Pop Star: Kaira in New York

092_popstars-kaira-lg“Hi! My name’s Kaira! I’m 12 years old, and I live in New York City with my family. And I love baking and your blog! I check back all the time, and you have really terrific ideas! I just wanted to send you a picture of these cakeballs that I just made – I’ve made your cakeballs a couple times now, and I think that these are the best so far. We made them for a bake-sale to sponsor Haiti, and they sold like hotcakes! Thanks again for all your yummy and inspiring ideas!” – Kaira

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18 comments on “Pop Star: Kaira in New York”

  1. Hi Kaira! I’m 11 and I love to bake too! I have made some jack-o-lantern cake pops, and snowmen, and regular, and when I get older I plan to have a bakery called “Amazing Grace’s”!

  2. hi guys!! wow I haven’t checked this page for like two years but thanks for all the comments!! wow, embarrassing email much? I’m glad to know i’m not the only teenager with middle age woman-interests. ha.

    anyway i’ve thankfully gotten way better at baking. i actually sold 50 chocolate-coconut cakeballs for $100 the other day!
    if anyone’s interested i’d love it if you checked out my blog (! and feel free to comment!! it’s like a ghost-town on there haha.

  3. hi Kaira! Selling cakeballs for haiti is a great idea :D I’m a big fan of bakerella too. great job on the cakeballs!

  4. hey! im a 13 year old who loves baking too!! i love bakerella and i make cake pops and cake balls alot! you did amazing!!!!! the best of luck to you kaira!!!!!! :D

  5. im 12 also!!! i looove bakerella’s site, and i think she has great ideas 2!!! its good to know there’s another girl in the world that loves to bake like me!
    thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. wow, those look really good, and are for such a good cause! You’re an inspiring young lady. Way to put your talents to work!

  7. Hi Kaira! I’m 10 and I LOVE to bake. I’m also a HUGE fan of bakerella. I LOVE your cake balls they look so glossy and perfect!!!!

  8. Hi Kaira! I ‘m 13 and I love baking too! I just had a big bake sale and someone made cake pops. They were the first thing to sell out.
    You can see the cake pops and the other goodies from my bake sale on my blog.

  9. hey kairaa im 13 and < 3 baking
    so nice u baked for such a good cause

  10. Hi Kaira! I’m twelve too and a big fan of you and bakerella. I love to bake too! I’m actually gonna try to make some cake balls like those ones you have made!

  11. Thats awesome Kaira!! My BFF Tori and I LOOVE to make cake pops and craft stuff together! (were both 12 too! :D)Soooo wish i could eat these right now! :)

  12. This is so cool. I’m 13 and I think it’s awesome that other kids like to bake too. I love cake pops and so does my family(’cause they don’t make them

  13. Kaira, these rock! Wish I could swipe them right out of the picture. So love your choice of colors! So thoughful of you to help with that cause. You must make your family so proud!

  14. Love it keep on baking!

  15. Such a great job! Cute decorations and neatly glazed. It’s awesome how they went to such a good cause. :)

  16. Kaira, I think that these are beautiful. Way to go. I hope I can get this good. I am sure they sold in no time. Can you tell me what you sell yours for? Everybody wants me to gives them away!!!

  17. Beautifully done!

  18. whew this 12 yr old is going far a smoldering ember of wonderfulness is gonna explode and watch out world when she does congrats on your cake pops yummy and perfect presentation as well very very impressed

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