Take a guess what these are. I wasn’t sure I was going to make them or not. Leading up to my transplant, I had a lot of people suggest that I do, but for the longest time I thought kidney-shaped cake pops would just be kind of weird. That is until I received a surprise in the mail.

More on that in a minute.


You know sometimes I come across strange candy and think I have no idea what I’m going to use these for, but they are too unique not to pass up. This is an example of something I would grab in a heartbeat if I stumbled on it in the store. But these were actually sent to me by Rips along with an assortment of their other takes on licorice treats. It was a little thank you when they found out that I used some of their candies in my book.


I was glad to have them since I had not seen these anywhere yet. I can tell just by looking at them that they could have a wide variety of uses.


And they were perfect to finish off these.

Here’s how to make Basic Cake Pops if you are new to them.


You know I had to go with red velvet.

Appropriate I think.

I like to roll my cake balls out first before I shape them. That way I can make sure I end up with the right amount and also that they are all pretty uniform in size.

If I shape as I go, I find the shapes can start getting bigger and bigger resulting in less pops than I planned on.


But not when I roll first. See, they are all pretty similar in size.


It’s also good to have all your decorations prepared before you start dipping.

Less chaos.


Who would have thought kidney cake pops could be so cute.

Not me.

Not until I received something in the mail that inspired these little guys.

Wanna see?


A plush purple kidney with a cute little face.

Huggable and lovable and sent to me from Wendy at I Heart Guts. Thanks Wendy!

Who knew there would be a market for such a thing.


But evidently there is. Check out my little kidney’s friends… Heart, Lung and Liver.

Wait, here’s more plush organs from their website


and other products, too. Like shirts and stickers and so on.

These are a great get well gift. More fun than a card.

Go ahead. Get some guts. They’ll make someone smile. Promise.


By the way, my mom and I are doing great. My checkups have been mostly good since the transplant. Some weeks my lab work is better than others. Here’s hoping this week is another good one. And thanks again everyone for your continued support.

I heart you guys!  Uhh, I mean … I kidney you guys!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better and these are so cute!

  2. First and foremost, so glad you are feeling better and blogging semi regularly =)

    Second, these little critters (both cake and toy) are tooooooo cute. My husband is a urologist, I need to get him the bladder and prostate characters.

    Thank you for all you do !!

  3. I love these! I love how you take a situation that has been tough and turn it into something you can smile at. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  4. Those are awesome! And I’m glad things are heading in the right direction for you!! Here’s wishing you a continued up and up direction!!

  5. How adorable and how touching!

  6. Thinking and praying for the two of you! God Bless the Kidney’s along with the other stuff!

  7. these are so cute, love them,
    Glad to know you are feeling better and i hope youll feel much much much better soon!

  8. These are sooo cute and funny! Such a fun idea.

  9. Those are SO cute, Angie! That sense of humor and outlook on life is what keeps you on top of the world!

  10. No KID’Ney, these are too cute!

  11. L*O*V*E it!! So glad that you have such a great attitude! You are a trooper!

  12. LOVE the plush organs!!!!! I will have to buy some for my anatomy professor! :)

  13. Oh man, I am just such a fan of anatomy and all the various parts that make your body work, I am rolling around squealing over these adorable pops :D

    So glad you’re feeling better too!!

  14. You brought a smile to my face, Bakerella! What a cute idea and such a great sense of humor! So glad you are doing well-keep on!

  15. Those are too cute!!! I’m glad you and your mom are doing well. Hope you have a good week!

  16. Man, those are cute! I love the idea of cake popping events in ones life! Excellent work as always!

  17. OMG that is hysterical XD I actually own dolls shaped like brain and white blood cells. You did a good job XD.

  18. So cute! And great to see you post again. :)

  19. Very Cute post-a little weird but still cute. I am so glad you are doing better!

  20. My friend sent me this website because I had a kidney transplant July 9, 2010. These little pops definitely made me smile. I forwarded the site to the transplant team that follows my care. I’m also going to try to make them for my sister who was my donor – Great idea!

