Pop Star: Pilar in California


“I am from Mexico, I live in Fresno California and I started making Cake Pops this February… I was looking in the web for something different to gift my husband, for Valentine’s Day. I found your web site and I really liked Cake Pops, but the first time I made them, I felt in love of them. Since then I can’t stop!” – Pilar

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14 comments on “Pop Star: Pilar in California”

  1. Beautiful. Can you tell us some more details on how you made them? How did you make the silver logos? How did you get the texture/movement on the last purse? Thanks.

  2. Omg….I have a party next month… can you please share how to make these…fabulous work…

  3. Hi! Can u share w/ me how to make dis bags? Pls email me @

  4. very CUTE LOVE IT

  5. These cake pops are so lovely. I think i am addicted too.

  6. They are lovely im creating an addiction to cake pops too im from mexico too lol i will be soon posting photos

  7. Pilar is the BEST. If you are looking for cake pops she’s the only one in the 559 you need to call!!!!

  8. These are so clever and detailed!! Great work.

  9. Oh my email is Sorry lol.

  10. Do you mind sending me a recipe for these? I love this!

  11. Thanks!!!!
    It was very fun doing them… Easy: White candy melt and black fondant!!!

  12. Pilar: Your designer bagas are AMAZING! You are very talented! Good luck with your creations!

  13. Pilar, these designer bags are wonderful – great work!

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