Pop Star: Heidi in Seattle


“When you came to Seattle (Bellevue) for your book signing my daughter, Lola, decided you must be a princess because your name sounded like Cinderella! It was very cute. Anyway, I was looking at your Sesame Street cake pops the other day and I had a client ask me if I could do Abby Cadabby and this is what I came up with. I used your basic plans for the eyeballs and your method for making “fur” for her hair. I think they turned out great and the client was happy…win-win! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration for both me and my daughter!” – Heidi

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Heidi in Seattle”

  1. Adorable. Thanks for telling us how you made her.

  2. Hi great job!!! I was wondering how did you do her nose and the flowers on her hair

  3. For her eyes I used white Sixlets and Americolor Gourmet Writers. For her head I used Guittard pink, strawberry flavored melting wafers and for her hair I used candy corn with the tips cut off and then covered them in Wilton purple candy melts using a dabbing method with a toothpick!

  4. I want to know how you did the eyes and fur as I need to make some for my niece birthday this weekend

  5. I would also like to know how to do the eyes and hair. great job

  6. Hi I look at your Abby Cadabby cake pop and I was wondering how did you did the eyes and fur. I would really like to know my daughter like Abby a lot.

    Thank You

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