and getting creative. Thanks again for all your inspiration!!! These are an order from a school that was doing “Phantom of the Opera” – Jill

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9 comments on “Pop Star: Jill in Illinois”

  1. I will be hosting a Phantom of the OPera event. Your pops would be perfect. How much do they cost and how soon in advance do you need to know?

  2. Just wondering if I could order the Phantom cake pops for a party on October 15th. I only need 50. I live in Arkansas.

  3. Where can I order these?

  4. I love the sparkly roses. How did you make them?

  5. these are great! :D

  6. Thanks, I hand piped each one with white candy melt.

  7. Beautiful! How did you get the white mask to look so good?

  8. Thank You, they were a lot of fun to make!!!

  9. Hauntingly lovely! :)

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