  21. Would you consider a nephcure button on your page? They are dedicated to saving kidneys through research and advocacy.
    is the website where you can pick up a button

    Thank you for bringing attention to the mighty kidney, the power of transplant and the importance of fun and laughter in the midst of it all: Hurrah for kidney cake pops! Hurrah for you and your “new” kidney and feeling better.

  22. OMG! That is the cutest intestine I have ever seen ;)

    So glad to hear both of you are recovering nicely.

    Hugs & love

  23. Yipee indeed! Those are adorable! Glad to hear you and your mom are both doing well…hope things continue to go that way. :)

  24. These are ADORABLE! So happy to hear that you and your mom are doing well. -M

  25. Those are really cute!

  26. I searched high and low for slim licorice for a cake I made for my daughter’s first birthday! These are neato!

  27. LOVE!!!!! my 7 month old son is waiting for his kidney transplant as we speak. I’m typing this from his hospital room. His kidneys were removed when he was 6 days old. I can’t wait to get him a plush kidney and attempt to make the pops. They’d be perfect for a party when we finally celebrate him getting healthy. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  28. What a delightful post! Thanks for making me smile–and here’s hoping that soon, every week will be a good week for you and your Mom until they say, “we’ll see you in six months” , or whatever they say when they are perfectly satisfied that all is well in transplant land…

  29. I continue to be amazed by your wonderfully, positive attitude! When you have lemons…(or kidney cake pops)! Your incredible talent makes me smile and makes my heart feel good. Thank you for sharing your life, your talent and your ability to make us all feel very happy!!! Sending continued prayers to you and your mom. Peace be with you!

  30. Omisquee! How cute and creative!

  31. i was so fascinated to see the guts! i wish i got the pancreas plushie coz i am diabetic type 1.. i wonder where i can get it as i am so far away from US…

    i’m so glad u’re doing better :P lots of love from Malaysia :P

    btw. i kidney u too <3

  32. Oh my, this is adorable. Weird though that you can buy those plush organs…kind of cut as well. Wish you all the best!

  33. So happy that you are doing well and feeling better! Continue with the positive healing! :)

  34. Glad to see you’re feeling well enough to laugh about your ordeal. Who knew a kidney could be so cute! Keep getting stronger everyday, Mom too.

  35. Too cute! Glad you’re in feeling better!

  36. I’m so glad things are going well for you and that you are creating again! Love the kidneys. Very adorable!

  37. So stinkin cute! These are fabulous-you should share them with the NKFD…so happy for you and your mom! thanks for sharing with us!

  38. So glad that you’re both doing well!

  39. So glad to hear that you and your mom are doing great!!

    I love the stuffed organs!! Did you know you can also get stuffed germs???

  40. YES! I love it!!!!!! Compete with a renal artery and vein and a ureter! You are amazing, and an inspiration to all of us. :) I’m glad you are doing well!

  41. So happy you are back and that both you & your mom are feeling better. Lots of prayers were said and will continue to be said for good health! Love the kidney cake pops and the link to the plush organs. I may have to order the heart for my hubby, who has ongoing problems with his health and just got out of the hospital last week. Thanks for continuing to inspire us all with your creativity!


  43. what a great idea and so inspirational!! i love it! :) hope you and your mom are feeling ok!

  44. Well, they are kind of weird but also adorable. And very appropriate! Love the stuffed kidney and the cake pops. Your talent knows no bounds.

  45. These are great!! Really cute and very appropro. Continue to feel better and heal. Great having you back.

  46. These are hilarious! Your cake pops are always so fun. I laughed myself silly looking at the I heart Guts website.

    I’m so glad you’re doing well! :)

  47. I was cracking up at “Innovation in Licorice” already, then about peed my pants at the Plush Gut dolls…”Urine good hands”….oh man those are awesome!!!!
    Glad you ard doing well!!

  48. I always thought if I ever got to meet you that I’d bring you kidney cake pops. :)

    What a great way to celebrate how well you and your mom are doing. Congrats!

