Pop Stars: Natasha & Lexi in Maryland


“Thank you so much for your great book and inspiration. I can see cake pops being a big part of our future fundraising events. Our family time surrounding the dining room table was so fun. We made an assembly line. I would dip the cake pops, one person would put on some of the decorations before they dried, then the next person would put on any others that were needed. Altogether, a great family night!” – Natasha

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13 comments on “Pop Stars: Natasha & Lexi in Maryland”

  1. Hi…looks like the last post was a few mo’s ago…my youngest daughter is turning 1yr old and I wanted to make these for her B-day party with a whole “Ducky” theme. My only question is what did you use for the feet? These are PERFECT for what I am looking to make!!! thank you!

  2. Hey all… Sorry for the long wait for the answer… The wings are yellow Kissables. Glad everyone is enjoying them. They were not too hard to make, so don’t be scared SynneR! :o)

  3. wow this is amazing. how did you make the wings

  4. These are incredibly cute, I would be too scared to eat them!
    That being said, I’m rather curious about the little one at the back with what seems like a pop-eyed cyclops…

  5. These look so great! I want to try making them this weekend! How did you make the wings?

  6. I will have to check at the Starbucks here in Maryland. We are normally a little behind on the “latest” stuff here in the mountains, so they probably don’t have them yet. But, from the sounds of it, that is OK! At least they are trying to stay on top of the sweets trends. lol

    More cake pops being made this weekend…. Dragons! Woo Hoo!

  7. Starbucks started selling cake pops yesterday (in California). I tried one and they just aren’t very good, in my opinion. The coating is soft, the cake is dry and the shapes are poorly done. So keep poppin’ because there’s nothing like treats like yours made at home with love and creativity!

  8. Wendy is correct, Kimberly. We dipped the balls in white, then waited for them to dry. At that point we dipped them in yellow. I held them upside down for a bit trying to make sure the yellow did not slide down the pop.

    Not the ones in the picture, but some of them ended up with a little tuft a “hair” from the final drip of yellow… very cute!

    I am glad you all like them! I have made a ton of different cake pops now, but these are still some of my favorites!

  9. Great job, Natasha; these are darling….and I love that you made a family assembly line – I’m sure that was great bonding time!

    (@ Kimberly, I’m just guessing, but my bet would be that Natasha dipped the whole pop first in white, let it set, then dipped it again upside down and only halfway into yellow melts for the two-toned result).

  10. How did you do the diapers white and the rest yellow? I would love this for a baby shower next week


  11. Iris – I am so glad you like them. I am not sure how I get the candy melts so smooth lol I melt them until almost all of them are melted. Then I stir them until the last few melt. I take the cake pops out of the fridge about 5 minutes before I start dipping. They seem to come out fairly smoothly, at least until I put my thumb in them or something! lol

    As for the markers, I use the Americolor gourmet writers. They seemed to work 400% better than the Wilton food coloring pens. Just don’t press too hard. It takes a gentle and patient hand. I was even able to add a little rosiness to their cheeks with one of the pink pens. So cute!

    Laura – So glad you like the chick babies. We tried making the babies, and ours looked terrible! So, my daughter came up with this idea, and I think they look great! The beaks are orange mini hearts turned backwards.

  12. These are wonderful! I love the diapers and pacifiers! What did you use for the beaks?

  13. Natasha,

    These are so cute. Great job. how did u get the candy melt so smooth? Also what did you use to make the eyes. Ive tired the americolor pens, they are not easy to work with


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