Pop Star: Terri in Michigan


“I received a request from Paper and Cake to make a rainbow of cake cake balls for her daughter’s upcoming artist birthday party.” – Terri

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17 comments on “Pop Star: Terri in Michigan”

  1. How do you make the bright colors for the frosting?

  2. Great presentation and colors, Terri!

  3. Wow, thats gorgeous! I’m really inspired now!

  4. thanks!???

  5. Laurel, the pallet is just an artist palet, the were purchase at

  6. Terri what did you use for the palet thingymabober?

  7. Terri that is so awesome!! Can’t wait to see what amazing creation you can do for the Ben 10 party!

  8. Congrats on the feature Terri! And I can tell everyone from experience, they taste as good as they look!

  9. Hooray!!! So excited to see Terri featured here on THE Bakerella website! Terri is incredibly gifted and blows me away with each creation that she makes. Soooo exciting! :)

  10. Congratulations Terri!!!! Your cake pops blow me away every single time, and I am beyond excited to see you recognized here- SO WELL DESERVED!!!!
    ps- Terri made look alike cake pops……..of my dog. Wavy ears and all. She’s THAT stinkin’ good.

  11. It is not dipped in frosting, I hand roll all of my cake balls and dip them in chocolate. I use Bakerella’s method tapping my hand to get the drips off. I also use Merckens brand chocolate which I think makes a big difference in the texture.
    Thank you so much for sharing. You can see more at

  12. Michelle, i belive she might of used colored frosting from the looks of it. Because i can still see texure…but if she made is so smooth i think she used styrofoam and stuck them in. (sorry for mispelling its late)

  13. Nicely done. The little palettes are the perfect touch :D

  14. I saw these on Hostess with the Mostess love the colours :) how did they come out so smooth, they don’t look real at all :)

  15. Ok, third times a charm.


  16. Apparently my website wasn’t typed in correctly. It will link to it now I hope.

    Thanks again,
    Michelle E.

  17. This is such an adorable idea! How do you get your cake balls to come out so smooth looking when you dip them. Mine always drip and dry with flat bottoms. Please share your secret. They remind me of perfectly round gum balls. Ha.

    Thanks for your help,

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