    On a sidenote, I should get the gallbladder plushie, as I no longer have the real thing. :)

  49. So cute! I love the gallbladder plush because I have been without mine for over a year.

  50. They are the cutest kidneys I have ever seen! I’m so happy you’re doing better.

  51. Oh my gosh – seriously! That is TOO funny!

  52. My 3 yr old son had a kidney transplant this last Tuesday on the 2nd. I love these!!!!

  53. These are soooo cute and what a great idea. I am so glad you are feeling better. I can’t’ thank you enough for all your inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you post next.

  54. They are absolutely adorable! So glad to hear you and your mom are doing well and that you are baking again!!!

  55. Please, please, please tell me you’re going to give these to your Nephrologist and Staff. I bet they will get the BIGGEST kick out of them!

  56. Sooooo cute!!! Glad you and your mom are on the up and up! :)

  57. Congrats! ADORABLE, esp for kids going through kidney troubles; this would brighten up their day! ;D

  58. OMG!! they are so lovely!!

    have a nice week XOXO

  59. OMG! They are awesome! I might hesitate before eating to do that ‘mind over matter’ thing. “These won’t taste like kidneys…. These won’t taste like kidneys…. These won’t…”

    So glad things are going well for you and your mom! Hugs! :)

  60. Those are so cute and unique. You are brilliant! Wishing you a quick recovery and lasting wellness.

  61. Pretty cutes popcakes its inspiring the way you ever look the best side of everything, im so glad your and your mom are doing great, yupi!!!! zillion of hugs :)

  62. So glad to hear that you are both doing well! I think those Kidneys are seriously the most awesome ever!

  63. so glad the surgery went well, you and your mom are amazing people!

  64. Those plushes are adorable! and so are your kidney pops. One thing I’d like to know is how much in size are your cake balls?Please let me know as I continue to struggle with making the pops and they also keep cracking after I dip them and they sit awhile.
    I am so glad to know you are well and your mother, also. I continue to pray for you both. :D

  65. Aw…so glad you are healing well Angie. We’ve missed your posts. Take it easy and continued prayers for a speedy recovery. And wow…those are the cutest kidneys I’ve ever seen!

  66. Thanks for sharing. These little I Heart Guts friends would be great for kids {and adults} who are having surgery. I will definitely be keeping them in mind.

  67. The cake pops are perfect! I am so happy to hear the you are your mom are doing well. Congratulations and my fingers are crossed for a good results week!

  68. haha! Love those little cake pops! That is too funny! I guess I should buy the gallbladder plush since I don’t have a real one anymore… ;-) So happy for you!

  69. These are so adorable! I am so happy your transplant went well! My sis-in-law had a kidney transplant about 13 years ago. She is now and has been on the transplant list for a new kidney for about three years, as the transplanted kidney is no longer functioning properly. She does dialisys three times a day and 8 hours a night. It’s heartbreaking. I so wish I could afford to buy some of these as a fundraiser to help cover her medical expenses.! Adorable!!!!

  70. I think this is so adorable! My niece received a heart transplant in March 2011 and the plush items are sooo cute! :o)

  71. Who knew kidneys could be so darn adorable?!?! So glad to hear that you are doing well. I love your attitude – that you’re willing to make kidney cake pops!

  72. We kidney you, too! :) These are adorable!!!

  73. Those are too cute! I wouldn’t have ever thought to find something like that stuffed kidney, but how cute are they? Wishing you continued recovery!!!

  74. So happy you are up and that sweet kidney of you is functioning properly! These are quite possibly the cutest cake pops ever :) Love them.

  75. Plushed guts….very interesting… LOL!!!!
    I’m not sure I would want a uterus lying in my bed… LOL!!!
    But your cake pops are very cute, as always!
    You really are an inspiration to many and I know all of your fans, me included, having been praying for you and we’re glad to hear that you are doing so well!

  76. I love the kidney pops and its great to here that you and your mum are doing well.

    I have a friend here in Northern Ireland who is a fellow kidney transplant recipient. Her name is Orla Smyth and she recently competed in the World Transplant Games receiving Gold in 6 running events and then last weekend she scooped multiple golds in the British Transplant Games held in her hometown of Belfast.

    It amazes me every day how she has pushed herself so hard as I know, even without all the illness/ dialysis/ hospital visits that she has endured I couldn’t do half of what she has achieved in the last 20 years.

