Pop Star: Lynsey in the United Kingdom


“Surprise spongebob pop cake made for a very appreciative nine year old girl, I was asked to stay when her mum brought the cake out and she screamed awesome!! (whilst trying to stop the dog from licking it!!) I love surprises.” – Lynsey

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11 comments on “Pop Star: Lynsey in the United Kingdom”

  1. Great work

  2. Myeshia I have stopped baking for customers now but I will be making tutorials so you can make them yourself! x

  3. do you ship them

  4. khduiasydfuhnjkufyhirdhvjkhr8tgfvkgjfvkti

  5. Hi Kiley, I don’t have instructions as I just made them up as I went along! The basic shapes are all shaped using the cake mix them dipped in candy melts. To decorate I painted with blossom tint and rejuvinator spirit and made fondant parts by hand stuck on with melted choc. Hope you manage to make some for your brother :D

  6. Can you tell me the instructions I want to make these for my little brother I always love to surprise him with sweets he will love!

  7. Thank you for your comments, they were very time consuming but well worth the effort :)

  8. Hello im Laura and i have idéa in thé head please CAN you contact me

  9. Love these any way you have closse up

  10. Lynsey, these pops are BRIL! Great job

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