Pop Star: Kristen in Washington

Mexican Cake Pops! (1 of 5)

“These are a creation of my friend, who has cake pop fever! She gets all sorts of orders for different events and then she makes the pops tie into the theme! I’m just lucky to get to eat, I mean photograph them =) LOL” – Kristen

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15 comments on “Pop Star: Kristen in Washington”

  1. i heard that you are really good at cupcakes, so can you make a graduation theme one??????? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. is that all cake? Even if it’s not, It still looks yummy! (AKA follow me on twitter! )

  3. I envy your talent

  4. Probs the shell is made with gumpaste

  5. Here’s the link to the other mexican themed ones:

  6. I would really like to see the margarita and the sombreros and i would love if there was a tutorial because i am getting married soon and my wedding is a mexican firsta theme an i would love them as wedding favors

  7. how can i order some from her or can you please put up a tutorial

  8. Awesome!! I would love to make the margaritas and sombreros. Could you please share how to make them and post a picture of them. Great job!

  9. Um, I guess I haven’t been on this website for a while, as I have been too busy making cake pops! I am humbled and honored to be featured anywhere near Bakerella’s stuff. I will try to come up with a tutorial, but here’s the quick version:

    1. Roll your cake mixture into a cylindrical shape – chill
    2. Mix yellow candy coating with crumbled chocolate cookie – I used the wafer cookies, but you could also do oreos, etc.
    3. Put about a teaspoon worth of the yellow mixture onto a small piece of waxed paper. Make a circle (about 2″) and put the cake down the center. Fold up the sides of the waxed paper and hold until it dries in the desired shape. It’s a bit tricky and takes a little longer for each pop, but the results are worth it!
    4. I painted the cake with chocolate coating, then added coconut (dyed green) for the grass, chopped up red sour straws for the tomatoes, and drizzled on orange candy coating for the cheese. You could also come up with sour cream (white melted candy), avocados, or whatever you like to put on your taco. Have fun!
    5. After its all dry (might be a good idea to chill it), I peeled it off the waxed paper. I then used a steak knife to put a hole in the bottom for the stick. Dip the stick in your desired candy melt, put the taco on the stick, and there you go. Ole!

    For this particular bridal shower, I also made margaritas (with tequila lime cake) and sombreros. I seriously loved this theme!

    Thanks for the ego boost!

  10. Please share a tutorial!!! Too cute!

  11. I also would like to know how these are made

  12. The taco pops are fantastic! PLEASE post a tutorial telling us how you made them ’cause these are definitely THE cutest pops ever! Well done, Kristen’s friend!!!!

  13. Those are seriously clever and cute! What’s the shell made of?

  14. How awesome are these?! I love them!

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