    I’m happily registered as an organ donor (for every single organ or part of my body) and a blood donor too. I urge everyone to sign up if you haven’t already!

  77. Who knew kidneys could be so cute!! Great idea. And I love the guts. My son has a heart defect so maybe we’ll get him a heart for his next big surgery or annual heart cath. :)

  78. Love love love the kidney shaped litte guys! So cute!

  79. I love “I Heart Guts”. They make biology cute and fun! =P

  80. You and your mom are inspirations to us all! Happy to hear you are both doing well.

  81. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Super cute kidneys! :)

  82. so happy to see that bakerella is back in her kitchen, and with a great sense of humor too. i love these!

  83. These are awesome! I can tell life is better and you are feeling more like your happy self. STAY STRONG! you inspire us all!

  84. where did u get the Rips Whips?? which shop and where??

  85. This post made me smile. So glad you are doing well and you are back to creating. This pops are adorable!


  86. You are a true inspiration in every way! Hugs!

  87. glad to hear you are both doing great!

  88. My mum had a kidney transplant for nearly 9years and it changed her life completely (for the better).

    I would love to make her some kidney cakes to celebrate what would’ve been the 10th anniversary last month if she was still here but sad to say she’s not (nothing kidney related im glad to say).

    HUGE congrats and get well soon to both you and your mum, i wish you both well x

  89. These are adorable! Thank you for making me smile this morning.

  90. So glad you’re doing well Angie! Those plush toys are adorable…in a weird gross way. Your cake pops are just adorable though!!

  91. You are too, too cute! :) Only YOU could make a kidney look adorable!

  92. I forwarded this to my mother-in-law who had a life-saving liver transplant a few years back. I know she will appreciate this post and laugh! The plush toys are a great find…a cool gift for someone recuperating from an illness or just a quirky way to send a cute message. Love them!

  93. these are so cute! I am so glad you and your mom are doing well.

  94. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we kidney you too :-)

    So happy to hear you are doing well! And the kidney cake pops are just beyond adorable – I would have thought they’d be a litte creepy, but they are totally cute! I’d definitely eat them ;-)

  95. I’ve been lurking for a while, being awed, inspired and amazed… You always put a smile on my face, and this post was no exception…My sister in law just had her gallbladder removed a few weeks ago and I thought of her when I saw the gallbladder plushie…too too cute! Thank you for sharing with us and glad that you are doing better!

  96. those are so cute!
    I love to hear you guys are doing well

  97. The miracles of modern science!
    So glad you and your mom are doing well. May you have many many years of creative baking!

  98. So glad to hear you and your mom are doing great. Love the cake pops and yes you have done it again, creating something so cute and adorable. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Paulette

  99. Okay, when I clicked on the link to your page and saw those cake pops, my first thought is, “What the Hell?” I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was thinking, “Are those what I think they are?” And sure enough… kidney cake pops!

    Yes, they are weird. But oddly cute. And considering what you and your mom went through, very therapeutic and funny!

    Glad to hear you and your mom are doing better!

  100. Whoops! Those question marks were supposed to be hearts! :)

  101. ??? (Couldn’t find a kidney shaped emoticon…) So glad you are feeling better!

  102. These are perfect! Wow! I’m once again blown away by how awesome you are. So glad you’re doing better :)

  103. Awesome, you are REALLY a Fairy to transform anything into cute and beautiful! Bravo!

  104. Hey, they are so cute and so funny.
    I like the way you always turn things in a positive way!
    Thank you for your cheerfulness.

  105. Oh goodness.. I have got to get that gigantic gallbladder plush. I just had my gallbladder removed, and that would be a great reminder.
    Btw, i love those cute purple kidney pops.
    May you be healthier always..

  106. I knew what they were as soon as I saw it on your FB! Lol. I <3 and "kidney" you too!

    Keep on gettin better!!!


  107. they instantly made me smile! i’m glad you and your mom are well, especially well enough to make something like these! the stuffed organs are cute :) oh and i LOVE rips!

