Pop Star: Vivy in California


“I have read every single post you’ve written since your first blog.  Before you got your own domain name – lol. I’m sure you get thousands of emails but if you have any faint memory of me, you posted my Muppet pops in your Pop Stars cool of you to do that!  I wanted to email you some pictures of stuff I’ve come up with for my friends and their parties and keep you smiling at the amount of creativity you have triggered in this world. Thanks for being so amazing and such an inspiration.” – Vivy

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19 comments on “Pop Star: Vivy in California”

  1. That is so interesting….can u please send me the directions…..I’m a big soda fan….that’s so creative…

  2. What is the recipe?!

  3. I would like to make these cans. How did you mold them & make the tops

    Thank You

  4. I love it!! how did you do the top of the soda??

  5. erika, i actually did these by hand without a mold. sorry!

  6. Where do you get the molds for cake pops. Especially the diet coke.

  7. How did u make these

  8. I love it !!

  9. Amazing.. my future mother in law is a diet coke addict.. can you let me know what you used

  10. Heheheh! Pop Star Vivy RULES!!!

  11. My bestie loves diet coke! Can’t wait to make them for her!

  12. love it!!! i don’t like coke but this cake pops… just look delicious!!!

  13. estan lindisimas ademas sin remordimiento jajajajajaja

  14. Oh, WOW; these are AbFAB!! “Diet Cakes”!!

  15. These are amazing. The doctor I work for is addicted to Diet Coke and his bday is coming up and I am going to attempt to make these!!! Thank you for the idea…soooo great!!

  16. Unbelievably cute!! And I LOVE Diet Coke.

  17. LOVE these! So cute!

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