Pop Star: Mia in Hawaii


“Small cake for cutting and cake pops in coconut, guava and red velvet. We also made the stand.” – Mia

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12 comments on “Pop Star: Mia in Hawaii”

  1. It is truly beautiful. So elegant!! I could never get my coating so smooth, and it always pools…I’ll just get to the point… HOW DO YOU PEOPLE MAKE THESE!? :D

  2. WOW! Outstanding!

  3. I was thinking about doing a wedding cake from cake balls too. I really love the concept and idea.

  4. Hi I like the angel wing. how do you make that? Care to share? Thanks.

  5. Absolutely wonderful! I would love to be able to make something so elegant!

  6. Oh, God HOW did you make those little wings! They’re so sweet and perfect!

  7. Absolutely stunning, Mia! I am scared of fondant, but I love the professional elegance it enables….lovely work.

  8. I absolutely love these, I think the cake pops are perfect for any occasion!

  9. so kind…i think it’s very hard to eat them…

  10. Where’s the recipe for these??? There beautiful!!!

  11. I am……………………………SPEECHLESS!

  12. sooooo pretty!! i love these they remind me of mint ice cream…. =) sooo pretty!!!

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