  108. I LOVE this post! everything about it is just joyful and smile-inducing :) you really are amazing, and im so glad it all went well for you (touch wood :) ) now to go make myself some pancreas pops…too cute!

  109. You are an inspiration!

  110. I love how you can turn anything into the cutest cake pops ever!! Hope you and your mom keep doing good <3

  111. I discovered the Continental equivalent at Easter (Scoubidoo by Lutti) and stocked up. I use them for bows on my mice and Upsy Daisy’s hair. See here: and here: . Glad to hear that you’re feeling better! xxx

  112. These guys are cute! Glad to hear you and your mom doing well.

  113. awwwww! these bring a bit of positivity and humour to the situation, i would love ovary, pancreas and thyroid gland pops, to make me feel better about all my health problems!! hahah yay! although i would have to try and use sugar substitutes! i love you, you talented lady!! and good luck!

  114. Happy for that you both are doing weel.Both the pops and the huggable guts are genious.

  115. You always have great idea,………so cuteee….
    Thanks for sharing…….


  116. Love these!!! They really say YiPEE.

  117. Brilliant…
    I’ll be passing on the details to a clinic I attend. They’re going to love them. So incredibly cute and fun, for such a serious topic.
    They’re a great idea for fundraising.
    So glad that you and your mum are doing well…..carry on the good work ; )

  118. I wasn’t sure WHAT those were, but once I read your story, I had to smile. I’ve had FOUR kidney stones this year, 3 removed by surgery. This is the BEST thing about kidneys I’ve seen since January! : ) So cute.

  119. Haha these are adorable! (:
    I feel like you recieving these presents
    was a build up to these cakepops :]
    It’s fate~ ^^
    Glad everything’s okay Bakerella :3

  120. What a great way to stay positive during stressful, emotional time!

  121. I mean big hugs from sweden!

  122. So sweet! Im the same buying candy = )
    Big hugs from Swedeb!

  123. Completely. Awesome.
    Hope you continue to do well!
    Feel good.

  124. I’ve been on the transplant list for 18 months. They say the average wait time is 18 months for my blood type. I think I will make these after the transplant when I’m feeling better but bored and kinda stuck around the house!
    I’m glad your transplant went well with your mother.
    Yours in renal health,

  125. These are so adorable! So glad to hear that you and your mama are doing well!

  126. These are too cute for words!! And those plush organs- so fun!! I’m sending good vibes your way on a great week of labs!

  127. I have never seen such cute kidneys~Love your YiPEE sign! Hang tough! :)

  128. These are too cute!!! Glad you and your mom are doing well!!!!

  129. I love your positive outlook on life. Very inspiring. I wish you and your mom a speedy recovery. I haven’t had the courage to make cake pops yet but will soon. Have a great week.

  130. HAHAHA love these! You are just too cute.

  131. We all have the same sentiments… We admire your courage, your positive attitude, and just being the adorable you! Thank you for sharing and adding a smile to such a serious topic.

    It’s really great to see your adorable creations again :)

  132. They are adorable!! I am so glad to hear you and your mom are doing well!!

  133. Glad you are feeling better. Your cake pops rock. I think that you have inspired people not only with baking, but with with how open you have been with your recent organ donation. Keep up the great work!

  134. I adore that you made these. You’re taking a situation that I’m sure neither you or your mom wanted to go through and making lemonade. I simply love that. These cake pops are adorable and shows your inner strength. I’m happy to hear your both doing well. And thank you for sharing where to get those great plush organs. I’m ordering a uterus for a party I’m planning in September. Mine was removed 7 years ago.

  135. Too cute! I”m so glad you and your mom are feeling better!!!!

  136. I’ve been following your blog for over a year and this is the first time I’ve left a comment. About time haha! I’ve been battling my health the past year and it has helped me to see your journey and realize that I’m not alone. Your sense of humor is exactly what I needed tonight! I might have to get myself a plush lung and get back to baking soon:) Thanks for the inspiration! I hope your health continues to be good!

  137. I love these cake pops! Good for you for celebrating your recovery! My anatomy teacher would of loved these cake pops! And we sell like stuffed bacteria and viruses at my college. Same idea but different. I think they are cute :) A good thing to give to someone who has something!

