Pop Star: Sarah in Minnesota


“You are great! Thanks for the inspirations Bakerella! Love all of your ideas.
And of course I love using CANDIQUIK coatings to coat them.” – Sarah

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21 comments on “Pop Star: Sarah in Minnesota”

  1. These are so cute! Such a great idea! How did you make the waffle bowl?

  2. These are so stunning!! Love love love!!!

  3. my name is Annsofie not Annsodie =) was to fast om the butten =)

  4. hi, i wonder were i can fint CANDIQUIK coatings , i live in Sweden or can a get the resepie how to make candiquik ? btw loooove all yous baking stuff !

  5. These are so adorable I love them……..

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. So cute! Love the waffle bowl idea. Great job.

  8. WOWZA these are so CUTE!!! awesome job!!

  9. Thanks everyone! I absolutely love these too!

    And Marci, these are really pretty simple! Follow Bakerella’s instructions (
    For the waffle bowl, simply dip cake balls in the vanilla coating and drop them in the waffle bowl, one by one; sprinkle. Then I spooned chocolate candiquik over the top cake ball and smooth over the edge, allowing it to drip down.

    :) Happy Cake Popping!

  10. Super cute!!! they look amaaazing!

  11. Luv the waffle bowl sundae – great idea, Sarah!

  12. That looks SO tasty! Looks like a real sundae!

  13. Can I get the recipe for this?

  14. Love the waffle bowl idea! I wish I’d seen this pic this morning when I shopped for making the cones! I will definitely try your idea next time. So awesome! (And I wish I’d used the Candiquik… I used my store brand candy coat because I was lazy and it made for more work!!!)

  15. Totally in love with the waffle bowl :)

  16. Sarah blogs for Candiquik, but this is not an ad. I chose her pops to post from the bakerella flickr photo group and included her caption.

  17. What’s with the shout out to CANDIQUIK? Is this an advertisement?

  18. these the most cute and adorable cake pops i have ever seen on POP STAR!!!!!!!

  19. yes, those look wonderful!

  20. THESE ARE ADORABLE!! i love the idea of using them in a waffle bowl cone!! Im so wowed by these! great job!

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