Pop Star: Susan in California


“Here is a photo of cake pops that I made for my nephew’s 7th birthday. He loves cake pops and requested Ninjago ones this time. After I googled and found out that Ninjagos are Lego Ninjas, I made these. I especially like the Sensei Wu and his little hat of gumpaste and beard of marshmallow fondant. I have made several of the cake pop versions from your site and book and you are such an inspiration. Your creativity is amazing.” – Susan

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11 comments on “Pop Star: Susan in California”

  1. Lovely. Hi I ‘m from Belgium and I want to make these lovely cakepops too. How is this done?


  2. my son will love these!

  3. Thank you Susan D. for your instructions on how to make the Ninja cake pops… Im gonna try to surprise my nephew this weekend for his Green ninja party…You did an amazing job on you pops!! And to Bakerella… Thank you so very much for all the precious ideas you share… you are an amaziTng woman! God Bless you and yours…Teri

  4. I just realized that I made it onto the Pop Stars! I forgot that I sent a photo to Bakerella :) Alicia, I’m sure that I’m late for your son’s birthday, but here is how I made them… I first dipped in yellow chocolate, then did a second coat of the color. I left the face yellow by not dipping the 2nd coat, but using a spoon to cover each cheek, then the forehead and chin. I used the Americolor writer. That seems to be the brand of food color writer that works the best for me.

  5. Susan,
    I would love to make these for my son’s birthday. Can you give me a little advice on how you made the face? Is it dipped twice? And what food pen did you use to make the eyes? Thanks for the help!

  6. Hi! Can someone give me some advice? Why are my cake pops falling of the sticks once they’re dipped in chocolate and fully decorated? :( Also, I bought a food marker to make the eyes and it’s not writing on the cake pops so well. What do you all use to drawn on cake pops? Thanks so much for any feedback..

  7. Love these cake pops – do you make these for people? Let me know – Thanks, Gayle

  8. Aha! I knew they looked like some kind of lego!

  9. I just have to look up what Ninagos are now.

  10. I just learned what ninjagos are too. These are great.

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