  138. so cute!

  139. Aw…Only you could make a kidney be so cute! Glad to hear your getting good reports & your Mom is doing well! Keeping you all in prayer! ASAP=Always Sending A Prayer Blessings! Sharon :)

  140. This is just beyond excellent and cute! So glad you are back :D Hugs from Tijuana!

  141. No way! So cute! And I’m totally getting one of those pancreas plush organs. I’m a diabetic. Then I’ll have 2 pancreases that don’t work, but at least one of them will be cute and cuddly. :)

    SOOOO very happy that you and your mom are doing well!

  142. We kidney YOU, too, Bakerella! Sending positive thoughts your way.

  143. Adorable as usual! Glad to see you and your momma are doing great!

  144. So cute! I always love seeing your new creations. So glad you’re doing better.

  145. I love I Heart Guts! They are my favorite. I’d love to see you make some more of them. :) Glad that you’re doing better!

  146. So glad to hear that you are both doing well :)

  147. I’m so happy you’re doing well and making kidney pops! Thanks for sharing the I Heart Guts cute stuffies. What fun gifts to give for what might not be such a fun situation. You’re great!

  148. First of all sooo glad you and your mom are doing well!!! The cakes pops are too cute!!

  149. As someone who studied biology and nursing I am totally enamored with these plush! Glad to hear your transplant went well! Best wishes for a continued recovery for you and your mom :)

  150. Jajajaja love how you´ve handle this whole thing & those kidney pops…the highlight of my week for sure jaja

    Is good to hear you both are doing great, god bless. :D

  151. How cute are those! :)

  152. Very creative! I love it.

  153. Oh man I searched high and low for some kind of thin, flexible green candy string for a Christmas cake I made last year and couldn’t find anything reasonable! Now I know what to look for the next time I want to turn candy-coated sunflower seeds into “lights” on a tree cake. Thanks! And glad you’re doing so well!

  154. so glad you are doing well! I <3 the pops & the plush guts are fantastic! (I teach biology & want them all!!)

  155. I am so glad things are good for you – and your mom. I have a friend who is close to needing a kidney transplant.

    I really wish I had known about these plush organs – my husband had his bladder removed last summer. Would have loved to get him one of these!! I think I still might do it.

    Again – so happy things are going well for you!!

  156. OMG….so cute! Glad to hear you are doing well. ^_^

  157. Oh these are wonderful! I’m putting together food for a birthday celebration (of sorts) for a friend’s kidney and these cake pops are perfection!!! And now I have to rush off and order a purple huggable kidney! Thanks so much!

  158. I love it! So glad things are going well for you and your mom! I especially love how it says Yi-Pee, fantastic!

  159. Great to see you are back to baking! That is a great tip about rolling the balls before shaping them. It’s not as much fun to end up with a hodge lodge of sized at the end. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  160. I never would have guessed that internal organs could be so cute!

  161. i got the Yi-pee! pun hehe. Too cute!
    Glad to hear that you’re both doing so well!

  162. Those cake pops are hilarious, especially the licorice detail! Especially perfect for a nephrologist. I am so glad to hear you’re doing well!

  163. These are so cute! So glad to hear you are doing well!

  164. This made me smile. I love that you have maintained such a great sense of humor : )

  165. Hey Bakerella!

    So glad to hear you are doing well! I thought of you a lot this summer b/c my sister gave her kidney to our step dad this summer! Tomorrow will mark week six of post op! Both are doing well! I will continue to pray for you as I pray fir them! I will also be checking out that website with the cute kidneys- and u think I will have to make kidney cake pops for them : D!!!!
    Lots of love, hugs, and prayers your way!!!!
    Stephanie Rex

  166. Ohhhh, so cute!! I am a medical professional – so these will definitely be on my Cake Pop TO DO list :)

  167. adorable. I never thought I would feel such joy for a perfect stranger because they are getting an organ transplant. It’s always great to hear of a person getting to begin again, but somehow, you seem almost like a friend and I’m so glad for you. Love the pops.

