Pop Star: Nabeelah in South Africa


“Dear Bakerella – I recently made these vanilla cake pops for a vintage high tea. I would love for them to be featured on your Pop Stars page! I am a Huge FAN!! :)” – Nabeelah

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15 comments on “Pop Star: Nabeelah in South Africa”

  1. I’m speechless…can you ppppppplease send me the directions….beautiful

  2. Oh my gosh! Those are so cute! I can’t believe how perfect they are! You are a Pop Star!!

  3. i love these cake pops!!! they r so cute!!!! great idea!

  4. What a beautiful sweet! So cute; perfect for garden weddings!

  5. @nasheta i have blog,, please check it out!
    @Dominique try using Orley chocolate for the coating and the frosting is just home made buttercream.

  6. I am also South African and I would love to make cake pops! But I have no idea where to find things like “candy coating” or “a can of frosting” what is that? Where can I get that? I am in Johannesburg.

  7. These are so exquisite and delicate to behold. What artistry!

  8. Nabeela – do you have a website or facebook page?

  9. These are simply amazing! Wow. I can’t even imagine how much time these took you. Great job.

  10. Thank guys! So excited to finally be a popstar!!
    @Shelan, food, plates and cups are made of fondant
    @LuM, I buy candy coating from “Bake-a-ton” in Durban. What coating do you use?

  11. Thanks guys! So excited to finally be a pop star!
    @Shelan, the food and plates were made of ready bought fondant.
    @LuM candy coating is from a store called “Bake-a-ton” in Durban. What brand of coating do you use?

  12. They are awesome!!!

  13. Okay, I am JEALOUS!!! Those are wayy adorable and perfect! great job!

  14. Hi fellow South African!

    Your cake pops are too cute!
    Where did you find the candy coating to use for the outside?

  15. Wow the tea pot looks real! The food and plates look fantastic too! What did you use to make them? Marshmallow fondant?Great job!

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