Pop Star: Lori in Canada


Nail Polish Cake Pops

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29 comments on “Pop Star: Lori in Canada”

  1. Speechless…..directions pppppppppplease.

  2. awsome!… just awsome!

  3. OMG! My little Diva, Kennedy just flipped out when she saw these! Now she’s insiting that they MUST be on the dessert buffet @ her 5th birthday ‘Rock Star Glam Jam’ we have been planning for next month. I concure! They are so cute that Mommy is even coveting them for her upcoming salon opening!

  4. LOVE them!!!!

  5. I might have an idea of how this could be made.

    For the tops you can just roll up the cake pop mixture into a cylinder shape, you can also use 2 mini marshmallows ontop of eachother if you’d like.. insert it on the stick on top of the polish base and dip it in black candy melts (they are tough to find, but they are available at

    For the shimmer, just dust some luster dust using a brush and voila!

    I hope this answers some of your questions ladies :)

  6. omg.. are gorgeous! Can u please tell me how to make them.. my daughter birthday is coming up next week she woul love to make these.. how do u get the sparkles?

  7. How fun would those be for a birthday party! I immediately thought little girl, but even an adult would be fantastic! Even better, a make-up party!!

  8. WOW…these are incredible…would you mind sharing how you created these…my daughter wants a spa birthday party and these would be perfect..I would really appreciate it.

  9. These are so amazing. How did you make the chocolate glitter. My 9 year old flipped out and begged me to make them for her birthday. I am from Canada but living I Vietnam where no one speaks English. Please please help
    thank you in advance
    Brooke Subotic

  10. These are fabulous and they would
    be marvelous fir an upcoming fundraiser
    event. Please share your tricks… Thank you in advance fir your time

  11. Can you pls tell me how I can get directions for the poi nail polish pop cake, I am a technician and would love to make them for our shop. Thanks so much

  12. hi ,is nice please intuction

  13. Literally, Oh My God, How is that possible??? Crazy cute!!

  14. Love!! Please share how you made them!

  15. wow how did you do that ? wow its wonderful

  16. Lori, these are terrific! You made it sound so simple, but your execution was so great! Nice work!

  17. Those are adorable, I bet you could get the shape by putting the cake in ice cube trays, freezing them and then pop them out and dip them. What cha think??

  18. Hi, the nail polish bottles are great! Can you tell us how you decorated the bottle? Is it glitter? Thank you : )

  19. NO WAY. so, so gorge

  20. Absolutly adorable! Could you plz tell me how you made the bottom parts shiny???? Thank you in advance! :)


  22. OMG those are so amazing. I just had a friend who graduated as a nail tech. Would you be willing to share how you made them??

  23. Can you tell us how you made the tops…PLEASE!

  24. Perfect for a girl’s only night! Great job!

  25. Oh so cute! Perfect for that spa day Bday party!

  26. Thanks!! The tops were also made of cake. I just added them after the bottoms were dry.

  27. I second that!! These are too cute. Is the handle made from cake too??


  28. WHAT! How is that even possible? I believe these are a MUST for my daughters birthday. I can hardly believe my eyes. 2 of life’s greatest wonders together at last. OPI and CakePops

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