  168. Wishing you well! These (as always) are adorable!

  169. You have such a cute sense of humor! These are so cute… well the cutess kidney’s I’ve ever seen at least! I love seeing you make new things, and love hearing good reports!

  170. BEST EVER!!! And awesome that you’re doing so well. :)

  171. Whoo! God is great & so glad you and your mommy are doing well!

  172. These are adorable. Who knew kidney cake pops could be cute? :) I’m so glad to hear that you and your mom are well. That is great news! I hope your labs come back perfect and it is smooth sailing from here on! God bless!

  173. Glad both you and your mom are doing good! :)

  174. You are hilarious! So glad you’re doing well. Miss you!

  175. You’ve gone above and beyond! These are great! Creative is an understatement. God bless! Know you’ve been prayed for!!!!

  176. Adorable in a weird kind of way – love it! Glad to hear that you are both doing good, super happy to see you creating again :)

  177. Omg! I am so buying the kidney and pancreas one when my husband gets his transplants! Love it!
    So glad you and you’re mom are doing well. :)

  178. Oh wow- those are so cute!! My a lung cancer survivor, but as a result- he only has one lung…Each year on the anniversary of the operation, we celebrate by making a cake a lung (yes- it looks about as gross as it sounds!) – it has been 7 1/2 years! I need to get him a plush lung and maybe do lung cakepops. (How do you think those would look?) Glad t hear your transplant was successful! :) ~Carol

  179. you did not even acknowledge the yi”pee” part of the pop. too funny! i got it! hope you continue to heal. prayers and hugs. lori l

  180. these turned out great…considering I am a kidney donor to my husband. I will have to try these for our bake sale to raise money for the next kidney walk in November in Long Beach! Excellent job!!! And congrats to you and your mom on a successful transplant!

  181. I LOVE them! This makes me smile! Some of Savvy’s fave “stuffed animals” are from … she thinks they are great and always asks questions about they do in her body :)

  182. I LOVE these! Too cute!

  183. oohhh!!! I’m going to have to get one of those gallbladder ones, since I don’t have one inside me anymore ;-D
    I love your kidney pops, too!

  184. Yo are not gonna believe this! This friday i got an order for some doctors finishingun a transplant course…and yes, cupcakes with kidneys!! And they are almost like your cupcakes!! I had fun making them! Here’s a link so you can take a look

  185. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! So glad to hear you are doing well!! Also thanks for the cute plush organ website lol! I will be ordering a few for those that have had surgery in the past!! Keep going strong!! (HUGS)

  186. Bakerella you’re too cute! Those look amazing. I’m so jealous I don’t have any artistic bones in my body :( I wish you a speedy recovery :)

  187. my son was just diagnosed with hemorrhagic cystitis (bladder and kidney damage from his cancer treatment.) He would love these organ pillows!
    Praying that your transplant goes well.

    The Chocolate Lady,

  188. OMG…I am a transplant outreach coordinator and I love these! I will be sharing this post with my co-workers!!!

  189. those are too cute! my mom had a kidney transplant about 24yrs ago and she would have loved these! :) they are super cute and very different!!

  190. Oh WOW, this made me laugh so hard I was almost in tears. So cute and silly. Glad you’re doing well!

  191. Glad you’re doing well!!! Adorable pops, my mother-in-law donated her kidney to her brother, maybe I’ll make these for her on the anniversary :)

  192. Hilarious! Being a nurse I totally get this. Love the little details you included. Very creative. So glad you are feeling better. Hope your mom has recovered fully too!

  193. oh wow, i have to get the heart for my daughter, she’s 4 and had her transplant 3 years ago when she was 8 months old….i love these pops…they may be my favorite of all your creations…

    so happy for you!

  194. Congrats Bakerella! My aunt just had a kidney transplant! You are so inspiring in mote ways than one! xoxo

  195. Good on you!! You have such a positive outlook & great sense of humour! Not to mention immense talent :)

  196. Love it! And so glad you and your mom are doing good!

  197. My physician husband is thoroughly impressed! Cute!

  198. glad to see you are up and about! Welcome back!

  199. Too cute! I love the colors and the plush organs are adorable! Glad to see you are back to cake/kidney pops! :)

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